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My Favorite Comic Book Writers from my Favorite Comics

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1.  Stan Lee : The greatest comic book writer for  Marvel Comics  ever.
 2. Dwayne McDuffie (Deceased): One of the founding fathers of Milestone Comics
3. Judd Winick: For Batman: Under the Red Hood (Volume)Batman Under the Red Hood (movie), Outisders, and Marvel's Exiles 
4. Christos Gage: For Avengers Academy
 5. Grant Morrison: For Batman and Son and Batman and Robin.
     6. Chris Yost: For X-Force, Red Robin, and New X-Men.
Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker
7. Jeff Parker: For Fall of the Hulk: Red Hulk, X-Men First Class, Thunderbolts and Hulk.
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 8. Brian Michael Bendis: For Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers.
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9. Geoff Johns: For Green Lantern: Secret Origin.
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 10. Jeph Loeb: For  volumes 1 (Hulk: Red Hulk) and 4 (Hulk: No More) of Hulk

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