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School and Heroes 4

Story: Osborn capture six teenagers and tortures them until they release there powers. The Avengers then form a team to help the kids on a road to heroism.Thoughts:The story mostly combines teen drama with superhero stuff. Christos Gage takes the stress of teen lives and converts into half of the story. To me being a superhero is more of a lifestyle instead of something that can be taught. All of the kids have a apparently normal backstory until there powers manifest causing havok. Although, the...

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All Powered Up 0

Story: Carina turns the Avengers Academy into their adult forms and increase their powers. The team then battles Korvac and the adult form of Striker is murder turning back into the present Striker who is scared by Korvac and runs away. After with her new powers Hazmat defeats Korvac with anti-matter and the team is turned back to normal except for Reptil for some reason. Pym then investigate the cause but doesn't find an answer when Carina vanishes. Tigra then talks to Striker about him running...

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Jade + Kyle 2

Story: Kyle Rayner returns home and finds Jade in his shower and mistakes her for Donna Troy. He then pulls the curtain seeing Jade naked and she uses her power to kick him out. She then tells him why she's there and asks Kyle to hand her the backpack full of her clothes while she continues her shower. While carry the backpack Jade's underwear falls out when her brother Obsidian walks in and attacks Kyle because he thinks Kyle was trying to take advantage of his sister. When Jade stops them she ...

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Hulk + Wolverine = Awesomeness 1

I for one think it was the best marvel animated movie. I mean the Incredible Hulk's comic was where Wolverine first appeared and started.Lots of stories have been told about Hulk and Wolverine so it's great to see it for an animated movie Good: The action scenes were awesome I loved it.  Deadpool's always the merc with the mouth so i'm glad for his appearance. Chris Yost is great with the X-Men and Wolverine stuff. It also told Wolverine's past with Team X. Bad: Omega Red didn't join Team X or W...

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