DC Universe 0912

<h4>My recreation of the DC Universe..In progress...</h4>

List items

  • In the beginning the source wall

  • Ruled by Orion, a strict dicatorship. New Genesis is locked in an endless war with Apokolips. Desperate for any way to stop Apokolips' advances, New Genesis seeks to annex Earth as a Outpost and resource for war.

  • Ruled by Scott Free, Apokolips has become an efficient and prosperous world. The people hold a fanatical reverence for their leader and his Governors. Apokolips is a fine tuned engine of war and conquest that is systematically conquering world after world and assimilating it's technology and resources. Most recently exterminating the Manhunters and their guardians on OA.

  • Absolute Immortal Ruler of Apokolips. Upon the death of Darkseid at the hands of High father, Scott Free murdered Kalibak and claimed the antilife equation and the Omega Force. Nigh omnipotent, a brilliant strategic mind and ruthless charisma, Dr.Impossible is the most powerful being in the known universe.

  • Iron fisted ruler of New Genesis. Upon the death of high father at the hands of Darkseid, Orion's already agressive nature was pushed to the brink. Armeds with his incredible strength, astro Force, and his loyal leutenants, Orion will stop at nothing to destroy Apokolips. Due to his volitile nature, the High Father's connection to the source was passed on to Metron who remains unaligned.

  • Apokolips. Governor of Security and Overseer of the Furies. Impossible's honor guard. Barda's quiet, taciturn strength is only matched by her absolute savagery in battle.

  • New Genesis. Advisor and Consort to Orion. She uses her illusion powers to assist in battle planning and training. Creating virtual environments and battle scenarios. Is unknowingly 1/5th of the Infinity Man.