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Top Black DC Superheroes

A list of the greatest black superheroes of the DC Universe.

List items

  • There was no way he could be any place but #1 on this list in my opinion. He is one of the most famous Green Lanterns, accomplishing more in his career than most other heroes can only dream of. He has more than proven himself as a member of the Justice League. In the Justice League cartoon, he was a founding member of the League.

  • He probably would at the top or near the top of ANYONE’s list that is similar to mine, and why not? He is now of the “Big 7” in the New 52 Justice League, most fans fell in love with the character on the insanely popular cartoon Teen Titans, and he is one of the most recognizable black superheroes in comics period! He is only surpassed by one man….

  • Michael Holt, the third smartest man in the world. For a time, he replaced Martian Manhunter as the overlooker of the Justice League’s actions. He has 14 college degrees and even Batman, when the Justice League was reassembled, said that they needed him. That’s saying something.

  • Henry Johnson created a suit of armor in response to the death (and then return) of the Clark Kent Superman. Since then, he has become a respected member of the Justice League. Also, the character has starred in a movie, with the character being played by Shaq… which most fans would like to forget about. I personally can’t think of anyone who could play this character better.

  • More than just the token black guy in the Bat family, he has proven he can hold his own against the forces of evil. Plus, his costume is awesome. That gets points in my book.

  • I’m probably going to get crap for this since he is a Tangent comics creation which is 90% of the time not canon with any DC continuity in any manner. He is still a Superman, that is why is on my list. That and the fact he is an all-powerful being, almost a god who was the offspring of an attempt to make the perfect hero… they succeeded. However, his immense power has made him distant from people because he no longer can relate. Think Dr. Manhattan on steroids.

  • This... was a tricky one to put on the list, since technically Firestorm is made of multiple people in different continuities and versions, though the most well-known version, the Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein version, is black so that is why he is on the list. Two minds brought together to serve humanity and act as the Firestorm Matrix, the Nuclear Man.

  • With all the heroes in comics with animal abilities, hers is perhaps the most unique, for when she clutches her necklace and thinks of an animal , she has the greatest ability and/or strength of that animal. A well-respected member of the Justice League. Many comic fans may know her for her role in the Justice League cartoon, where she was in a love triangle with Hawkgirl and Jon Stewart.

  • Jefferson Pierce is one of DC's first black characters, known for breaking barriers in the industry. Black Lightning is also a member of the Justice League, and is known for his incredible intelligence, that when Lex Luthor became president, Black Lightning served as his Secretary of Education.

  • The second Aqualad has become extremely popular due to the Young Justice show, where he is the leader of the group. He shows incredible power and is known to stay calm under pressure.

  • This hero is young, at least in this continuity, but is very powerful and shows great promise to be a great future representation of the Justice League.

  • This new Lantern hasn’t done much yet, but has the potential to be one of the best there is. Also made history as one of the first prominent Arab superheroes.

  • A master martial artist and fierce warrior at peak condition with the animalistic powers of a tiger.

  • Strong enough to go rounds with Big Blue himself, he is a titan of strength and one the most powerful members of the Justice League.

  • Also known as the Cog In The Machine, Hardware may look like another version of Cyborg, but his highly advanced suit of robotic armor and his many ingenious tools make him a hero with victories over some pretty heavy hitters to his credit.

  • With her Inertia belt, she’s a living kinetic time bomb, and she has done some pretty awesome feats. And the fact that she has backtalked Batman makes her a badass in my book. Rocket was even once considered to be a replacement to Wonder Woman in the comics, but never came to be.