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JLA #15 1

So anyways this is what happend Lex is about to kill Superman Firestorm comes and stops it by turning his kryptonite knife into a toy one. The bad guys are about to gang on Firestorm but he tells them that he let the rest of the team out. The Justice League of America take down the bad guys pretty easlily. Black Lightning and Firestorm find Red tornado and he says that he has to switch to a new body to save alive but then they are attacked by grodd Firestorm takes him out pretty easliy. At the e...

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Reed's a Killer? 0

Well at first the Fanatastic Four got back from fighting Diablo(off panel) when Johnny and Ben congradulate each other on an excelent job. Suddenly the alarm was heard, Johnny and Reed went to the lab while Sue and ben went to check on the kids. Then they find out the future version of T'challa, Namor and Dr.Doom had came to talk to the Fantastic Four. Reed being an idiot listens to Dr.Doom, the Sue butts in and explains why they shouldn't trust him. Fianly T'challa Namor and Dr.Doom take the Fa...

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