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My Favorite Comic Super Heroes

I realized I don't have this up, but if this was a few years ago there would be some changes.

List items

  • before I started reading Comic books, this guy wasn't even on my list at all. Since Snyder's and Soule's runs on this character he is now number one. I even have started reading the older runs like the first, and Alan Moore's. with every issue I love this character more and more.

  • I was first exposed to Moon Knight at age 8 when I traded a guy some comics. don't know how I ended up with a Moon Knight one, but that was the only comic I had or had traded, I actually liked. I couldn't find more, so I didn't start reading comics then. Benson's run sealed it for me, This character is awesome (I even enjoyed that Awful Bendis run)

  • Who doesn't love Gambit. Ever since his portrayl in the 90s X-men series He has been in my top three (this whole time)

  • His back story is epic, his historical significance is wonderful. His stories in the comics are stupendous (just not lately) and his movies. two of them are in my top three.

  • a few JLU episodes got me hooked on the Flash. after I started reading the comics, I decided my favorite flash was NOT Wally, but Barry

  • Everyone needs Batman somewhere on their list. Been hooked since 1989.... (before then anyone who liked Batman was an Outcast)

  • From his roles in the TV Show JLU he has been rocking a pretty high spot. But I haven't read any comics with him it I have liked yet (haven't read much)

  • This character used to be higher. This Character was at one point my number one. Since Matt Fraction's run he has been dropping fast.

  • used to be a throw away character for me... then someone recommended I read Bendis' run. read a few other I liked, and few others that were awful.

  • New52 changed every opinion I had for Aquaman... one of the few comics I have not considered dropping.

  • Who Knew he'd be on my list?

    SMJ, and Jason Aaron's runs were Magnificent.

    Matt Fraction's should be burned in effigy.

  • Love his every issue

  • Gail Simone has done a fantastic job with her New52.

  • he's gotta be in here somewhere

  • sometimes annoying, sometimes amazing. funny thing is, Superior Spiderman is actually the series that pulled me in. But I enjoy the older runs just as much now.

  • blame the JLU show

  • blame the JLU show.

  • Tony Daniels please

  • favorite Green Lantern. not sure he is in my top 20. but He will stay here for now while I think.