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@rey_king: i really wish ppl stopped using failed ABC logic yo try an prove a point. That's new 52 superman who is way weaker than pre. Also he is not a measuring stick for force of a blow.

Further more Ares in Marvel is consistent woth the character, this is the same Ares that cut a building in half casually.Hulk fights gods all thr time, hell lords included and is able to hold his own. This not a low showing, in wwh he best up Sentry, Hercules, Zomstrange, and Juggernaut all god tier or above.

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Jessica Jones, Glass, the beast was man handling him, he is not as strong as Jessica Jones. Also Jessica is a better fighter. Jessica is a really good detective she would figure out his weakness eventually

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Ozy would wreck anyone in that show.

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@aqualion0: you're not reading the current x-men, currently nate grey over powers legion in control of his powers.

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Team easily, several who are immune to psychic attacks, like Thor and Magik , very high resistance to it like High, Storm, Hulk, Kitty Pride, Scarlet Witch. Than you have Prodigy, Jean Gray, Psylock. Ironman and Black Panther have tech that protects from Psychic attacks.

Fernus would be very hard pressed to win this fight.

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Storm would win, she would overpower them. She has a goid track record of taking over magical storms and people with silimiar elemental powers, such as Alpha Flights Shaman, Gale, Living Lightning, Hydroman snd more.

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@rampagethefirst: nope, Mantis has celestial telepathic feats, Jean and Charles do not.

Mantis stated it wouldn't hold Thanos for long, so even if Charles and Jean could stop him temporarily, it would be less than a minute. And they wouldn't be able to do ant lasting effects.

Thanos has the reality stones, so it could play out just like the Guardians fight in NoWhere

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Superman stops at 3, in fact anyone who says he clears is a fanboy.

There are several ppl he can't beat because beating them requires specific plot devices Superman does not have access to.

He can't beat last form of Ultron because he doesn't have the damage output to take out that form and he can't burn Ultron out of the internet or stop his plans at all,

he can't beat Ares ( he has to be able to kill a god, and he can't because only other Gods can do that.)

He can't beat Doomsday without the spear

He can't beat Hela at all, even if she was off Asgard he has no way of hurting Her. She was taking out space ships with ease, may have speed over her she has durability, strength, intelligent, and fighting experience over him.

He can't beat Thanos either, reality stone and done. He took Thor having a weapon made from a Neutron star to come close to killing him. Power stone would end Superman, time stone undoes everything he does, he can't even wield any of those stones without pre knowledge because they would kill him. Star is half god,and it almost killed in Within seconds

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Xavierless showdown power tier: Jean Grey>>>>>>>Thor with axe >> Storm>>Dr strange>>Wanda>>>>>Axeless thor>Vision>Iron man>>>Hulk>Cyclops>>Colossus>Angel=Nightcrawler>Wolverine>Beast>Captain America>Black Widow=Hawkeye

So x-men simply mops the floor with them. Add professor then it is massive overkill. Wait for Captain Marvel who supposedly will be Marvel's Christopher reeve superman ( moon puller )

This is all wrong, Jean best feat is destroying baseline humans with the Phoenix powers by atomizing them ( if you included the deleted scene it's destorying the area in the final fight), which is akin to Scarlet witch atomizing Ultron bots, but Scarlet witch's feat was better due to ultron bot durability difference. If we are counting x2, then lifting a jet with her mind while attempting to hold back a flood, but those feat taxed her greatly. Thor's best feat was with standing the heat from a Neutron Star for several minutes, one of his best strength and durability feats were pushing the neutron stars rings into place with the force of him swinging the space ship with rocket booster. Also the telepathy didn't really work on Thor, it gave him a vision of ragnarok and told him about the stones when it was suppose to cause fear and doubt of his team. which is didn't which mean he does has some level of telepathic resistance. His best feats are destroying much bigger area with mjolnir, and the Axe is more powerful. Jean could barely hold Wolverine back from stabbing her even if you give the benefit of the doubt that she really wanted to die, she should have been able to easily stop wolverine. Jean would get destroyed by Thor with the Axe.

The xmen would lose if this is x2 and x3 version, and it wouldn't even be a contest. the Avengers simply have must better feats. The only ppl Fox did a go job at showing their powers were Magneto, Night crawler, and Wolverine. Everyone was unimpressive. Professor x was over taken by Mastermind... that was sad. As far as telepathy actually goes Scarlet witch has better feats than both Charles X and Jean without Cerebro. Colossus, is more in the Things league he can not take on the Hulk, or Vision. Angel could easily get taken out by Hawkeye. Storm's beatdown by Calisto in that firm.... eh Black Widow would just hit him with one of those shield stunner or she would be done, not to mention she would be hard press in h2h. Just a terrible showing. Cap could take out both Beast and Night crawler. Dr. Strange could easily bond all of them with little effort on his part. In this 4 min clip he had Loki falling for 30 minutes, jumped from moment to moment so fast it completely disorientated Thor. No one in fox can counter that.

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@richubs said:

@epicyon: IDK what you were smoking while you watched Aquaman because Black Manta did not give him a solid fight he got stomped by an Arthur that was having some fun.

Arthur takes hits from Superman and takes Boulder destroying beams how the hell would a normal human give him a fight? Your bias is very clear.

Yes it will be a problem given they couldn't kill Outriders immediately with their amazing super spears.

They were still getting stomped.

Outriders in no sense hit hard enough to crush an SUV yet they were shitting on Wakandans. Atlanteans who are far superior will do it more easily.

They do to every Atlantean what Black Manta did to Aquaman? Manta lost both times and got stomped the first time so I guess I'll have to agree with one point you made.

I have to agree with Epicyon, that Black Manta was better skilled as a fighter and tactician, Arthur was pretty sloppy as a fighter, it's apparent in their first encounter that if he had better weapons he could have taken him out, and the thing on the sub would have never happened. But I also think what you are saying is true as well. Those feats show his durability which is in comparison to normal humans pretty high. But he was stunned by that big gun, and it clearly hurt him but not enough to overpower his healing and durability.