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  • Name: Belle Nightingale
  • Alias: The White Wraith, Moonwraith, Siren of the Night
  • Species: Banshee
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 143lbs. / Weightless
  • Profession: Revenant-for-Hire
  • Alignment: Neutral

Physical Description:

Tall and buxom, Belle has little difficulty demanding attention when she chooses to do so. Curvaceous and as tall as the average man, her icy blue eyes and straight white hair -- aside from her distinctive choice of attire -- ensure that nobody confuses her for an ordinary mortal. Far from such, Belle Nightingale is undead, the spirit of a woman who died at sea under the light of the full moon... then arose, years later, as a banshee, her spirit stirred in the turmoil of the crashing waves.

A whiff of the ocean follows her wherever she goes, as does a minor sense of unease that passes with increased familiarity.


Imperious and demanding, she hasn't acclimated well to her short time back in the realm of the living. She can become easily restless if inactive, eager to use her second chance at life -- or rather, undeath -- to experience that which the modern world has to offer. Nonetheless, she becomes easily confused and frustrated by modern technology and customs. Ever the product of 1631, her grasp on modern English, particularly slang, is tenuous at best and indecipherable at worst.

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Skills and Abilities:

Nigh unkillable by anything but necromancy or other techniques designed to handle undead, Belle's nature as a Banshee lends her a fair number of strange abilities.

Belle can phase, becoming intangible and nearly invisible. She can activate this ability at will, with as much effort as one might blink an eye.

When corporeal, her strength and speed are greater than that of an average human, though not significantly so. She can lift around a thousand pounds, boasting a top gliding speed of 40mph.

She can fly, though not with exceptional maneuverability or speed. More like floating or gliding.

Her scream causes immense psychic pain to living entities, frequently resulting in death when used against those without a strong will to survive.

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Recently, she had stumbled upon an ability she calls the death mark, a sort of psychic scent trail that she can use to track a living entity. This can only be placed on one entity at any one time, but requires a token significant to them (a picture, amulet, lock of hair, etc.) to place.

While it is challenging for her to use, the Moonwraith can, if determined, possess a living entity. This creates an immediate battle of wills that usually forces Belle out before too long.

Lastly, mouth-to-mouth contact can allow Belle to use her Drowning Kiss, which does exactly what it seems like it should, flooding the victim's lungs with incorporeal black water. Breaking contact cancels the effect.


Inexplicably granted to her upon her return to the world of the living, Belle wields a weapon she calls the Lash of the Tyrant, a short sword that can be extended into a bladed, multi-sectional whip. She wields this blade as an extension of her own body, able to phase it as she does her own form. While in whip form, she can telekinetically control its movement and direction. While in sword form, it can be neatly stashed in her back scabbard to be withdrawn at a moment's notice, and is more useful for defense against an opponent she fears could harm her.


Raw iron causes severe damage to Belle when she is in her corporeal form, and causes her to instantly disperse when phased. Salt pains and deters her, and surrounding an area with salt can block her entry. She is, of course, able to take action to disperse the salt.

In addition, running water can block her path unless a bridge is present for her to pass.

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