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Alien Gods

Most of the supernatural beings we get in speculative fiction are either earth natives, or are from another plane that attaches only to Earth. well, this list is devoted to all those Gods who serve (or judge, or destroy) worlds beyond our own.

List items

  • Kryptonian Goddess of ice, imprissoned by Rao, escaped to Earth, currently trapped in Earth's sun.

  • God of the autobots

  • A bit of a black sheep, this one actually supports scientific discovery. The saint of science is the supreme god of Zenn-La

  • Highest Goddess of the Skrulls. She not only has the power of one Skyfather(mother?) but also those of all peoples the Skrulls have conquered.

  • Actually lives on the physical plane of existence (or maybe he just has a constant physical avatar, not always consistent), he controls all aspects of the lives of Apokolips natives.

  • Supreme God of Krypton, and a bit of a jerk most of the time. he might have decided to destroy krypton, and by extension essentially everyone who had ever worshiped or believed in him.

  • Supreme Goddess of Tamaran.

  • Like Darkseid, this one lives in physical space. he rules over New Genesis, where he is a benevolent paternal figure.

  • was the great god of the star spawn, but his people were killed by the Old Ones. Now he has some vague, abstract, assuredly evil plan for the Earth.

  • The OTHER Skrull deity.

  • the only thing they ever really di was get killed by Gorr

  • of Alpha Centauri

  • some of the oldest Gods in existence

  • of the Watchers

  • of the Celestials

  • like all great gods, he was once a man (well, a amn who was goiven eternal life by space robotgods, but that's beside the pint) until an experiment turned him into a chronically displaced cosmic entity (this is years before Doctor Manhattan).

    and, while not a God in a supernatural sense, he's more than powerful enough to be one and he's worshiped as on