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New Show: biggkeem89's Comic Corner-For the Vine: Check it Out!

  So now that I have graduated from college(and unfortunately unemployed), I decided to use my free time to show my appreciation to ComicVine and its community . So I decided to host a show for and by the comicvine community. I will discuss comic issues and news. You can send in questions, comments, opinions, topics, and anything comics related you would like to discuss and I will put it on air. I hope to start doing this weekly(havent picked a day yet). So I hope you enjoy!

  P.S. Sorry if it may be a tad amaterish. I did this on a whim. It will be get better in time with your help.
P.P.S: Does anyone know a some good movie making software. Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't have all the features I need