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Hey I'm Brandon, I'm 17 and I've been reading comics for most of my life. I stumbled upon comicvine a while ago and finally decided to make an account. I collect mostly Marvel but a fair bit of DC as well, and am always open to suggestions of new stuff. So yeah hey everyone.

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I could be wrong here, but I think GL has no magic resistance. Doom on the other hand has impressive energy resistance, and I would argue a stronger willpower. Adding prep would be spite, but I think even without it Doom could take it 6/10.

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@shawnbaby: Iron Fist dodges bullets all the time too, I was referring to catching the bullets which is a better feat than dodging IMO. But even if he takes it in speed and agility (which I still think is arguable) I would definitely still argue they are extremely close in all other areas, and if Spidey does have better speed, it is only slight.

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@shawnbaby: True the bullets weren't in a straight line trajectory, and there were two, however Iron Fist's bullet was (if I'm not mistaken) a sniper bullet which are generally faster. As for all the comments about current Spiderman, I was under the impression the OP was referring to the Spiderman of the '70s and '80s, no? If not then this thread has already been done, I figured that was the only reason its not blocked. However, if it is current Spidey, he probably takes the majority, but I still wouldn't count IF out for the reasons I previously mentioned.

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DISCLAIMER: This is my first post so sorry if I totally goof. Anyway I would have agreed with most of you 5 years ago when this post was made, but currently I say its a good fight and IF could come up with several wins. Here's why

Iron Fist's speed has been amped up dramatically over the past few years. This is especially true when he uses his Chi to help his speed. He has been seen catching bullets, a feat spiderman had trouble with here.

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Also, Spidey was planning to catch these bullets which had been following him, while IF was purely reacting to a sniper's gunshot. For these reasons I'd argue their speed is fairly comparable.


I'll agree, Spiderman can lift more weight than Iron Fist, and is technically stronger. However, using his fist of iron he has dramatically stronger striking strength, which is what matters in this fight, unless Spidey is going out of character and throwing cars. So I'd actually give this area to Iron Fist, as he'll be the one with the really strong hits (albeit Spiderman's punches are quite strong themselves.)

This is classic Spidey if I'm not mistaken so obviously no competition here. Even current is much less skilled than Iron Fist.

Iron Fist recently has been using his Chi as a projectile attack, with some serious destructive capabilities. While I would not argue this beats Spiderman's webs, which are much more multi faceted, I would say that he is not out for the count if this fight becomes a range fight (which would be wildly out of character.)

Seems obvious, Spiderman's got the advantage due to his spidersense, right? Actually no, Iron Fist has all of his senses amped up to a level that rivals Daredevil's.

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If you look at this mask, his eyes are covered, as they were for his entire DD stint during Civil War. He had to use his other senses to make up for the fact that he was blinded, a trick Iron FIst has actually been using since the '70s (his fight with Sabretooth). His other senses allow him to do cool things such as this.

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While I certainly wouldn't give IF a 10/10 win, I would definitely say this fight is not as one sided as you seem to think.