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Miles Morales' uncle is the Prowler

It's an educated guess I made. Here are my reasons

  • Miles' father said he was a thief.
  • His name is Aaron (one of the Prowler's alias).
  • The Spider from the lab that crawled into the Prowler's bag when he robbed it was the some one that was at Aaron's house and bit Miles.

My guess Mile's uncle Aaron is the Prowler of Spider-Man.


New Student?

 Avengers Academy 14.1
 Avengers Academy 14.1
Christos Gage announced in Avengers Academy 21 their will have team students joining the team. I wonder if the oldest students will make stay on the team as Avengers or move on after learning how to control their powers. And will this series be more similar to X-Men.

Grace + Thunder = Lesbian Love

When Thunder first met Grace the two started hate each other which was only a kind of love affair. Later in the years they were revealed to be lesbians and started dating each other and became in love.

watch this link to see some of their love in action  


Mettle and Colossus

Next Colossus?   

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Avengers Academy Loves

Mettle + Hazmat, Striker + Veil (little shaky might make it) , Reptil + Finesse (alot shaky, might not make it), Giant-Man + Tigra

Avengers Academy Issue With Love

Hazmat and Mettle: Issues 3, 4, 12, and 13
Tigra and Giant-Man: Issues 6 and 13
Striker and Veil Issues 5, 12, and 13
Reptil and Finesse (no so much), but 6 and 2