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The Lone Coyote 0

Another great issue by Edmondson and Gerads. We can expect another book with a "social" Frank and kick ass action. The supporting cast is being developed with a addiction of a PET! We will no a bit how Frank end up in L.A. looking for this drug dealers. It seems that Dos Soles are making business with A.I.M. and they acquired from them a "weapon" that will give them the opportunity to conquer L.A.The Howling Commandos are looking for Frank and they find a good way to track him by one of his cont...

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Frank Castle is back. 1

Definetely the best Punisher run in 616 i've seen in years. I loved Rucka's run and it was a shame Marvel shut him down, but this... Frank as a character seems more complete and believable. Nathan give some depth to the character that seemed lost many years back. This seems like a compilation of he Punisher since the early series in '86, it's action packed, he can interact with people( with more than one or two words) as Frank/Punisher and be brutal and precise like Ennis and Rucka in their resp...

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Welcome Back, Frank. 0

OPINION: Sadly the Punisher's trial is over! In the end of the last issue Frank showed some "formula" to his lawyer Santos and finally in this issue we will see what Frank was cooking, what were his real objectives in this trial...Marc Guggenheim gives us a Frank that is a real mastermind, he played with every character in this book... yes, everyone. Frank isn't about just shooting mobsters and Guggenheim just prove it. He caught the character's psych brilliantly at least like i imagine. And i t...

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The Trial 2

Forget all the Punisher stories you have read, this particularly story is a different take than the usual we are used to. This is a crime story, don't expect any high body counts or a killing spree Frank Castle. I'm going to be frank, i had to read this 2 times, at first i found the story boring, i'm not used to this kind of stories and all the "mechanics" that happens in the courtroom it's not on my favorite things to read.But i've read it a second time and my initial thought changed a bit. Fr...

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Hello Invasion! *(SPOILERS)* 0

PLOT (SPOILERS): This issue begins with Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool and Venom stuck in the traffic while they transport some misterious box that Frank had in his possession. Deadpool's is tired of being in the traffic and leaves the van and hang himself in the city to find some food. He tells the team that he will help them kill the Paguros when they find them.In the sub Sterns( The leader) hides from Ross that the team is in danger while the city is being invaded by unidentified objects.Back i...

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Tragedy repeated twice! 0

WRITING: As a Punisher fan for many years, this is the first contact with the character of Scott M. Gimple and i can say that for the first issue of this mini series his writing is quite nice. Gimple seems to have opted for the inner monologues of Frank Castle which in my opinion is very good to see again in a comic book. This first book is kind of a introduction of this new villain Johnny Nightmare. RATING: 3*ARTWORK: I'm fan of Texeira's work i have been folowing his work on the Punisher since...

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Finally the plot is getting somewhere! 0

STORY(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue begins with Jake Niman getting shot in the head by an unknown assassin and the Punisher going after him. We got some background about this unknown assassin he's name is Dubose and he was a former sargeant of Jake's unit in the army. While Punisher his pursuing Dubose by car and carrying C4 in the trunk he gets shot and his car explodes, Punisher gets out of the car before the explosion but he lost his senses. Then we see Jake in his alter persona Night...

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Frank's "humanity" well explored. 0

STORY (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue begins when the last one stopped, Frank, Dubose and Johnny falling from the building where they were interrogating Dubose before Johnny turned against Frank. While falling, Frank managed to grab a ledge of a window avoiding direct hit into the concrete. When he reached downstairs he only found Dubose in his last breath he said a name to Frank, Kyle Sarnoff. That name is someone related to Frank's past back into Vietnam. Johnny is on the run by a cab, whi...

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Best Issue of this event! 0

STORY (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS):This issue starts with Frank heavily armed finding Johnny in the sewers and shoot him with a gatling gun on Johnny's back turning him into pulp. Then Frank tries to deactivate all the C4 that Johnny planted in the sewers and store the deactivated C4 on his bag. On this time Johnny has recovered from his wounds and smash Frank into the walls, Frank shoot him and gets released from him and start running to create some space. Frank shoots the lights from the sewers and...

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Getting better... 0

STORY(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS): This issue began with Jake thinking about his past some sargeat screaming at him, a doctor with a vaccine, him "burying" Johnny Nightmare in the war and remembering the shooting that killed is family. He and Frank were in the street on mission and then we see in the next page Jake bleeding in the floor. Then we see Frank asking him how can he healed in twelve hours from third degree burns and gunshot wounds. One interesting detail is that he wear the shirt with the ...

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Thunderbolts are getting better and better. 0

This arc begins with Red Hulk, Venom, Deadpool, Elektra, Punisher and the Leader, hunting some cow exposed to gamma radiation but don't get me wrong this "cow" is as dangerous as it seems harmless. After beating up this monster they reunite at their HQ (the submarine) and Ross explains to the team that it's time for each one of them pick a mission (like he did for himself in the previous arcs) and the team will do it for anyone that is chosen, no questions asked. Luckily for Punisher he was th...

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Methodical, classy and merciless Frank Castle. 0

This issue marks some distrust by Frank towards Elektra. Frank didn't buy that Elektra had actually killed her brother Orestez in the end of issue #11, so Frank began by himself a manhunt to put Orestez down for good.-OPINION-This is by far the best issue of the book!! Until now... Charles Soule began this issue by telling us a solo story of the Punisher and his crusade to put down Orestez. Through this issue we will look at a methodical, classy and merciless Frank Castle. And we are going to...

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