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Transformers:Dark of The Moon Review(Spoilers!)

So, I just got back from watching the latest Michael Bay Transformers movie, and I decided to right a review for those that still haven't seen it yet. First of all, let me tell you that I liked it more than other reviewers I've read, just like I enjoyed Revenge of the Fallen. I understand the movies for what they are: Action packed summer popcorn movies. This movies is not about to win an Oscar and it was never meant to. People that go into these films expecting some Oscar winning movies should just not go and stop reading this review. Now on to the important stuff:
The plot:
Let me just tell you from the get go: The plot is a much better version of Revenge of the Fallen. The Decepticons have been working with humans to use a weapon to conquer our planet, while the Autobots try to stop it. And while the robot fight for the fate of our world, Sam Witwicky deals with some self worth issues. Sam's whole problems really slow down the plot. These movies are about action, and Sam and his new girlfriends Carly draw away from that hot robot on robot action. That being said, the plot is your standard alien invasion, disaster movie. There are explosions, destruction, shooting, and did I mention explosions. Mixed in with that is some death and betrayal. I would say the most the craziest thing was the fact that a major American city was wiped out, and thousands of people were killed. That was pretty intense. All in all, the plot was fun. A masterpiece by no accounts, just fun.
The humans:
The human characters were the lowest point of the movie.  You have Shia as Sam. Same old Shia. Neurotic, paranoid, and annoying. This time, Sam feels as if he isn't appreciated after saving the world twice, and  every seems to prove him right. That doesn't stop the nerd from bagging the hottest chick this side of the Milky Way. Let me just say that Rosie is a better character in Carly than Meagan Fox's Michaela. I don't know if its because she's more attractive and less of a b!tch than Fox, or the fact that her only purpose in the story is to introduce a human villian(her boss) and to play the damsel in distress role. I will say that Michaela was more useful. Michaela actually helped out in the battle, while Carly mostly just stood around(except for one important event but I'll get to that later). Simmons is back and this time he's brought along my favorite human character, his crazed German former CIA assistant. Simmons and Dutch honestly proved to be the funniest and most useful of all the humans in the movie. The NEST soldiers are back in full force fighting alongside the Autobots and they are as strong as ever. Honestly, if the movies focused on NEST rather than Sam and Carly, it would have made for a better film. Throw in some unimportant and almost trivial cameos from Ken Jeong and John Malcovich, and you got a movie. But even with some heavyweight cameos, the Sam and Carly drama dulls the entire film.
The robots:
The true stars of the film. All your favorite bots are back along with some new faces. The metal men deserved more screen time and plot time than their human counterparts. The Autobots are the same as ever. The brave Optimus, bold Bumblebee, trigger-happy IronHide, along many others. We are introduced to bots like Q, Dino, the Wreckers, and of course the former Autobot leader, Sentinel Prime, who has some secrets of his own. Sentinel Prime is voiced by none other than Leonard Nimoy, whose voice is obviously great for the aged Autobot leader. What I did find annoying was the references to Nimoy's other roles(Wrath of Khan, anyone? We get it!) But I still enjoyed him, even with the surprise he held. I even enjoyed the time with Wheelie and Brains, two minicon decommissioned Autobots living with Sam. They served to embody Sam's sense of being unuseful, as they weren't considered good enough to help out the rest of their kind. These little kids showed about ten times more emotion than Sam, and were more entertaining than the Sambots, Skids and Mudflap, that were the comic relief bots of the previous movies. Speaking of Skids and Mudflap, there seemed to be some surviving Autobots missing. Where are the Twins, Chromia, and Volt from the last film? Where did they disappear two. On to the Decepticons, normally my favorites. I must say, the bad guys needed more screen time to flesh out their personalities. I missed all the banter between Starscream and Megatron. I've always enjoyed Starscream's sly and sarcastic remarks to his master. As for Megatron, the guys in a bad way. He's disfigured, weak, and hiding out in Africa. To make things worse, the poor guy has no fashion sense, wearing a dirty rag over the hole in his head. Gone is the proud and powerful Megatron of old. The only time we get the old Megatron is at the very end, which doesn't last long. It seemed this event's main point was to give the Carly character some use. My favorite Decepticons: Soundwave, Shockwave, and Starscream don't get much better treatment. While Soundwave and his partner Razorbeak are more prominent in the film, Soundwave is almost made the sidekick of Carly's evil boss, which is a huge downgrade. Shockwave is terrifying and menacing with his prominence and the Burrower, but he has the so little screen time, that he seems almost pointless. As for Starscream, my alltime fave, he has been reduced to a crazed, dribbling wuss, who's given the most undignified death by Sam(Starscream killed by a human. Balderdash) And speaking of death's, I was supremely dissappointed with how most of the casualties occurred in this film. Ironhide and Q's deaths seemed unneccessary, and Megatron went out like a punk. Although the bots were the best part of the movie yet again, they really should have been handled better, especially the Decepticons.
Other notes:
Special Effects-Great as ever. 
Tone: The darker tone of the film made it better than the previous. The death toll, especially on the human side, is ridiculously high. It made the stakes seem higher. Plus if there's anything worse than war to the human mind, its slavery, and slavery is a big issue in this movie.
Propaganda: This movie was a huge piece of propaganda for the U.S. Everything about Optimus Prime, down to his color scheme and every word from his mouth, screamed U.S.A. The conflict can be compared very much to the Civil War, with Megatron as Robo-Jefferson Davis and Optimus as Robo-Lincoln, with Sentinel as Robo-Robert E. Lee. There's even a point where Megatron destroys the Lincoln Monument, and sitting in it. If that doesn't yell "The South Will Rise Again", nothing does.(This coming from a Mississippian). But just as the Union beat the Confederacy and freed the slaves, the Autobots defeated the Decepticons and prevented humans from becoming slaves. I was waiting for Optimus to stop and yell "America! F-Yeah", and honesty, if Optimus would have "freedom" one more time, I was going to move to Canada. 

All in all, the movie was a solid B. Not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but enjoyable. It had its issues, but it was still a fun summer movie. Hope this has given some people some insight on the film

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