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I liked it 0

It was a great read, overall I loved the SCW. This was a nice issue, and I liked the way that it gave you an insight into his history, a solid issue overall and it had some very exiting action sequences, and it provided some fantastic feats for SBP (blitzing the flashes, stomping MMH, one shoting Captain Atom after being weakened by the red sun radiation that CA was covered by) so overall this was a success of an issue....

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really good 0

It was good. A very well pieced together issue, and a nice conclusion to game of Gods, which was over all very good IMO. This definitely deserves a read. pfwophfpeosvhaiosluvnacowlsjpwornve;rnveao;lgjslkfjo;slksdjfl;askdjfl;asdkfjls;dkfja;lsdjfals;fkjasldfjasldjflsadkfjlsafjlsajflsajflsajdflsakjfl;asjflsakjfl;sajfladjflaksjdfal;jsdflaskdjfals;jflsdkjflsdjflsakj...

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