The Chronicles of BK-77-7 the End of Star Wars BattleFront 2

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(Above a picture of BK-77-7 from the TI-154th Black Knights TIE Interceptor Squadron)

As you may or may not be aware Star Wars BattleFront 2 has ended April 15th 2010. Naturally everyone just about that ever played the game on the X-Box 360 came back for one big grand finale before saying good bye to the multiplayer game we all loved very much, and man did it get very INTERESTING!

I had a very amazing play through, EPIC OF EPIC. There were times I was flying my TIE INTERCEPTOR I would be up against 3 other Pilots by myself and I would Dominate them and they WERE NOT NOOBS ether.

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If you haven't figured it out already the only part of the game I really liked was the Space Assault star fighter matches. I gained a very big reputation for being an Ace Pilot in that part of the game to a point people would leave if they saw me join. I HAVE THE LORD TO THANK AND PRAISE FOR THESE ABILITIES!!!

Here are my last records before the server shut down.

I was Top number 1 of the Week out of 230

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I Had a Kill/Death ratio of 40/1 during the last week!

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My Longest Living Streak was for 37 min and 35 secs with a TIE INTERCEPTOR.

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I was also Top number 1 of the month out of 520

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I had a Kill/Death ratio of 33-1 during the last month!

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My longest living streak for the last month was 37min and 45sec with the TIE INTERCEPTOR!

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OVERALL I WAS IN 7TH PLACE OUT OF 200982 OTHER STAR FIGHTER PILOTS! The only reason I wasn't number 1 was because the other guys had played alot longer than I did... and Playndumb cheated.

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My overall Kill/Death ratio was 22-1 With mostly 89% of the time the FEARSOME, the DEADLY, TIE INTERCEPTOR!!!

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My overall highest living streak for ONE life was 39min and 59sec with a TIE INTERCEPTOR!!! Which is a major feat I not once have ever used the stunt button, I do my OWN stunts learned from STAR WARS TIE FIGHTER and natural stunts learned my self or from the NAVY AVIATORS that Flew F-14s.

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The fighting was EPIC!!! EPIC EPIC EPIC, I fought the Legendary Sacouch 69 ( BEST OVERALL STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 PLAYER on X-Box) He is very good to say the least, there were times I couldn't even hit him. One of my Favorite matches with him was 3 days before the servers were shut down, we had 4 people on both sides, I was in my TIE INTERCEPTOR, he was in a X-Wing or A-Wing. At first I killed him with missiles 2 times B.V.R. However we merged the 3rd time DOG FIGHT!!! We both banked Left above a Imperial class I Star Destroyer, but he made a dangerous over shoot into my sights and his Wing fighter was all but destroyed by my LASER CANNONS! He dove away into the Star Destroyer hanger and hijacked a regular TIE FIGHTER, but I already had the Angel and my Lasers sent him into OBLIVION, I WAS HIS APOCALYPSE THAT DAY XD

This link I have here is to my videos on youtube of me fighting during the last days of Star Wars BattleFront 2 in Space.

This is one of the good fights, I had as a team in this one.

This here leads to my very last battle it really was the most epic one, it in total is made up of 7 videos, check it out to see if I won. I had to use my Hook Line and Sinker maneuver just to have a chance! This fight with the elite pilot Justino522 was Hard, mind numbing, THATS what I like, a CHALLENGE!!!

1st vid

This is the last one if you do not want to watch them all LOL

7th vid

I am the Best Pilot ever in Star Wars as you can see, fighting on foot... different matter altogether lol I am about as good as Sponge Bob Square Pants =P

Oh and if you haven't noticed I like to mention Star Wars TIE FIGHTER a lot, its because it is still the BEST OVER ALL FLIGHT SIM, not STAR WARS FLIGHT SIM, FLIGHT SIM PERIOD! That game is also extremely difficult and I just recently beat it on the HARDEST SETTING.

Here are my Stats and SOME of my favorite achievements from that game!

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YUP thats right I killed a Imperial Class Star Destroyer with a TIE AVENGER!!! AND A COUPLE SPACE STATIONS!!!!!

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The Best multiplayer from the X-Wing/Tie Fighter sim series was X-Wing Alliance which I got so good at I could beat TIE DEFENDERS with a TIE INTERCEPTOR! Here is the videos to prove it!



Last vid

Last but not least a video of me Dog fighting in the 5 campaign first level on Hard with a TIE Interceptor. It is uncommon for anyone to complete this level, it is ultra rare for anyone to complete every objective on the first mission.

Enjoy them! This is BK-77-7 Signing off!

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Halloween Musts list!

Hello and Thank you for reading this...and the stuff after... AnywayIf you Love movies and or are a Gamer Halloween can be a real fun timeof year BUT you got too know what and wear to look. Well look nofurther because I got the List YO!

The Essential Halloween Classic movie list for adults.

1)The Evil Dead Trilogy (Evil Dead 1, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness)
... This is the perfect blind of Horror and Dark Humor Bruce Campbell andSami Raimi at there finest. You can't have Halloween without Evil Dead2, the most recommended of the Three movies Evil Dead 1 being the leastrecommended.

Evil Dead Trailer ch?v=wXpjFAisVvY&feature=r elated
Evil Dead 2 Trailer ch?v=w6mEiJRiXqc
Army of Darkness Trailer ch?v=UD_82kvQLkA

2)Alien Quadrilogy (Alien,Aliens,Alien 3,Alien Resurrection)
This is the Perfect Horror film series ever created including the AVPcross overs which I will get too in a sec. Of all movies ever madenever has there been a fictional creature ever been that was asFrighteningly rememberable as the Xenomorph (Alien), the world agreeson this statement as do I.

The best of the four is ALIENS, when I was little after I first watchedAliens, I had the worst nightmares EVER and it lasted Years!!!Decades!!! The story itself is remarkably well written, this series isnot lacking in any field.

Alien trailer ch?v=ojhGdRSkiUw
Aliens trailer ch?v=jw-UoFfZS2Q&feature=r elated
Alien 3 trailer ch?v=gAmWZSewLyA&feature=r elated
Alien Resurrection trailer ch?v=6wDwAf79byI&feature=r elated

3)Predator Trilogy (Predator,Predators,Predat or 2) You can't watch TheAliens Quadrilogy without watching at Least one Predator (Predator isthe best of the three) because they are in the same Universe!!! Besides those points Predator is a very good Horror action movie serieswith a solid story line, the third movie made but second in the series( I know the continuity is confusing) has a very nice twist within thestory!

Predator trailer ch?v=w-d8-t3W6Ac&feature=r elated
Predators trailer (comes out October 19th for blu-ray) ch?v=FGAIKCOqQ10
Predator 2 trailer ch?v=YBEHOO4jjLg

4) Alien vs Predator & Alien vs Predator 2 Requiem. Now contrarytoo what you might have heard these are very good movies. I will admitthat they are not as scary as the regular Alien or Predator movies, butthey are full of action, have a good story, and will make you jump whenyou lest expect it. Also I will also admit that Alien vs Predator 2has probably the most skewered up, dark and twisted, scene in allmoviedum. If you have seen it you know what I mean and for you allthat have not seen it... there are some very dark disturbing scenesinvolving Pregnant Women -_- other than that they are very good.

Alien vs Predator trailer ch?v=-GT59zmF_Oo
Alien vs Predator 2 Requiem trailer ch?v=zhwrrpvv9lY

For all of you that want the whole epic Alien Predator saga you will need to watch them in this order.
Predator 2
Alien vs Predator
Alien vs Predator 2 Requiem
Alien 3
Alien Resurrection

5) The Thing, and trust you are going to wish I meant the guy fromFantastic 4. It can be anyone or anything your wife, your food, yourkids, the blood you need because you had surgery, your boss, yourdrinking water, YOU... and you will never know when it is to late. They enemy within taken to a whole new level.

The Thing 1982 trailer ch?v=ouZkkIsLiNg

6)Fright Night 1 and Fight Night 2...Whos it going to be tonight... :) Now I know what your thinking, thank God some videos that actually havenothing to do with Extraterrestrials... Well unfortunately for you mostAlien and Predators and even the Thing are easier to contend with thanthese Vampires. What worse still is that these Vampires have theabilities written about Vampires from real folklore and from BramStokers Dracula. What does this all mean... Run like the WIND!!! Ilove these movies they are classic. Peter Vincent The Great VampireKiller is my favorite Vampire Slayer of all time best part about him isHE ISNT A REAL VAMPIRE KILLER.

Fright Night trailer ch?v=8MAL5VJVezQ
Fright Night 2 trailer ch?v=W83ZB-TMm4o

7)Bram Stokers Dracula speaking of Vampires, this is an Americanclassic written by an Irish immigrant during the Black Plague. This isan epic fable, But it is not just a Horror movie, it is a sad movie, alove story. Dracula with all his power is alone, there is no life inhis body. This movie Proves that God and Love conquer all.
Writen by Bram Stoker, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Staring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves, Richard E. Grant, Cary Elwes, Bill Campbell.

Bram Stokers Dracula trailer ch?v=Xw2-ZMhxTUs

8) Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters 2, Don.t Cross the Streams Why? Itwould be very bad. Are you fuzzy on the whole Good Bad thing? Want meto ex plane. Imagine your whole life never seeing the Epic Funny andScary Ghost stories of all time, not getting too see Peter,Ray,Egon,andWinston ham it up on the Silver screen, your protons in your body willall explode at the speed of light!!! Are you going to thank me forthat important safety tip...?

Ghostbusters trailer ch?v=cyRqR56aCKc
Ghostbusters 2 ch?v=_64lZ6m6Foc

9)Poltergeist, Poltergeist II the other side , Poltergeist 3. Based ontrue events, this is also a classic fright fest of a series...To badthe Ghostbusters were not there too fix the pesky Poltergeist problemsin these movies. The 3rd movie is the weakest in the trilogy but ifyou need to see the conclusion of the trilogy you must watch it. Stories writen by Steven Spielberg.

Poltergeist trailer ch?v=8hQkBLrd1rE
Poltergeist II the other side trailer ch?v=F8TrCJQAid0
Poltergeist III trailer ch?v=TpzFgWp34RM

10)Blade Trilogy (Blade, Blade 2, Blade Trinity) Not scary in theslightest... But man what a great story, this is one of my favoriteMarvel Movies ever!!! No else could ever play as blade, Wesley Snipesis Blade I feel for Blade as well, this story is about vengeancetoward a culture, a culture of in human predators with the mentality ofcrack addicts, ever Vampire Blade kills gives him a piece of his lifethe took away... TONGIHT IT IS OPEN SESON ON ALL SUCK HEADS...
Oh and Dracula has never looked so cool or fought so well as Dracula in Blade Trinity!!

Blade trailer ch?v=cNEXUOoL400
Blade 2 trailer ch?v=d9u4B8nJvbY
Blade Trinity trailer ch?v=DfibNIHmRt8&feature=r elated


Important! What Does the Color Purple mean too the Green Lantern

Purple exists and I don't mean Violet which represents love.  I have a picture of the black ops units in the Green Lantern Core using Purple coin energy
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There must be something that the Guardians have still not reveled.   It is a FACT that the unit that uses the Purple Power Coins are a closely guarded secret, even the main characters do not know the exist, I don' t even think Sinestro knows they exist.
ONE THING TOO CONSIDER!!!  The users of the Purple Power Coins are usually cut throats, they do what ever it takes to achieve VICTORY even if it mean absolute DESTRUCTION of the TARGET and possible INNOCENT BYSTANDERS!!!
SECONDED THING TOO CONSIDER!!!  IF their is a separate Power Battery for the Purple Power Coins it is not on Oa, and if it is, it is so well hidden in all the crises that have taken place no one has found it on accident, if they did they are DEAD!!! 
THIRD THING TOO CONSIDER!!!  As far as we know the Color Purple is not in the PROPHECIES!!!  The Guardians that created the Purple coin Power Battire were able to keep even the  KNOWLEDGE  , of its CREATION and IMPACT it would have from anyone that can SEE THE FUTURE!!!
FOURTH THING TOO CONSIDER!!!  Green is WILLPOWER, Violet LOVE, Indigo COMPASSION, Blue HOPE, Orange GREED, Yellow FEAR, Red RAGE, Black DEATH, White LIFE, were doe's that leave PURPLE...?
FIFTH THING TOO CONSIDER!!!  The color PURPLE is not a true color, in real life it is Considered a  Non-spectral color.   A spectral color is a color that is evoked by a single wavelength of light in the visible spectrum, or by a relatively narrow band of wavelengths. 
 The spectrum is often divided up into named colors, though any division is somewhat arbitrary: the spectrum is continuous. Traditional colors include: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet
  Violet is a spectral color (approximately 380-420 nm), of a shorter wavelength than blue, while PURPLE is a combination of red and blue or violet light.The PURPLES are colors that are not spectral colorsPURPLES are extra-spectral colors. In fact, PRUPLE was not present on Newton's color wheel (which went directly from violet to red), though it is on modern ones, between red and violet. There is no such thing as the "wavelength of purple light"; it only exists as a combination.
SIXTH TOO CONSIDER!!!  There really isn't any emotion, true pure emotions to pick from, HOWEVER, if we follow Newton's color wheel and the definition of NONE-SPECTRAL COLORS/EXTRA-SPECTRAL COLORS the solution Presents ITSELF.  The PURPLE POWER COINS emotional power is a mix of RAGE and HOPE.
SEVENTH AND FINAL THING TOO CONSIDER!!!  What do you get when you mix RAGE and HOPE...?  ONE very AWESOME Marvel character can answer that question, The PUNISHER!!!  VEANGENCE IS THE EMOTION YOU WILL GET!!! 

How Cool it is

That in the Green Lantern comics that they take their cross overs seriously enough that DC has the Alien the Predator and Star Wars Aliens running around.