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4 Irreverent Comic Book Characters that deserve their own movie(but will never get them)

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  • Let's face it, as much as Ryan Reynolds had gotten our hopes up, this movie will probably never happen. Deadpool's irreverent humor and intense action would translate well into an R-rated summer blockbuster. Deadpool is a character that people love, hate, and feel for. Deadpool deserves the best hollywood can give him(not that "Barakapool" travesty in Wolverine Origins. I would love for Tarentino to take a swing at Deadpool, but that probably won't happen. But, hey, Duke Nukem Forever is coming out, so there may be hope for this movie yet

  • Lobo has movie written all over him. The main man is a hard-assed space bounty hunter that kicks ass and takes name. Imagine the movie "Machete" in space, with copious amounts of violence, blood, and boobies. This badass deserves his time on the big screen.

  • Now, a lot of you are saying "There was already a movie version of the Mask". Though I loved the watered down version of The Mask that catapulted Jim Carey to stardom, I think the real "Big Head" need a shot a the movies. I picture it as an anthology, ala "Sin City", where numerous people wear the Mask and become "Big Head" to achieve their goals, only to end in disaster. "Big Head" should be in his full psychopathic glory, hilariously slaughtering those in his(or her) path. Then we'll see who has the last laugh

  • This character is so entrenched in controversy that a "Battle Pope" movie would be impossible. However, just imagine what it would be like. The cigar smoking, woman loving head of the Catholic Church battling hordes of demons with his sidekick, Jesus H. Christ, to save Michael from Lucifer. Someone should send this Kevin Smith's way. With his love for comics and nose for controversy(he's already ventured into this territory with "Dogma"), he would surely get this film made.