Who Black Wreath wants to see in the Titans live action series

Not counting the 4 confirmed because that would be redundant.

They, of course, are:

Cyborg is not on this list, he's not a Titan any more and that's his loss. I've cut his face out of all my old comics and made my peace with the s(h)ituation. I'll say no more on the subject. >_>

These aren't just my favourites, they're the ones I'd use based on what I know about the show so far.

Some who don't have wikipages:

  • Alice Roth (and family): if Raven doesn't know what she is yet my guess is she's living with her Flanders relatives in the suburbs.
  • Father Peter Mallory - a Catholic priest Raven unloaded on once, I always thought he should've become a recurring associate of hers.

List items

  • In the entire DC Universe no character has been more cheated when it comes to adaptations than Donna. She deserves this spot more than anyone and everyone now knows what the deal is with the Amazons I don't see why she can't show up.

  • I am quite happy to keep Manu Bennett. But I will throw an epic temper tantrum if the Titans can't even use their own arch enemy because he's reserved for two certain rich kids he doesn't belong to.

  • Slade's actual daughter Rose Wilson, not whatever appropriation Summer Glau was meant to be.

  • If Raven is a bullying victim before joining the team like it says in the casting call, I think it would be cool if one of her tormentors turns out to be Tara (instant friction).

  • Fan-casting Michael Wincott!

  • Bunker is underrated, he would be a great addition.

  • NOT the New 52 version...

  • I think I would make her based on the animated version for the simple fact that she has an actual following.

  • Trigon-worshiping version.

  • Grant's purpose is obvious, he accepts the contract on Dick and gets himself dead causing the classic drama between his dad and the team.

  • Demonic version, symbolically it would be a nice touch too.

  • Non-rapist version.

  • Fan-casting Lin Shaye!

  • Fan-casting Ruby Rose!

  • Fan-casting Nathan Jones!

  • Perhaps too ambitious, I'd love to see the Citadel but I don't expect it to be affordable. It's hard to determine how many characters from Kori's past would be able to appear, like I would kill to get Lord Damyn but I don't see how that would turn out on a TV budget.

  • Fan-casting Marv Wolfman. :P

  • My assumption is that Garfield does not start the series with his powers and gains them toward the end. A nice stinger at the end would The Chief inviting to join the Doom Patrol - the next TV series. I can dream...