Black Felina

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Original Real Name: Catherine Udinov

Real Name: Catherine Durant. She had her last name changed legally to Durant shortly after High School.

Name Meaning: Pure, clear (French)

Dual Identity: Black Felina

Name Meaning: In Latin, Felina means "like a cat". Put together, Black Felina means "Black like a cat."

Identity: Secret

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Formerly Lawful Good

Occupation: Aspiring Professional Singer. Thief.

Base Of Operations: Mobile

Affiliation: None

Citizenship: United States Citizen

Legal Status: No Criminal Record (Not yet)

Place of Birth: N/A

Education: High School with two years of College

Age: Early 20's

Marital Status: Single

Relatives: Katarina Udinov (Twin Sister). Both parents are dead. The Dad was an American while the mother was of Egyptian descent.

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 129 lbs

Eyes: Green (Formerly Blue)

Hair: Black

Physical Form: Beautiful, curvy and athletic.

Race: Magic Enhanced Human

Personality: Catherine was once described as a boring goody two shoes. Then upon gaining her powers her personality changed. Now she loves to flirt with others, male or female. Taunting enemies is also considered fun. She can be flippant, whimsical and free-spirited since she takes a lot after cats. Best of all, however, is the fact that Catherine LOVES a good hunt.

Universe: CVnU

Created by: ParagonxXx


Dimensional Teleportation: Only at night does Catherine have the power to shift into another dimension. This mysterious place is a dark reflection of our own and due to the demand on her body, Black Felina can only accomplish this dimensional shift for only 9 seconds at a time. She can bring someone with her, but only one person at a time and only if they are physically touching her or she is touching them. If this person stops touching Catherine then they are immediately sent back to the real world. Since different physical laws govern this strange dimension, Black Felina is able to pass through the very walls that exist in the real world or even levitate for a limited time. Time also flows differently in this dark dimension so to the outside observer, Catherine will appear as if she's teleporting from one location to the next.

Enhanced Senses: All of Black Felina's senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are enhanced beyond any human as well as that of felines. Her sense of sight is at least as good as a Hawk's, being able to see an object as small as a mouse, along with every detail of it's appearance, from up to two miles away. So long as there is at least some kind of small light source, Catherine is also able to see perfectly at night as well. Her hearing is also especially keen, capable of detecting any changes in pressure up to a range of 40 feet, hearing a whisper from the same distance and even a tear drop in the next room. Finally, Catherine is able to smell various kinds of scents that are in the area even if they have been degraded over by time and weather factors, track them to their source and immediately recall what, or who, that scent belongs to.

  • Danger Sense: Catherine can sense when danger is coming or when she gets into a dangerous situation. She describes this feeling as a sort of tingling sensation that runs up and down her spine. The only drawback to this ability is the fact that Catherine is unable to sense the severity of the danger or where it is coming from, only that it is either here or coming.
  • Mystical Aura Vision: Black Felina can see magic in the immediate area in the form of an aura surrounding people or objects. This also enables her to discern astral projections as well as spirits. She's even capable of seeing certain illusions, as well as glamour, caused by demons or their magic.
  • See Aura: Catherine is able to "see" any changes in someone's mood simply by looking at them or, more accurately, at their emotional aura that surrounds them. This is seen in the form of various colors: Red for anger, blue for sadness, etc.

Feline Empathy: Catherine can sense the emotions of any feline within city limits and is able to verbally communicate with them, calm them down and even give them commands. Any feline, of any species, will seek to follow Catherine's orders, but only within reason.

Resurrection: In the event that Black Felina dies, she is able to come back from death but only nine times. It does not matter how she dies, even if it's by total disintegration, she will still be able to come back to life. If it is possible to revive Catherine through resuscitation then she will not spend one of her lives to come back to life. Only when she passes the point of no return does she spend one of her lives in order to cheat death. The time spent being dead before coming back to life is anywhere from 1 to 12 hours. Once all nine lives are used up, death is permanent and no return is possible.

Retractable Claws & Fangs: Black Felina is capable of growing cat-like claws on the tip of each finger which she can use to tear through flesh and even metal. She can also grow a pair of feline fangs in her mouth to rip into her enemies as well as other substances. The fangs and claws are magical in nature and glow slightly with purple energy.

Super-Human Physiology: Black Felina's mystically empowered body puts her at enhanced super-human levels that are as cat-like as possible.

  • Accelerated Healing: Catherine's natural ability to heal has been sped up 6x faster than a normal human, making her resistant to most forms of drugs, alcohol intoxication, diseases, toxins, etc. There is no scarring when she heals from an injury and she is also able to grow back lost limbs.
  • Enhanced Agility: Catherine's reflexes are so quick, she doesn't even register as a blur to the human eye. Her balance and body coordination are enhanced to perfection, enabling her to perform very complex gymnastics like a pro and with extreme ease. Finally, Catherine's equilibrium has been enhanced to the point that she can easily assume any position she desires while still maintaining a perfect balance. This seems to be more on an instinctual level rather then a learned skill since the Black Felina can balance herself on almost any object even if they happen to be small and narrow.
  • Enhanced Durability: Black Felina's body, skin tissue and skeletal structure is much more resilient to injury from physical impacts and blunt force trauma then any ordinary human. She can easily fall at least 50 stories without injuring herself and be beaten by a metal bat stick without showing any signs of being hurt.
  • Enhanced Strength: Catherine's physical strength has been enhanced to allow her to press/lift approximately 2,000 lbs (1 ton) with extreme effort. Her leg muscles have also been enhanced to allow her to jump from a standing still position up to 24 feet and 48 feet across without a running start.
  • Enhanced Speed: Black Felina is able to run up to 40 mph for long distances and 75 mph in shorter bursts.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Catherine's body produces significantly less fatigue toxins which allow her to exert herself at peak physical activity for several hours before tiring.
  • Other Abilities: Black Felina can meow just like a cat and even purr when she's happy.


Feline Savagery: If pressed, cornered, frightened or angered, Catherine tends to hiss like a cat, succumb to her animal instincts and become savage towards others. She may even attack others while in this state or run if her enemy proves too powerful and/or intimidating.

Pheromones: Due to her super-human sense of smell, Black Felina is vulnerable to any excreted pheromones.


NOTE: Due to the magical nature of her powers, Catherine knows certain skills without ever having been trained in their use.

Acrobatics: Catherine is a gifted athlete and has the acrobatic prowess of a cat.

Bullwhips: Catherine is highly skilled with a bullwhip and any other kind of whip. She has such fine skill that she can accurately disarm hand held objects from other people's hands, such as knives and guns, from several feet away. This skill goes a step further when Catherine has been able to use her Bullwhip to grapple across rooftops or use her whip to cross chasms too vast for her to jump across.

Climbing: Thanks to her mystically enhanced abilities, Catherine is a very gifted climber and is able to climb most vertical surfaces.

Disguise: During her time as cat burglar, Catherine had to learn to make use of clever disguises to make her appear older, younger or look like someone else.

Martial Arts: Taught by her father since the age of 5, Catherine is an accomplished martial artist even though she never obtained any belts or won any official martial art tournaments. Black Felina's attacks are very precise as well as agile. She's also a resourceful fighter who likes using her cleverness to either obtain the upper hand or achieve a speedy getaway. If cornered, Catherine is at her most dangerous since she'll augment her combat prowess with her cat-like strength, speed, agility, claw attacks and reflexes.

Multilingualism: Due to being mobile and moving all over the world, Catherine is fluent in English, Spanish, French Japanese, Chinese and Mandarin.

Seduction: Catherine is quite skilled at using her feminine allure in order to obtain what she wants through the clever manipulation of others.

Stealth: Just like a cat, Catherine can sneak around without making a single sound which enables her to approach others completely undetected. Her stealth is not perfect, however, and it possible to detect her presence by those with enhanced senses or advanced technology.

Survival: Catherine is able to survive in almost any environment and she knows where to forage for food, find water and what is good to use for a shelter so she can shield herself from the elements.

Swordsmanship: Obtained during her college days, Catherine is skilled with various types of swords. She even managed to win a few fencing tournaments.

Thievery:Catherine is highly skilled at stealing things so long as the object in question is of reasonable size to be stolen. She can expertly pick someone's pockets to relieve them of their valuables without them noticing a thing most of the time. Basically, if she wants it badly enough then chances are she can steal it.

Throwing: Catherine is skilled at throwing objects with great accuracy such as knives, darts and boomerangs.


Bullwhip: Black Felina carries a hi-tech whip that is made of leather. But the inside is filled with titanium steel micro filaments that coat the entire length of the whip at key retractable points. With the push of a single button on the hilt of the whip, a powerful electrical surge can be sent along it's length. When this electrical current runs through the whip, it turns into a razor sharp weapon that is extremely durable. Maximum length of the whip is 30 feet.

Caltrops: Catherine usually carries a few breakable balls filled with metal spikes that, when smashed on the ground, stab into anyone dumb enough to walk over them. This serves to knock people over as they feel sharp pains in their feet and must spend a minute or two digging them out. The spikes are usually painted whatever the color the floor happens to be (it depends on the job Catherine is currently on) in order to make them hard to spot at first glance. Catherine usually uses this weapon as a carefully layed trap in order to help buy her time to make an escape.

Catsuit: Last year for Halloween, Catherine had a a professional costume designer make her a Catsuit so she could dress up as the comic book character known as Catwoman. The costume is made of black leather and is of professional quality. Other than that, it provides Black Felina no other special features.




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