Black Claws DCnU: Wonder Woman

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  • The princess of the amazons. She was created by being sculpted out of clay and then brought to life through the combined powers of the olympians.

  • Diana's love interest. They have had their ups and downs, but throughout everything the two of them always manage to weather the storm.

  • Diana's mother and the queen of the amazons. She was at first very weary about her daughter venturing into the world of man, but after Diana first defeated Ares and became one with a pantheon of her own (the Justice League), she eventually became accepting of her daughter going into the outside world. However there is one condition...If Diana wishes to keep exploring Mans world, she should visit her mom every now and then. Can't blame Hippolyta for being protective of her child can you?

  • Inspired by Diana's tales of her adventures in mans world whenever she came over for a visit,Donna Troy decided that she wanted to become a hero and explore mans world with Diana. Diana originally was against the idea since she didn't want to put children in danger. However, Hippolyta countered by pointing out that she was originally against the idea of her daughter venturing away from the island, but eventually decided it was for the best when she learned of Diana's feats in mans world. Therefore if Wonder Woman could prove the Queen of the Amazons wrong, then surely Donna could prove her sister wrong and become a hero in her own right. Diana eventually changed her mind and soon she saw that her mother was right. Donna became the first Wonder girl and assisted Diana on her adventures. She even became a founder of the original Teen Titans. As she grew older, she dropped the Wonder Girl persona and now goes by the alias of "Troia".

  • The second young hero to take up the mantle of "Wonder Girl" and a member of the current Teen Titans. Out of all the amazons, she was the quickest to adapt to the modern world. She even runs her own blog that chronicles all the adventures she has with her sisters and the Titans!

  • The home of the Amazons.

  • The greek god of war and one of Wonder Womans greatest foes. When he broke free of his prison of Themyscira and ventured into mans world, Diana pleaded with her mother to go after him along with Steve Trevor. When Hippolyta eventually allowed her daughter to go, Diana and Ares had a climatic battle in the middle of Washington DC, with the princess ending up victorious. Furious with the trouble that he caused, Zues cast Ares into the deepest pits of Tartarus. Unforunately, he broke loose and is now a recurring enemy for Wonder Woman.

  • A team consisting of the mightiest heroes of the DCU that Diana helped to found. When the Zues and the Olympians first heard of the league coming together against Starro, they were deeply impressed by their "childs" feat along with the rest of her team. So much that the olympians along with the Amazons came to view the Justice League as "The Pantheon of Mans World".

  • A team of teenage superheroes that Troia helped found. Cassie is one of the current members.

  • Arguably the mightiest hero in the DCU. He is a close friend of Wonder Woman's and is one of the founders of the Justice League. The tabloids often like to spread rumors that the two are romantically linked, much to their annoyance.

  • The legendary vigilante from Gotham City. He is another of of the Leagues founding members and is one of Diana's closest friends.

  • The empress of the animal kingdom and one of the founding members of the Justice League. She is by far Diana's best friend.

  • A ten year old boy that has the ability to transform into the worlds mightiest mortal whenever he says "SHAZAM!". While he has the wisdom of Solomon, he is still lacking in maturity. Luckily for him, Diana often acts as a mentor to him and the two eventually began to develop a brother-sister like relationship.

  • The King of Atlantis and one of the leagues founding members. He and Diana don't often see eye to eye but they will put their differences aside when times get tough.

  • Aquaman's wife and the Queen of Atlantis. Unlike her husband, she and Diana get along quite well.

  • The ruler of the Underworld. This Hades isn't evil and acts a lot like his counterpart from the actual greek myths.