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I was bored and I was looking at some videos I thought were interesting, so I wanted to post them here. I found these pretty cool and ironic lol.

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Decade of Musical Disaster

Am I the only one who feels like this is the worst decade for music? I know there are some good artists and songs out there, but I feel like you have to fish through a pile of crap before finding something good. I'm a person open to all kinds of music genres(new and old), but I'm somewhat far away from swayed by its music; rap is the biggie for me. I love rap, that's a fact. People complain about the lyrics in many rap songs for being too strong and inappropriate. For some young individuals, it might be, but even as a young kid growing up, I followed rap. What I liked about the music was the real-life experiences and compelling stories that rappers brought, but with quickness to their words. Various of the songs could be controversial to people interpreting it differently, but I always enjoyed the brutal honesty. But the problem with me, is that music today is evolving to places where I am losing interest. I feel like quality in today's music(lyric and rhythm-wise) has downsized and watered down over the years. To me, music has taken an unfavorable taste by the early years of this decade, in my opinion.
I believe  music evolving today will only pay interest in someone, if the person is willing to be interested. I'm just one of those people having trouble following with the mainstream material that is being broadcasted this decade. My biggest problem is lyrics in music. Rhythm(rhythm has declined quality, IMO)  partially changes my interest in a song, but lyrics is the biggest section that pulls me into a song. I know a lot of people don't care to pay attention to lyrics, but I'm someone who does. Like reading a book, I pay attention to the dialogue, or what is being said. A lot of songs today, I find artists implying pointless lyrics I find as garbage. Another ingredient, that I believe impacts my attention, is the artist. What do I think of artists today? I believe each artist has  imagination to express thoughts to the public, just like a painter does with a canvas and paper. The problem is: I'm not interested in the way it is executed. To really like a song, you must like the person delivering it. Sadly, I find it difficult to enjoy many artists today. It's the way they sing or express the words. 
This is just a short summary of my opinion in today's music. I'd go more in detail to explain the thoughts given above, but it would be too much to write. I just want to know if I'm not the only who in CV who feels about this.

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Which Anime character am I?

Your result for The Which Anime Character Are you? Test...

Jet Black

You scored 72 Honor, 71 Gentleness, 11 People Oriented, and 48 Romantic!

Flying around in your spaceship, being a great guy, that's what you do. You may seem like your pissed off some of the time, but that's usually because you are stressed about your newest problem or misfortune. A note on the different attributes: Honor/Ambition. Ambitious people may have honor, its just that they put ambition first. Honorable people put Honor First. Honor comes from such qualities as having a cause, fighting fair, and protecting those you love more than yourself. Ambition comes from wanting to advance yourself in life. In Anime, Ambition is the surest sign of a villian. Gentleness/Violence. Gentle Characters treat everyone well. violent people tend to be harsh to everyone, or very harsh to their enemies. Violent Characters are often heros in Anime. People Oriented/ Lone Ranger. Anime Characters who become part of an orginazation or group or gang whether as a leader or as a follower can be said to be people oriented. Anime Characters who travel alone or with one close companion are generally Lone Rangers. Romantic/non Romantic. Everyone has some romance in their life right? However, an Anime Character can be said to be romantic only if Romantic Love is an important part of his or her story. Love must be a motivating factor to the character. The Characters Are AVLN:Cell, AVLR: Meier Link, AVPN: Vicious, AVPR: Harry McDowell, AGLN: Dr. Tokioka, AGLR: Faye Valentine, AGPR: Griffith, AGPN: Hercule: HVLN, Bunji Kugashira, HVLR: Brandon Heat, HVPR: Gattsu, HVPN: Bear Walken, HGLN: Jet Black, HGLR: Vash The Stampede, HGPN: Goku, HGPR: Big Daddy

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