Most Wanted [DC]

A list of 52 stories I would do just about anything to write or at least read...

First off if I were in charge at DC I would have ongoing series taking place on Earths 1,2 and 3.

  • Earth one would be essentially my version of the New 52 world...
  • Earth two would be very similar to the one being developed right now... Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman die protecting earth. Supergirl and Robin are transported to earth one and New Wonders are formed. The biggest difference being the soon after arrival of Mr. Majestic, Mr. Miracle. Hawkman and Legion Lost to earth.
  • Earth three would be the earth with the Crime Syndicate and I would add International Operations, The Authority and Gen 13...

List items

  • King Faraday, Henry Bendix, Penny Black

  • An ongoing series about a reworked Justice Society Of America among other characters that features Mr. Majestic, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Hawkgirl and Doctor Fate in its main cast.

  • Same team with the addition of Monolith and Resurrection Man. Pretty much Justice League Dark

  • I have an idea for a series featuring Static Shock under the mentoring of Black Lightning that would explore a lot of the issues the black community in america have to deal with.

    Featuring Apache Chief, Samurai and El Dorado like on the Young Justice show.

  • After decades in space Icon returns to earth only to find it very different from the one he left. All the technology he had hidden away has been stolen so he goes on a quest to retrieve it and rid the world of what he believes should not be in the possession of humans.

    I really want to write a series in which Icon's distrust of mankind makes him somewhat of a villain. Where his alien tech is actually tied to the origin of several heroes and how he struggles to find his place in the world now that we have a new Superman.

  • Superboy returns from the 31st century accompanied by Legionnaires Dream girl, Starman, Tyroc, Timberwolf and Projectra to present day earth 2 in hopes of saving Superman but ultimately fail arriving too late. Deciding to stick around they eventually team up with teenage versions of Voodoo, Xombi and Maul

  • Huntress and Powergirl is easily one of DC's best female duos! There's not much about the current series I liked except for Batman and Catwoman's relationship...

    If I were writing it I would explore Helena's relationship with both parents. Showing how Bruce would have preferred a son and how that would have effects on how good a father he would be and his expectations of her. Also I would imagine being related to Superman to be a lot like having a minister in the family and show Powergirl become a Katy Perry of sorts.

  • I'm a huge fan of Francis Manapul and his art but the Flash being one of my favorite characters, I was really looking for a ongoing series on par with Snyder's Batman and Johns' Aquaman.

    If I were to have my way with this series it would a lot grittier. I would make some very subtle alterations to his origin in order to make his adaptation to TV and Film a lot easier.

  • Featuring the Doom Patrol

  • Hawkworld revisited this story follows privileged aristocrat Katar Hol as he questions the direction of Thanagarian society, joins the military police, is betrayed and disgraced, and then finally finds his purpose as Hawkman after he gets banished to earth 2.

  • If I were writing this series I would add Metamorpho and Katana to the team and have them all be young adults so it almost feels like a Titans/Outsiders crossover.

    I'm a fan of anything Red Hood and in my opinion these 5 are among DC's most damaged characters. I would love to explore their back stories and add even richer layers to their personalities.

  • My Men of War series would be like a mix of Team 7/G.I. Combat and follow the dream team of Joe Rock, Benjamin Lockwood(Agent Liberty), Joseph Higgins(The Sheild), Jim Harper(Guardian), Perseus Hazard(General Glory), Gardner Grayle(Atomic Knight) and Unknown Soldier before any of them become famous on the front lines against DCU villains.

  • My Superboy origin series would actually explore Jon Kent(Superboy Prime) and Connor Kent's brother like relationship. Showing Jon as being the first attempt to clone Superman and Connor being the perfected hybrid. Jon would become a co-founder of the Teen Titans while Connor would become Superman's protoge.

  • I followed most of the new series and was pretty disappointed. After the success of Young Justice I think a lot of us developed higher standards for stories featuring teens...

    If I could reboot the series it would feature Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Cassie Sandsmark, Superboy and Aqualad(Kaldur) based out of their titan Tower on Liberty Hill in Jump City.

  • An ongoing series where we see Captain Atom, Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, Rocket Red, Animal Man, Fire, Ice, Doctor Light and Bulleteer fight on behalf of the U.N.

  • An ongoing series about Mr. Majestic's arrival on earth 2 after he receives a distress call from Jacob Marlowe shortly after Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman die in combat.

  • This is one of the few titles I don't feel like I could improve much because Geoff Johns has killed it so far...

    I really hope the new guy does as good but either way I would love for a chance to write Aquaman and reintroduce Kaldur aka Aqualad.

  • Green Arrow, Martian, Black Canary, Zatana

  • Tommy Tommorrow

  • With the rise of super powered crimes the government turns to former private investigator Bloodhound who has been in prison for for murder for the past 5 years and offers him his freedom and a team of his choosing in exchange for his services. Among those chosen is Renee Montoya(Question), Will von Hammer, Roy Raymond and Lupe Leocadio.

  • I know a lot of you probably aren't big fans of race changes but if I was given the opportunity to write this series I would make Golgoth a black supergenius/villain based out of South Africa on Earth 3.

    It would basically follow him taking over the African continent with his criminal Empire. The Crime Syndicate would be his allies but ultimately he would have his own people to do his dirty work.

  • An ongoing series starring Lex Luthor on Earth 3 in his fight with his adopted brother Ultraman for his father’s and younger sister’s affection.

  • Earth 3

  • Starring Vigilante as the newest member of the Rough Bunch

  • I would have so much fun if I could get my hands on this series. I love the idea of her having been a flight attendant (earth 2 version). It's the perfect cover for an internationally known jewelry thief. I would also bring in Helena Bertinelli (the original Huntress) as a secret agent tasked with capturing her. build up that relationship so that when Helena is eventually murdered. Selina Kyle ends up going undercover as a prostitute for the Bertinelli family in attempt to bring her old rival's killers to justice. Finally I would have her fall in love with Bruce Wayne rather than Batman but her being unable to break her cover as a prostitute makes it impossible for them to truly be together or even honest with each other.

  • An ongoing series featuring team ups like Superman/Shazam, Wonder Woman/Orion, Batman/Lobo, Green Arrow/Green Lantern, Red Arrow/Red Lantern(Guy Gardner), The Robins and more. Each being mini series with different creative teams.

  • An ongoing series following Fairchild, Burnout, Grunge, Rainmaker, Freefall and others on earth 3.

  • : The son of Darkseid’s mission to understand and ultimately sabotage his father’s plans leads him to earth 2 where Steppenwolf is at war with the World Army and the New Wonders aka JSA.