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My TopTen Favorite Villians

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  • There's something about the Doctor. Whether its dominating that douchebag Reed Richards, or bringing the world to its knees, Doom proves time and time again what being a true villain is.

  • Lex takes second place for a reason. He is a human taking on what is basically a god(Superman), yet he has broken the Boy Scout's will on numerous occasion. Here's one for the triumph of the human spirit

  • Old Stormin Norman is about as low as you can get. He has caused Spiderman more torment than any other villain ever. Whether he is knocking up Peter's true love and knocking her off a bridge, or causing Peter's wife to loose her unborn child, Norman proves to be the ultimate douche. In the last couple of years, he's taken over Marvel Earth, knocked up his son's girlfriend with his demon seed, and brought Asgard down. Now tell me he isn't badass

  • This on again off again villian deserved his place at the top of his list. He has gone toe to toe with the Hulk, smacked around his bald brother Charles and his X-Men, and has generally been the wrecking ball of the Marvel Universe. Everyone knows who he is: He's the Juggernaut, Bitch!

  • Look at this guy: He looks like a cross between Dick Dastardly and WaLuigi. He breathes arrogance and fear, and he has the power to back it. Plus his name is "Sinestro". What were the Guardians thinking when they gave a guy named "Sinestro" a power ring?

  • The Clown Prince of Crime. The Sultan of Insanity. He is the bane of Batman's existence and has one of the highest bodycount of any villian ever. What more can I say?

  • Now this guy is somethinng serious. Imagine if Batman was a villianous mercenary. Now imagine that he can single handedly take down most of the Justice League without even trying. Well, that's Slade Wilson in a nutshell. Plus he was the inspiration for everyone's favorite Merc-With-A-Mouth, Deadpool

  • The God of Mischief and Evil. He lives to cause trouble, and his schemes affect every aspect of the Marvel Universe. Loki invented douchebaggery, and continues to plague the God of Thunder and other Marvel heroes

  • This guy has had ultimate power on multiple occasions. He blinked billions of souls out of existence, just to please his lady, Death. He is death incarnate. Destruction lies before anyone in his path

  • Kneel before Zod!!! Nuff said!