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A spectacular Start For The Flash!!!!! :D 1

 FLASH FACT!! You knew it was coming folks....I have now done a flash review!! anybody who knows me, knows that I am a huge and I mean a huge flash/ Barry Allen fan!!!! ( I will always be a flash fan!) This new ongoing series is being written by super-writer geoff johns and the spectacular art is by Francis Manapul!! (if you don't them, check out there work on adventure comics,It is brilliant!) The Plot! -In this issue, we see barry allen adjust to life, after the certian events of Blackest Nigh...

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A Really Cool Rogue Issue!!! 0

Yep, it's true! Benzo's reviews are back! But this time, there new and improved reviews!( they also come with a twist!*)      The Plot! In this issue, Rogue tries to adjust to her new role as a mentor, throughout the issue she is trying the solve probelms relating to other mutants and the x-students. while doing this, rogue has to keep hold of the stepford cuckoos telepathic powers, so they can trace where the pheonix force has gotten to. Plus this issue explores rogue's relationship with gambit...

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my first ever batman issue !!!!!!! :) 0

I was sooo glad that i brought this issue. This was my first issue of the main batman title and all i can say about  it, is that this issue is amazing!!!!! The art is eye-catching and really cool!!!!! The story is very interesting and so is the characterisation. Catwoman and the black mask is also in the issue which is an added bonus. This issue also makes reference to the falcone family (who first appeared in batman: the long Halloween)which is also cool and clever!!!!! I am definitely picking ...

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a new chapter has begun for batman!!!!!!!and the covers great too 0

well ive picked up this issue and all ive had very high expectations!!!! which were well recieved and the cover art looks amazing  and it is done beautifully done. The story is written in a good structured way. the characters are used perfcectly in this issue and the cameo appearence of harly quinn was well written as well!!!!!!!! the book also has a filler which is a story about manhunter, i thought that story was not bad but i wanted to make definate decision about the manhunter filler.....ano...

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The dynamic duo !!!!!! 0

well wot can i say i love grant morrison and frank quitely!!!!!this comic has become one of my favourite so far!!!!!!! grant morrison creates a very good introduction of the the characters. Dick grayson is becoming one of my favourite batman related characters and for some strange reason damian is becoming one of my favourite characters as well even though he is not very popular with lots of people right at the moment... so i gave it a 5 out of 5, just to add to that the art is looksing good too...

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