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New Poem: Blackness

First poem I've written in months. Enjoy: Blackness

I am the child of the Motherland 

aborted by slave ships, 

thrown into the garbage bin of slavery, 

as my mother cried "Freedom",

as they sucked away my life, my rights, my humanity

in the name of my absentee father called America.


I am the burden of war. 

Brothers blood intermingled in the Earth. 

Red together with blue,

white crosses burning; 

a sacrifice to a foreign god.


I am the dark skinned devil

with skin covered in soot,

taking your daughters, corrupting your sons.

Bringing my hell to the world,

A coffee stain on your alabaster society


I am the only begotten Son of Revolution,

The Messiah, let my piece be steel.

Crucify me with Martin and Malcolm.

Nail me like Medgar and Huey.

I fear not death, but death without meaning.


I am the sun-scorched angel, 

burning my harp in musical extacy,

as they take my wings as their own,

washing away their majesty,

leaving a facade of holiness.


I am the prism, fracturing colors,

breaking down;

beautiful apart and as one.

I know the beauty of black and white,

the corruption of green and the horror of red,

destroying lines, leaving only darkness.


I am immortal,

look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

I am the essence, the life.

I am every man, woman, and child.

My eyes the window to the soul of everything,

to all Being. 

We close them, only pure ebon.

The blackness unites us all,

frees us

saves us.