Grounded: WHY????

First of all: Whole concept behind Grounded doesn't  make any sence. Superman was born on Krypton, but he was raised on Earth. Even that he tries to make himself more than just a man, to be symbol of justice for people, inside, he is just a guy from Smallvile. Yeah, he is great, ultra-caring, patient, nice guy, but he is just a guy. But I would buy that, if the story would make sence, and it would be well written. Its not. 

For those that missed this, in a single page, JMS gives the worst reasoning possible for Superman deciding to go Forrest Gumping across the US. Basically, after saving the world during New Krypton, Superman holds a press conference and a woman shows up, slaps him, says she could care less about his intergalactic whatsits and blames him for not saving her husband... from a brain tumor. The ball isn't dropped her so much as thrown to the floor and stomped on. It could have worked if say the dude died from, I don't know, the Parasite attacking and Superman being off planet. Instead, we get brain tumor. I guess instead of saving the world from massive death and destruction and enslavement, Superman should just go around x-raying everyone on the planet to check their health. Although, how's that for universal healthcare. What really makes it worse is that this actually works and Superman feels bad so bad he starts his hobo adventures. It's completely asinine and because of this one moment we get Superman walking around for a year doing absolutely nothing of interest or remotely superheroic. For the whole last year, Jimmy Olsen was more interesting than Superman. That is quite the accomplishment right there.
 Despite höw awesome is Lex Luthors Black Ring story, I am kind of looking forward when Superman will be star of Action comics again. Because we FINALLY can have a good Superman stories, instead of this s***t.      

If DC wants people to read more Superman comics, then they should fire JMS and let Geoff Jonhs, Grant Morrison or Paul Cornell to have run on Superman series.