Marvel Properties that would be awesome as Disney animated feature films.

Hello viners! After a bit of a hiatus on my part, I'm back and I'm here with a new blog post. And this post is something that's been on my mind ever since Big Hero 6 came out. As many a Disney fan may already know, Big Hero 6 is now Disney’s third highest grossing film worldwide behind The Lion King and Frozen. And what’s even greater is that Genesis Rodriguez (voice of Honey Lemon) has said in an interview that the higher ups over at Disney are apparently in talks to greenlight a sequel.

But as eager as I am to see everyone’s favorite band of nerds back on the big screen, I was thinking about something. Since Big Hero 6 was based off of a Marvel property, why stop there? There are plenty of marvel properties that Disney could adapt into animated features, heck if they play their cards right they could easily have a Marvel Animated Universe on their hands! Which is why today I decided to make a list of the top 4 Marvel Comics that would be amazing to see as animated films made by Walt Disney Animation studios. Note: Now keep in mind that for this list I’m going with some lesser known Marvel properties, so don’t expect to see any big names like Ghost Rider or Namor.

4. Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur

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The premise of this comic is about a small hairy humanoid creatured befriending a red T-Rex as the go out and have various adventures as they wander throughout time. Personally I think that this series could be pretty intresting as a movie but I think what hurts MB & DD’s chances of appearing on the big screen is that Pixar is coming out with their own Dinosaur flick called “The Good Dinosaur” which has, what else? A boy teaming up with a Dinosaur. But hey, I’m sure they could find a way to make a film of this property stand out from all the other “Boy and his X” movies we have out there.

3. The Saga of Crystar

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Ah, The Saga of Crystar. The premise of this comic is about a demon lord that sends his armies to conquer the kingdom of Crystallium. Thus his actions tear two brothers named Crystar and Moltar apart as they now lead both of their armies in an epic clash between order and chaos. Now previous Disney flicks such as Lilo and Stitch, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 showcased the strong bond between sibilings but Crystar could go in a different direction by showing siblings as each others arch enemies, which would be unique for a Disney film and would really help raise the drama. By the way, am I the only one who’s getting some He-Man vibes by looking at that cover?

2. Kid Colt/Rawhide Kid

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I know I’m cheating a bit here because these are two different characters, but I had a hard time choosing between these two guys so I decided to give the number two spot to both of them. Both Kid Colt and Rawhide Kid are two of Marvel’s most prominent western heroes so if Disney decide to make a movie about one or the other, I think it would make for a pretty fun horse riding, gun sliging, and bandit battling adventure. That and I’d love for Disney to show the western genre some more love, especially since the last time WDAS attempted to do a western was….

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Yeaaaaaaah, moving on.

1. Power Pack

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Now Power Pack is a property that is being considered to be brought to the big screen according to the guys over at Marvel Studios. However, I personally think Power Pack would be best suited for animation.The premise of Power Pack tells the story of four young siblings who gain superpowers from a dying alien and now have to stop an evil alien race called the snarks from attacking the earth. Guys come one, four adaorable little kids that gain superpowers and fight aliens? This practically has Disney written all over it! However, while the concept of a superhero family has pretty much already been done by The Incredibles all Power Pack needs is a strong storyline by the filmmakers and it can have an identity of it’s own just fine.

So would like to see any of these comic series receive the Disney magic? Do you have any ideas of what marvel properties could work as animated films by the mouse house? Feel free to respond and let me know.


Has DC lost the rights to the milestone cast?

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around why Cartoon Network pulled DC Nation at the last second this past weekend. But one rumor in particular that has caught my interest is the rumor that DC has lost the rights to Static and the rest of the characters originally from Milestone Media, many of whom were created by the late, great, Dwayne Mcduffie.

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Four Color Media Moniter reports people from Mcduffie's estate have fought and won the rights of the milestone Characters from DC Comics and there might be further evidence to support this, judging from this quote from Scott Lobdell in an interview asking if Static will join the Teen Titans:

When asked whether there was a chance of seeing Static Shock in "Teen Titans,” Lobdell replied, “Nothing would make me happier.” However, he said "legal issues" prevent the characters from joining the title.

Uh oh. And as I said before, some people are now thinking that this rumor is the reason Young Justice is on hiatus yet again because Icon and Rocket are characters in the show and Static has appeared as a character in the recent Young Justice episode "Before the Dawn" which was released on iTunes after the show was put on hiatus by Cartoon Network without warning.

If this rumor happens to be true then I can't say I'm surprised. DC has barely even tried using any of the Milestone Characters ever since the DC/Milestone merger. And while they have used Static and have given him his famous cartoon series, they haven't treated him that well either. This is especially evident in his new 52 comic which was absolutely terrible. What's even worse is that DC rejected ideas for the comic from John Rozum, who was a close friend of Dwayne Mcduffie, and instead approved of ideas from Scott Mcdaniel. And it's painfully obvious from the comic that Mcdaniel didn't know a thing about the character, leading to a crappy comic that could've been so much more.

If Static and the rest of the Milestone cast are truly leaving the DC universe, I'll personally be sad to see them go, but I'll also be happy once another publishing company picks them up and gives them the respect they rightfully deserve. What are your thoughts on all of this?