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Review of Age of X (Complete TPB) 0

Age of X is a more of a visual treat with an “alternate” dimension take on the X-Men and their myths that fails to live up to the visual style presented. Majority of the book was written by Mike Carey who seems to have his own little universe to play with. Problem is that the story is lacking and seems to be like something we have seen before done better with ‘House of M’.The artwork is pretty good but the character redesigns really stand out and in some ways really improve on some key character...

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Issue 3: Predictable with a weird twist 0

Just read Issue 3 and art was pretty good but we all knew that Nemesis would not be contained. There is a weird part where the chief has to confront his family secrets and Nemesis makes him pay for it. While trying to be more in the real world and what they would do to one another; In reality someone would have just killed this guy. He does something that is very twisted and makes you just not enjoy the character at all unless you are f'd up... I am but still, it is pretty bad and shocking. The ...

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