My Past Favorite Jedi

Jedi who I have loved in the Past and Jedi I love now. (Incomplete)

List items

  • My First Time Favorite. Ever Since the Clone Wars Micro Series in 2003 I have always found this Nautolan Jedi Master a totally awesome character.

  • When I got my first Plo Koon Action Figure it was the only figure I played with for a long time. I don't know what it was, the fact that his face was a secret at the time or maybe the fact he had a Wookie Jedi Master.

  • It was always a question to me what was under her headress. This Jedi Master was my first Jedi action figure. A skilled warrior and sort of a Maverick like Qui-Gon, she became a favorite.

  • Tsui Choi. Chop Suy you say? After the discovery of this little but terrifying Jedi Master I have always liked him.

  • I discovered K'kruhk in Star Wars: Parralels and he became an instant Favorite. A cool hat, a interesting light saber hilt, and A less known species among the Jedi, K'kruhk has been a favorite for years

  • Before the Clone Wars series he was a background Jedi but after his Story-Arc he has been a favorite.

  • A Snake Jedi with Four Arms, and the Power to see whole future battles, 'Nuff Said. (Although his death could've been better).

  • You'll figure out why she's a favorite.

  • Another background Jedi given a chance, his role in the Clone Wars Series (though small), was amazing.

  • Shaak Ti. Motherly Figure to all Clones. The movies just couldn't find a way to kill her because there was really no need to get rid of such an amazing Jedi.