Black Claw's DCnU: Static Shock

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Richie Foley is one of Virgil's closest friends and he gained his powers a lot later than the other Bang Babies. When he discovered his powers, he became the hero known as Gear and fights alongside Static in order to defend Dakota.

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Static's arch nemesis and the leader of the Meta Breed. He is one of the three major gang leader is Dakota. The other two being Holocaust and Piranha.

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Member of the meta breed

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Member of the Meta Breed that can create light energy constructs. It's heavily implied that the big bang may have affected his sanity.

List items

  • One of Virgil's closest friends. She and Richie are the only two people that know Static's secret identity.

  • Virgil's father who works with the city council.

  • Virgil's older sister. She finds out about her brothers double life as a Superhero later on in the series.

  • Virgil's mother who was tragically killed in the Dakota riots five years prior to the events of the series.

  • One of Static's friends who was a gang member and Frieda's boyfriend. He is tragically killed by Ebon later in the series.

  • One of Static's classmates. The two used to date but Daisy later broke up with Virgil because his double life as a Superhero was getting in the way of their relationship, but they are still friends.

  • A former bully of Virgil's turned Super villain. Francis Stone defeated Static when they first met. However, when Static come for a rematch, Hotstreak found himself on the receiving end of a curb stomp battle. Frustrated that he had been losing to Static ever since and that his fellow gang members had abandoned him for more competent criminal organizations, Hotstreak reluctantly joined the Meta Breed. While he is arguably second in command of the gang, he frequently butts heads with Ebon.

  • Former member of the Blood Sydicate and one of the three major gang leaders in Dakota. The other two being Ebon and Piranha.

  • After a humilating defeat at the hands of Static when he took a vacation to New York, the Piranha was hungry for revenge. He soon relocated to Dakota and formed the gang known as "The Beastz". He is one of the three major gang leaders in Dakota. The other two being Ebon and Holocaust.

  • A member of the Beastz gang.

  • Horrified at what the Big Bang had done to him, Bubba Brown had nowhere else to turn but a life of crime. He is the most powerful member of the Beastz.

  • The corrupt CEO of Alva industries who is currently having a PR nightmare due to the fact that his company created the gas that caused the Big Bang and created the Bang Babies. Now in order to clean up this mess, he has created a secret task force dedicated to hunting down and eradicating bang babies.

  • Ebon's younger brother who decided to end his life of crime and become a hero. He is currently dating Virgil's sister.

  • A bounty hunter who has a partner named Onyx.

  • A black supremacist who tried to get Static to join his cause, but only succeeded in making an enemy.

  • A bang baby who serves as the muscle for the Meta Breed.

  • The famed team of Teen Superheroes of whom Static is a part time member of.

  • Jaime Reyes is the third person to take up the mantle of the Blue Beetle after the tragic death of Ted Kord. He and Static once joined forces in order to defeat La Dama and Ebon when the two villains formed an alliance. Since then, the two have become close friends and will happily help one another if times get tough.

  • Kaldur'ahm is the current sidekick of Aquaman. He is a member of the Teen Titans. He and Virgil first met when Virgil took a vacation to Miami. The two didn't like each other at first, but they eventually put their differences aside in order to defeat Kaldur's father and Aquaman's arch nemesis Black Manta.

  • A team consisting of the mightiest heroes in the DCU. Static has worked with them occasionally.

  • A member of the Justice League. He sometimes acts as a mentor towards Static.

  • One of Black Lightnings daughters. She has a crush on Static and he likes her a little bit as well but he is confused on whether he should date her or not. Mainly because he feels that it would be awkward dating the daughter of his mentor.

  • One of Black Lightnings daughters.

  • A member of the Titans who Static idolizes.

  • A good friend of Static's who is also the sidekick to Icon.

  • A bang baby gang led by a young man known as Wise Son. The group fought with Static when the two first met (and nearly killed him in the process). However, the gang put their differences with the young hero aside in order to team up with him and take down the Metabreed when they were holding a hospital hostage. Now Static and the Syndicate are allies, however Static still secretly feels uneasy around them due to his natural hatred of gangs.

  • One of the deadliest assassins in the entire DCU who was once hired by Alva to kill Static. Luckily the Teen Titans tracked him down in Dakota, and with the help of Static and Gear, defeated him.

  • The CEO of Lexcorp and Superman's arch nemesis. He once made a deal with Alva that he would help upgrade the tech of Alva Industries in order to exterminate bang babies if Alva would help him finally bring down Superman as well. What Alva didn't know was that Lex was secretly planning to kill him so that he could buy out Alva industries. Thankfully, Static foiled their plans with help from Superman.

  • Aquaman's arch nemesis. He fought against Static and Aqualad in Miami but he was ultimately defeated.

  • Blue Beetle's arch nemesis. She once made an alliance with Ebon in order to do business and bring down their respective enemies. Their plans were eventually foiled by the two teen heroes.

  • Static's famous saucer that he uses to levitate high above the ground. Before gear made it for him, he used to use trash can lids to get around. After the saucer was destroyed in a battle with Hotstreak, Static received a new high tech saucer from Cyborg. He first used it when he went on vacation in New York and he's been using it for saving the day ever since.

  • The headquarters for the Teen Titans. Static and Gear often come here to train with the Titans via teleporter.