Good and Bad news about the Marvel Universe action figure line.

Good News: New figures are on the shelves right now, and the newest wave in on presale right now going for decent prices.

Bad News: The Orange variant for Fin Fang Foom is cancelled.

"Eh" News: The Marvel Universe line will be permanently renamed "Avengers"

Good News: This means more stores might carry the toys!

Really Cool News: Look at this:

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IS THAT A SIX-ARMED ULTRON?!? Want. Want so bad.

Read all about it here:


Behold, the strangest superhero ever created... Foreskin Man!

Yes, I know what you're thinking: "Is he even real?"

Trust me when I say I wish I wasn't making this up. In 2010,a man named Matthew Hess created the character for a PSA about circumcision, and lo and behold, we have Foreskin Man. Because of the.... obscurity of the name and premise of the comic, it has become a cult classic for hardcore comic book fans. While only spawning three issues, (which you can read FREE here: for Issue #1, for Issue #2, and for Issue #3) it is by far one of the most unintentionally funny comics I have read in a while. To know that this comic was written to be completely serious about the 'dangers' of circumcision make it all the better.

He even has a THEME SONG:

You can check out more about this character @


Characters who should be in Injustice:Gods Among Us*Updated*

(once again, in no particular order)

Again, send comments for more characters you want to see, corrections I should have made, or anything else on your mind.

Martian Manhunter

-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Lazer beam eyes, density control, morph ability? Stength: Deflection/ Weakness: Fire attacks

-Super Move: Morph into a spectacular creature and beat the hell holy hell out of his opponent

Captain Atom

-Affiliation: Superman's team

-Basic Combat: Long range energy beam and flight-based heavy melee attacks. Strength: Energy/ Weakness: Willpower

-Super Move: Absorb energy of the sun and become a living rocket,spearing the opponent


-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Gravity control, aerial shielding via staff, rapid fire long range attacks. Strength: Speed/ Weakness: Power-based moves

-Super Move: Use staff to launch enemy into the sky, call upon a comet to rocket the opponent back to earth


-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Flame jets, tracking rockets, rocket boot-propelled punches, rocket fume knockback, defense grid. Strength: Long Range/ Weakness: Raw Power (opponents stronger than the armor's defense)

-Super Move: Unloads "all" ammo in his suit on the opponent, impact makes a crator in the ground


-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Slow and Chemical spells, Quick teleportation, "Rabbit in the hat" tricks (bats, flying rats come out), force fields, holo-copies that attack opponent at different angles. Strength: Defense/ Weakness: Raw Power

-Super Move: Transport yourself and opponent to dark dimension, size manipulation to stomp on opponent, opponent consumed by dark dimension demon


-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Energy Blasts, Grapple moves, Radiation attacks. Strength: Defense,Speed, Strength/ Weakness: Energy Syphon, Willpower

-Super Move: Berserker Fury Super-Combo (To quote Steve Cold Steve Austin, "Stomp a mudhole on /the opponent's/ candy ass!")

Etrigan the Demon

-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Fire breath, Berserker melee strikes, Talon hands, some minor sorcery buffs. Strength: Raw Power/ Weakness: Willpower, Speed

-Super Move: Engulfs opponent in flames and pressure point super strikes

Booster Gold

-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Skeets providing backup medium-to-long range beam attacks, force blasts, gradual damage wrist blast buff. Strength: Tech, Tactical/Weakness: Melee

-Super Move: Skeets flies at opponent and unleashes devastating energy beam attack, then Booster closes in with power-enhanced strikes

Swamp Thing

-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Vine appear from the ground and choke opponent, Regeneration through self-sustenance, burst flight attacks. Strength: Buff, Elemental/ Weakness: Speed, Tech

-Super Move: Engulfs opponent in vegetation and crushes opponent with it

Plastic Man

-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Pinball bounce off opponent and environment, glide attack, long-range stretch punchs. Strength: Intangible/ Weakness: Cold, Flame, Tech

-Super Move: Use your imagination, he's Plastic Man.


-Affiliation: Loner

-Basic Combat: Fast-paced melee strikes, Berserker strength, grapple moves, Boxer reflexes (evasion, sidestepping projectiles). Strength: Melee, Willpower /Weakness: Raw Power, Elemental

-Super Move: Volley of pressure point punches,blocking opponent's attempts at reversal, follow up with huge uppercut and quip. Something like, "My grandmother could fight better than you!" or "You need a hell of a lot more training!"

Power Girl

-Affiliation: Superman's team

-Basic Combat: Strikes,grapple moves, resistance to most projectile damage. Strength: Defense, Raw Power/ Weakness: Tech, Raw Power that exceeds her own

-Super Move: Freezes opponent in place and delivers earth-shattering punch

Gorilla Grodd

-Affiliation: Undecided

-Basic Combat: Berserker strength and grapple moves, pressure point strikes, Nimble traverse of battlefield, evasion. Strength: Raw Power, Feral/ Weakness: Matched Raw Power, Speed

-Super Move: Chokes opponent and uses mental powers on, mentally breaking the opponent apart.


-Affiliation: Undecided

-Basic Combat: Long range gunfire, close range shotgun fire, lasso to reel opponent in. Strength: Projectile/ Weakness: Raw Power, Defense

-Super Move: whistles to call upon motorcycle, drives around opponent shooting them multiple times, then creates a distance and plays chicken with opponent, leaping off and shooting engine, motorcycle explodes in opponent's face


-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Rush attack(Power of Elephant), Evasion(Power of Viper), Grapple moves(Power of Bear). Strength: Feral, Raw Power/Weakness: Tech

-Super Move: Activates power of stingray to strike opponent in chest crippling them, then tramples over them with the force of a rhino, and while prone leaps on opponent with the lunge of a panther

Black Adam

-Affiliation: Loner

-Basic Combat: Super-breath, power-enhanced strikes, berserker strength buff. Strength: Raw Power/Weakness: Speed, Tech

-Super Move: Holds opponent in place and yells "Shazam!" causing a massive lightning strike


-Affiliation: Undecided

-Basic Combat: Deflection orbs, Dark energy blasts, Density control. Strength: Willpower, Deflection/Weakness: Speed, Tech

-Super Move: Crushes opponent in dark energy sphere and blasts into air, opponent falls back to earth with massive impact


-Affiliation: Undecided

-Basic Combat: Slashes with bleed damage, Stealth buff, katana spin, blink-and-you'll-miss-it quick strikes. Strength: Speed/ Weakness: Raw Power, Intangibility

-Super Move: Stealth attack from multiple angles, sllicing opponent at critical points with incredible amounts of blood drawn


-Affiliation: Loner

-Basic Combat: Brute Strength, Grapple moves, torture-based weaponry from willpower-based constructs. Strength: Raw Power, Willpower/ Weakness: Matched Raw Power, Speed, Tech

-Super Move: Bearhugs opponent and breaks their ribs, then leaps incredibly high in the air and powerbombs enemy upon impact, pummels opponent tunneling them into the ground.


-Affiliation: Batman's team

-Basic Combat: Invisibility buff, Telekinetic push and pull towards, swoop down melee attacks, overpower. Strength: Raw Power, Elemental/ Weakness: Tech, Willpower

-Super Move: Creates wind tunnel by clapping hands and strikes opponent in ribs repeatedly; takes opponent's hands, breaks them backwards and smashes opponent into ground

Black Lightning

-Affiliation: Undecided

-Basic Combat: Lightning Strikes, constant lightning barrage buff, shock aftermath with melee attacks. Strength: Elemental/ Weakness: Cold, Defense

-Super Move: Places one hand on opponent and one hand in the air, draws upon all the electricity in the air and fries opponent in place.


Characters that should be added to Injustice: Gods Among Us

(In no particular order)

I will also try to think of what some of their offense would be and thier and super move, as well as their affiliation within the game's plot.

Martian Manhunter

No Caption Provided

I know a lot of DC fans would also like to play as one of the mainstays of the Justice League, and I think this one is the one entry on this list that will most likely garner a spot on the game's roster. I can imagine he will side with Batman and the rebellion, and his super move would be something along the lines of transforming into a massive, grotesque creature and beating the high holy hell of his opponent. Basic attacks would include things like laser beam eyes, and size and physical manipulation.


A lot of people have been talking about the lack of a male/female ratio in the game, and I think Ms. Kane is the perfect solution to balancing out the gender issue. Her fighting style can be different from Batman, integrating her tazer gloves, tear gas, and batons to pummel enemies short-range, with a bat grapple that would allow her to move similar to Cyborg's grapple arm. She would be siding with Batman as well, but would try her best not to get into contact with her friend Wonder Woman. Her super move would be something like Batman's first revealed super that was scraped. (The bat grapple/dropkick combo)

Black Adam

This character is obvious with the addition of Shazam to the roster, though this character would be an inbetweener to the conflict in the game. His power move would definitely be awesome and include saying "Shazam" and causing a massive explosion similar to the awe-inspiring one in the trailer for DC Universe Online.

Plastic Man

No Caption Provided

I think this character would be a great comic relief, and obviously, siding with Bats. His super move could be anything, because his power is so limitless that the production team could have a lot of fun creating it as well as his basic attacks.


No Caption Provided

It's obvious DC likes this character because she's been added to the new JLA. She would side with Batman (I know, it's getting repetitive.) and her super move could include her stepdad, STRIPE (that's the big robot in the above picture). She can launch the enemy into space, and STRIPE could hit the opponent with a barrage of bullets, rockets, and flame blasts.

Captain Atom

No Caption Provided

He's immensely powerful and would side with Superman, being the boy scout that he is, and his super move would no doubt be explosive. His offense would mostly be long-range, blasting his opponents with energy beams, then swooping in to deliver powerful melee attacks, such as spearing the opponent into the ground and uppercutting them into the air.

Leave a comment if you would add others to this list and let's hope Injustice:Gods Among Us is as good as it appears to be!

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