Black Wreath ranks the MCU

I figure this is perfect time to do it, while heavily medicated after an hour of surgical torture.

Your agreement is not assured.

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Posted By wildvine

Is Ragnarok really that good?

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Posted By black_wreath

@wildvine: It was certainly my favourite, there's no guarantee it will connect the same way with others.

The movie felt like it was really made for those of us in the south-eastern corner of the Earth. I appreciated that.

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Posted By HeroUp2112

Haven't seen Ragnarok. Cool list though.

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Posted By black_wreath

@heroup2112: It's a scathing critique of colonialism and a hilarious space fantasy. ^_^

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Posted By Invain

Iron Man, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy are my favorites. I'm too lazy to do more than a top 3.

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@invain: Oh yeah well I'm too lazy to