My CaV Characters

I figured I would make a list of my favorite characters/the one's I have the most information on and am most prepared to debate with. If you see something that you're interested in hit me up. There are plenty of other characters that I can CaV with, these are just my favorites.

List items

  • My favorite character of all time, a high street leveler and an all around badass I'm always down to debate with him. Over the past year that I've been here I've been collecting scans and such, I finally feel that I'm ready to do him justice.

  • Easily my second favorite character of all time, Superman is the classic high tier, and throughout the years and his many thousands of issues he has become one of the most interesting and complex characters in all of fiction. I feel I have a pretty good grasp on most of his feats. I also like to debate using his DCEU counterpart.

  • I'm only interested in debating for his Ultimate version, who I feel, along with the rest of the Ultimate verse, doesn't get nearly enough respect on the vine. He is a top street leveler, and way more interesting and badass than his crappy 616 counterpart

  • In my opinion he and Ultimate Captain America are the tied for the second most badass characters of all time. I much prefer is Post Flashpoint incarnation, and have read all of Slade's post Flashpoint appearances. I have just about all of his noteworthy feats saved and ready to be brought at a moments notice.

  • The most Badass character ever, and by far the best God in fiction Orion takes number four on my favorite characters list. I have read all of his appearances and have all of his feats collected. Honestly out of all of the characters I can debate for I'm probably most knowledgeable on Orion. I'm always dying to debate with him.

  • Another high street leveler makes it onto my list, Cassandra is seriously cool, and she is under represented here on the vine. I'm fairly knowledgeable about her and am actually planning to make a respect thread on her fairly soon.

  • My favorite Green Lantern by a long shot, I'm always exited to debate for this guy. I've been itching to do a CaV with him for a while now, unfortunately no takers yet, if your interested please hit me up.

  • Everyone needs a teambuster that they can represent, and for my the is undoubtedly this unstoppable killing machine. Doomsday is the classic representation of a brick and yet he is also one of the most versatile characters in comics, love to debate for this guy.

  • My third favorite character, Iron Man is one of the coolest characters out there, power and personality wise. With such a wide range of impressive feats and different armors it's always a challenge to do him justice, but I'm always happy to try.

  • As one of the most hated characters on the vine, and with heavily contextual feats, it's really tough to debate for Kallark, but he remains one of my favorite characters on the vine, and I think that I have a reasonable grasp on his power level/feats.

  • Another thing every debater needs is a speedster to represent, and mine is Bart through and through. Bart has been FTL since he was a toddler and as an adult he is the most powerful of the Flash family by a decent margin. I've read all of his appearances and am always ready to debate for him.


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