What if, The Batman vs The Punisher

Well i know this theme is too much debated, but i want to know what Frank Castle need to beat Batman...
Imagine that Batman is accused of killing an innocent .. What Frank's will need to win?
In my opinion Frank's needed to discover the identity of Batman... Why?
Because it's more easily to mess with Batman head (if that's possible!?) by knowing Bruce Wayne's past. 
What will Frank's needed to do? Maybe unearthing coffins of their parents to get his attention and probably forcing Batman to make mistakes or just by kidnaping Alfred. 
In theory Batman is much more stronger physically and mentaly not to mention his gadgets and hand to hand combat than the Punisher. 
To take Batman out of the equation, the Punisher should carefuly do some really hard prep work of the site battle outside gotham city. 
The fight should be at a warehouse or an abandoned building carefully rigged by the Punisher, maybe this way he could get rid of the Bats.
What do you guys think?