Smartest charcters in Marvel

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  • Combining his knowledge of science with Magic, the Occult, and time travel, Doom ranks # 1 in over all. He's also be able to cure Ben Grimm, a feat Richards was unable to do.

  • No argument about it Richards is in the top 2. He figured out the skrull invasion and how to defeat it, he travels to other universes and microverses, Reed in a top nerd. His weakness might be second guessing himself, and over trusting Stark

  • has a particle named after him, and is scientist supreme (although that might be Loki's doing)

  • Lead the plan that tricked the world's smartest heroes plus Doom into being trapped and drained of their intelligence. He also created the Rulk.

  • Assisting his intellect is the advantage of living in the most technologically advanced society with knowledge in magics although he forbids it except for the most secret purposes

  • Handicapped by the green goblin, Osborn is a master strategist and scientist, computer hacker, and genius. He ran oscorp and was able to create the gliders and goblin serum, and mastered and improved stark's technology. He was able to intercept Nick Fury's communications, and place himself on the top for a reign. He tricked Banner and positioned him to receive what was needed to return him into becoming the Hulk something the 8 smartest had scanned over and said wasn't possible. He also was the only one with the psychological know how to control the Sentry.

  • If he'd lay off the alcohol he'd be ranked higher, he certainly has better social skills than Pym.

    He once approached Richards and Pym telling them they were the smartest two men he knew. (good men, Doom was not going to help him)The guy can make anything.

  • Extremely educated in all topics, history, science, computers etc and considered in the top 8 smartest good guys.

  • The Hulk is an idiot Bruce Banner is who I wanted on the list but I couldn't find his picture.

  • His intelligence is under ranked. Unlike others on this list Parker doesn't have access to computers, labs, other facilities to assist him. However he has cracked Doom's computer, assisted Beast and Ironman on problems they couldn't figure out on their own, made his own web fluid even as a child, and a spider tracer honed to his own biological signal. This all just thought up in his room or sitting on the ledge of a building with no outside help from tech. He's also bested Osborn and the King Pin on numerous occasions.

    Recently in amazing Spiderman he finally has some moeny and he has made suits to bend sound and might and make him invisible. I wanna say i told you so.

  • Out smarted Ironman on occasion and Spiderman too.

  • Second after the leader in the intelligentsia

  • Once taken to see Richard's equations when Reed was unavailable, as he was the only other person around who might be able to understand them. Reed has used him to check his work and give him probabilities before as well when they faced a mutual enemy.

  • magic

  • could be number 16 actually