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Respect Scarlet Witch: Living Darkhold

The Scarlet Witch - Living Darkhold

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This respect thread will focus on Wanda's feats from 2021 and beyond. Having been weakened following her absorption of Chthon within her soul(confirmed by Orlando), Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, went on a journey of self-reflection, introspection, and contemplation concerning the burdens of her chaotic powers. Her might and willpower, being so strong, alert even the greatest of mystical entities such as Gaea and The Vishanti, who specifically see her as a threat due to the sheer risk of a human carrying the soul of an Elder God, on top of her already unstable and devastating powers. Now containing a primal power within her soul, she must always battle him for control to prevent his unfettered emergence in the physical world. The mere release of a fraction of Chthon's immense power offers Wanda great relief, demonstrating his profound effect in depowering her.

Chaos Magic

Chaos Magic is an ancient, primordial school of magic wielded by a select few who can handle it in all its complexity and force. The oldest school of magic, it's constantly moving towards a state of disorganization or entropy and is so powerful it can reconstruct the fabric of reality, allowing its wielder to achieve feats beyond human understanding. As such, it’s neither purely constructive nor destructive, good or evil, it’s simply the possibility of both, neither, and everything in between. It’s the improbable, impossible spark of life flaring up, and according to Scarlet Witch “a balanced wheel moving between life and death”.

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Source Key

  • SWV3 = Scarlet Witch Volume 3
  • WOM4 = Women of Marvel 2024
  • WOM2 = Women of Marvel 2022
  • AV9 = Avengers 2023(Ongoing)
  • TOM = Trial of Magneto
  • DA = Darkhold Alpha
  • DO = Darkhold Omega
  • SW&Q = Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
  • ROM = Resurrection of Magneto
  • SAF = Strange Academy Finals
  • MVI = Marvel Voices Infinity
  • COS = Crypt of Shadows 2023
  • XM = X-men
  • CMAOE = Captain Marvel Assault On Eden
  • SM = Spiderman Annual 2023
  • CM = Captain Marvel 2019 Ongoing
  • MT = Marvel Tarot

Reality Warping

Mentally manipulating the chaotic energy that permeates the universe, Wanda is considered one of the greatest reality warpers on the planet, and on numerous accounts, is viewed to be one of the most powerful and dangerous entities in the universe with the ability to warp reality on a mere whim, such that she is considered a safe candidate for the role of sorcerer supreme if anything happened to Strange.

    • The past version of Wanda subconsciously conjures Kaijus on Karoka, accidentally overpowering the Avengers, and X-men, including Vision, Wasp, Captain America, Polaris, Cyclops, Synch, Jean, Rachel, Northstar, Wolverine, Storm, Vulcan, Magik, and more, rendering their powers ineffective in the battle. Scans: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - (TOM #3&4)

Time Manipulation

As a Nexus Being, Wanda's inherently important to the timestream, belonging to all timelines and divergences equally. According to The Watcher, Nexus Beings are crucial to the multiverse and are viewed as extremely entities dangerous, with their powers allowing them to manipulate the timestream on a large scale.

Probability Manipulation

Probably one of the most broken powers on conception, Wanda's considered one of the highest probability manipulators on the planet, capable of manipulating infinite probabilities. Originally manifesting bad luck in the form of hexes, these powers developed to an insane extent gradually, gathering the attention of villains like Kang who wanted to use them to safeguard and regulate all timelines in the multiverse.

Healing Factor

Durability and Speed


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Energy Projection

Spells & Magic




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