My Top 10 Underrated Marvel Heroes

They don't have to be the strongest or the smartest. They don't have to smash the most stuff or have the sharpest claws. Basically guys or gals that should be household names, but aren't. I ordered it to the best of my ability

List items

  • His character was created almost 75 years ago so forgive the ankle wings. I'll bet people thought they were pretty cool back then. If you look past that slightly lame means of air travel you are looking at one awesome character. His strength is immense(compare to Thor and Hercules), his ego even more (compare to no one, not even Thor or Hercules), and he can swim faster than quick silver can run. Pretty impressive power set huh? Oh and he doesn't ride around on a lame giant sea horse so you cant compare him to DC's far lamer atlantian. Namor is the king of kings, always sure of himself and unsure of others. He also has a way with the ladies. No matter the species any one of the opposite gender will either swoon at his machismo or gag at the archetype he represents. Sometimes even both. The fact that this character isn't recognized as one of the coolest heroes in marvel is the reason he is at the top of this list.

  • Now i'm not saying this character doesn't receive any respect from marvel writers. Daredevil arcs are some of the best in comics. Also, the first volume of his series is one of the longest single runs in all of marvel comics. I just think that with his power set and supporting cast of characters and villains he should be more of a hot commodity. Don't get me wrong the daredevil film was a hacked up atrocity of multiple rushed story arcs that received a somehow worse spin off movie. i just think it shouldn't hinder how you feel about the character. plus the cinematic universes are separate from the comics, so there's a silver lining. The man can hear human heart beats, track human scents like a blood hound, has super reflexes, and has some pretty cool gear. Not to mention the fact that he got to date black widow and elektra, two very strong empowered women, so you know he can handle anything. All in all just a superb hero.

  • Who's your favorite Hank Pym? Modern bi-polar Hank Pym? Sex addicted Ultimate Hank Pym? Crazy criminal Yellowjacket? How about classic scientist/pacifist on a quest for peace? The point is this character is constantly changing. Not in a way that makes him inconsistent. In an appealing way that keeps him interesting. The appeal lies in the instability of Hank. He is one of the smartest people in all of marvel, but his brilliance has lead to minor psychotic breaks. One minute he's trying to rehabilitate villains, the next he's a thief who's pimp smacking his future wife. He's also the inventor of the avengers arch-enemy, the homicidal a.i. know as Ultron; Whose difference engine is based on the brain pattern of Hank himself. Pretty unstable huh? Its one of the things that keeps him interesting. He is constantly burdened by the fact that he invented his own worst enemy. The only shining light he finds in creating Ultron is his "grandson" the Vision whom Ultron created to destroy the Avengers. So many things make Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Wasp/Goliath/Yellowjacket a great hero. Yet his lack of popularity land him on this list.

  • Anybody else miss the Young Allies? Nomad was not a long lasting character in the comics, but has a very long lasting impact on me. Its like mixing Bucky and Jubilee. She's captain's side kick in an alternate reality created by Franklin Richards' ridiculously stupid power. Dumb plot point aside I'm glad this character existed. She was the reason Onslaught was defeated for good (at the time) and she gave her life to do it. Whats a hero if not willing to give her life to save the world? This is a character that I would like marvel to pull a marvel and bring back from the grave.

  • Yeah, I really miss the Young Allies. Angelica Jones, or Firestar, is a mutant with the ability to convert air molecules into microwave bursts which she applies in several different ways. She can fire blasts of heat, fly, create shields, and can make her body invulnerable to high temperatures. I'm telling you who she is because you may not know. That's how underrated she is. She has founded two of my favorite under the radar super hero teams: the Young Allies and the New Warriors. Not to mention the fact that she is one of the few heroes that is an honorary Avenger and X-man. In conclusion a great character that no one really knows.

  • Can you tell I loved Spider-Man and His Amazing friends growing up? I'm not saying this character isn't popular because he is one of the most recognizable marvel characters. I just think he doesn't receive the true credit he is due. I think he is the funniest character in Marvel and if you say its Deadpool i will cut you in half with a katana. If you say Spider-Man or Beast all is forgiven. Its not just the humor that makes Iceman great. Its the fact that you know the jokes are all just a way for him to hide his fear. His fear of being one of the strongest mutants alive. He froze the Earth recently. Like the whole planet. Just froze it. On accident actually. That's a lot of power. So he's the funniest character and one of the strongest. What more can you ask for?

  • She's much more than just a clone of cat woman. Yes selina came first, and yes they are both cat themed theives. From there differences appear. Black cat is a hero through and through. She may be a hot head who butts heads with certain heroes like Spider-man and Daredevil. In the end she fights on the side of good and when she's on your side things have a way of turning out in your favor. I only bring up the Cat Woman comparison because i think it cuts into Black Cat's popularity in general. I think it makes people think she isn't worth the read. But Hawkeye lovers don't let Green Arrow bring them down. They like the character nonetheless.

  • The most dangerous woman in the galaxy. Yet you wouldn't know it if you went by what others say. Growing up I wish someone would have told me about this awesome character. I had to find her for myself. Gamora is not a very complex character. Super strong, super durable, super mad at a particular super villain. Yet she manages to be such an enjoyable character. I have a love for the depth of marvel's roster of super women. She's a lesser known character yet is an awesome read in everything she's in. If you don't believe me read Warlock and the Infinity Watch or anything with the modern Guardians of the Galaxy team. Nothing beats a super hero team that features both Drax the Destroyer and Gamora and both series feature both characters. They are just an awesome duo. When they are on your team you don't need to plan an attack just put them on the front lines and watch.

  • A swampy immortal monster of pure emotion. you definitely want to stay on his good side. Cause if you aren't you'll pretty much explode at his touch. How cool is that? Apparently not cool enough for people to know whom the hell Man-Thing even is. That's why he's on this list. I know him and I love him. He is an awesome hero. That's right he's a hero. He may be ugly but he's a softy. He plays off others' emotions and thus if you are chill he will be chill.

  • Coolest pet in any form of literature ever. Don't get me wrong i love Yoshi and Scooby Doo as much as the next guy. But, I'll take a dog that has cosmic awareness, can teleport anywhere in any universe, and is eight times bigger than a normal dog.