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My brothers named me BigTalk many years ago. It seems to fit.

I am a saxophonist (alto and baritone) here in Seattle. I've played far and wide all over the United States. I've toured France, performed in the Philippines, and played huge shows in Brazil. I've recorded on a grip of recordings (Grammy nominated!) and probably enjoy doing that the most.

I also really enjoy programming. Initially, I was into PHP. I spent some back in the day looking at Ruby on Rails. Through my job, I dug deep into JavaScript. I became the boss of the code cops at my company; defining and enforcing standards and patterns. I have spent the last couple years working in JSX and React. I really am digging Modern JavaScript and the extension of JavaScript from the front end into the back end and deployment.

I am was to the beautiful and talented Gretchen Yanover (do a Google search.) We had a daughter who eclipses all other things in my life. Speaking of which, Imma run off and be Daddy Chauffeur for her. See ya!