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@rampagethefirst: I have read the entirety of your argument, and your ABC logic doesn't work, especially when comparing it to Superman. Everyone knows that Superman is vunerable to magic, and Shazam is a being of magic. That being said even with that Advantage Shazam has to be amped or compromise with Superman for a Win. Their powers are comparable yes but he can't outright beat Superman, and when he should be able to with that advantage. that's really a negative for him.

So it's a logical falsity to state that somehow because he can fight Superman he should be able to fight these two. Both of these characters can take on superman with no problem, winning is another debate.

Blue Marvel was able to KO Sentry with One punch that sent him in orbit that was in his first showing and since then has only added to his top tier feats. Trying to low ball him is ridiculous. Then you have Gladiator who has fought Hulk, Vulcan, Hyperion, Thor, and if it wasn't for plot devices in their books he would have beat Hulk and Thor. He handily beat both Hyperion and King Vulcan. His weakness is his confidence. Read the Annihilator books, which put him with other cosmic beings to solve the universal problems. Stop trying to low ball him. Neither of these characters are particularly vulnerable to Magic.

This would be very tough fight for Billy, unless he's somehow amped.

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this is the one match that would actually end in sex

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this fight is just to vague to make a judgement on, Kingdom Come in my humble opinion is the best storyline out of DC even though it's not Canon. You had some great characters in there. But there is wayyy too many characters in it, including old heroes and new heroes. The Marvel team is a little more pointed and less vague except for the Xmen. But you can assume it's just the people in the picture.

If we are just using the people we know clearly in the pictures on both, DC would lose. Now who's in the picture that we could clearly see " Wonder woman, Zatanna, Black Canary, Atom, Green Arrow, Superman, Batman, Red Tornado, Captain Marvel. On Marvel Xmen we see Emma, Cyclops, Angel, Storm, Colossus, Rogue, Wolverine, Magneto, In the Illumanti : Charles X, Namor, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, Iron, then add in the rest in the photos.

Marvel is too stack for that DC team, it needs to be equalized to be fair. One thing that also doesn't make it fair is that the Illuminati all have infinity gems. Which makes this even more imbalanced. So I would say that the OP needs to straighten a lot of information out and this should just be locked as it is.

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@pyrofn said:

@webinyoureye11: Good news. Wanda’s tk was amped in Infinity War. Granted, it is still not as fast as Jean Grey, but now, it is definitely as fast as she can gesture now, which is pretty fast.

Still don’t think she would win against Emma, but the other women aren’t touching Wanda.

incorrect Wanda Tk hasn't changed since Civil war. She's no more or less powerful. They just showed her in more action situations.

And having read your many speculative theories on her powers. I would say your judgement on the speed and scope of her powers were just as incorrect as this assertion.

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Gonna go with Team one.
Black Sky would wreck deadpool

Gamora would do the same to Wolverine

Valkyrie, could take Colossus and Angel

Wanda would take Psylock
Promixa could take on Beast

Here is my breakdown of this fight and the reason I picked this matchup.
Blacksky vs Deadpool. Given the showing in Defenders and deadpool these two are both still streetlevelers, Deadpool does have his healing factor, however what Deadpool 2 proved multiple times is that Deadpool can indeed be killed and incapacitated long enough for his healing factors to kick in. And to not be effective in combat. And it really doesn't take that much to do it. He fell down a hill and bashed his head on a rock. Cable beat him down badly after his healing factor kicked in. And Blacksky's stats are higher, she stronger, more durable, faster, and better skilled than Deadpool. The fact that it took daredevil, luke cage, iron fist and jessica, and a building falling on top of her to actually stop her, I don't see deadpool doing it. Blacksky is more likely to know Deadpool out.

Gamora vs. Wolverine: It could be argued the level of fighting skill vs. Hyperbole. Both have Healing factors, Gamora is clearly stronger, and faster, and durability is questionable depending on the type of damage. Both are clearly skilled fighters, but Wolverine's skills I think is very limited earth (although expensive over the year, he may be out of his depths) where as Gamora is universal. One fight that sticks out that Wolverine really couldn't win without PIS, was the one against lady deathstrike. the difference between this battle and that is that Gamora isn't mindless. Although Wolverine tends to overcome his fights, they are generally people with baseline human physiology and he also tends to struggle with them. If pitted with someone with similar abilities and fighting skill. Another issues is Wolverine's claws vs. Outerspace metals and technology. Gamora clearly has the edge here in tech. We don't know what her sword is made of or how Adamantium will interact with the implants in her body, if it will have any real affect on her at all.

Valkyrie vs. Colossus and Angel: Angel is honestly the weakest link in this fight. Considering that Valkyrie was Training Hulk, who is stronger than both of them put together, and more durable, it's safe to say that neither of them are a real threat to her. Given her Dragon sword as standard gear, Colossus organic steel is strong but can also be Damaged as shown by his fight with Jugs. Asgardian metal is far more durable than that of Earth as proven in Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d When a basic Asgardian bent a military knife butter Where is Asgardian weapons are tough enough to penetrate their skin, This sword was strong enough to do damage to Hela. Valkyrie is also a much better fighter and has better reflexes.

Psylock and Wanda: Psylock is a better fighter, but Wanda's shielding and telekinesis would just have her ragdolling Psylock, not to mention telepathy.

Proxima Midnight vs. Beast: This I give to beast because speed and agility is really Proxima downfall, she couldn't take widow, falcon and cap but 1 on 1 with Wanda she was putting her through her paces, I feel that because Beast is more of a combination of the 3, he would be able to overwhelm her and take the win.

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@imsososorry said:

Thanos solos. Technically Superman is fast enough to statue them but Thanos can turn them into actual statues just by closing his fist

not with the reality gem and time gem, also stormbreaker is faster. Also given that Hela could react to Mjolnir she most certainly should be able to react to Superman.

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thawne loses badly, in character he's a jobber. also that fight with arrow, flash, and firestorm.... it took three of them to take him down. none of them has thor, Black panther, visions durability, Dr. Strange's or Wanda's Shielding. Marvel in general has better technology than CW shows. If you also added the guardians it's a murderstomp. Yondu could solo his arrow is faster.

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Okoye all three rounds wins all three rounds.

Fighting ability wise Okoye is better trained, She also had better agility feats with the car and spear fear. Wasps size manipulation depends on how fast she can click a button, and her fight with Ghost proves she's average, she's not really peak human. But the thing that really puts Okoye over Wasp is the Vibranium woven into her armor and weapon. Even if wasp reduced her size, her mass would stay the same, as explained by Antman one, her spear was said to be able to take out tanks and could shoot down Wakandan air ships, Which are way better feats than Wasp Stinger on random thugs.

And I don't doubt Okoye would kill her in character if she was an enemy of Wakanda.

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I would actually give this to Winter Soldier. Ant-man had a nice showing with Falcon, but Even Cap had a problem keeping up with Bucky, he's confirmed enhanced. Better reflex, strength, and fighting skills an arsenal. And doesn't hold back.

Ant Man would get some hits in, but So would Bucky and they would be at vital points. Ant Man is no where near a trained fighter, he was shown how to throw punches in the fight movie. When he grows he's also slow. That's a disadvantage. In Civil War, he still had no real fighting skill, and in the second Antman Wasp, no enhanced fighting skills. He would lose here.

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@cfrehse said:

Could caps shield block her cry? I feel like it should

Yes he can since it has elements of vibranium it should be more than enough to stop the scream from affecting him.