Black Female SuperHeroes Volume 3!!!!

Time for Black Female Superheroes Volume 3! Check out Volume 1 HERE and Volume 2 HERE. With news that Beyonce might be playing Wonder Woman in an upcoming DC/Warner Bros movie... talking about Black Female Superheroes seems even more timely. Any of the 20 characters I've already profiled or the 10 that I'll profile in this post COULD be turned into movies sooner than later. Hollywood is constantly turning to comic books and graphic novels for inspiration - because what is a comic if not a highly detailed story board? Here goes:


Shard exists as a mutant 50 years into an alternate future, where the X-Men have disbanded and been destroyed due to a betrayal by one of their own. In this alternate future, all mutants have "M" tattoos over their left eyes. She first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men in 1996. Shard has the power to shoot energy beams out of her palms.


Silhouette first appeared in NEW WARRIORS in 1990. She has the power to become a shadow and teleport. Silhouette is also very proficient in martial arts and has superhuman strength, speed, agility and heightened sense.

Storm is by far the most well known Black female superhero. She's one of the main members of The X-Men and is featured prominently in all 3 X-Men movies (played by Halle Berry - even though she did a ridiculous accent which miraculously disappeared in the 3rd movie without warning). She has the power to control the weather and can use it to get out of tough situations - lightening striking opponents, clearing fog, tornadoes hitting direct targets. Storm can pretty much do it all.

Threnody Threnody is a mutant that first appeared in X-Men comics in 1993. She was rescued from a life of homelessness and taught to hone her power of draining energy from people and animals that were on the brink of death. She can also sense when someone is severely sick or dying. This power also allows her to save herself from death, though this power does have its drawbacks: She often and unwittingly creates zombies that are attracted to her presence... She also had to have metal plates put permanently onto her face to control her powers.

Wildstreak may be my favorite Black female superhero... and I've uncovered about 50 of them. She appears in the Fantastic Four comics in 1993. Her real name is Tamika Bowden and she wasn't born with any superpowers. She was a gymnast who suffered a severe injury, lost the use of her legs, and then had an exoskeleton built for her that made her strong, faster and even more agile that she had ever been. She began being a vigilante to seek revenge against the mob boss responsible for her accident - because her father, a genius and MIT graduate, refused to work for his organization. WildStreak never conformed to any superhero ethics and was hunted by Iron Man, Super Man, and the Fantastic Four.

Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller is the first Black Female character from the DC Universe that I'm profiling. All of the proceeding characters have been from Marvel Comics. Amanda Waller first appeared in Legends in 1986. Amanda Waller (also known as THE WALL) is from Chicago's Cabrini Green housing projects, eventually becoming a scientists and elected official. She worked closely with the government and with superheroes. She was one of the few people who knew the true identity of Batman.

Bumbleebee (aka Karen Beecher-Duncan) first appeared in TEEN TITANS in 1977. She has the power to shrink to inscect size, fly, shoot sonic blasts and deliver electric stings.

The Crimson Avenger
There have been three characters called 'THE CRIMSON AVENGER' in the DC universe and the third was the woman above, Jill Carlyle. All of the Crimson Avengers have their guns in common - guns that are used to track those who kill inoccents. The current Crimson Avenger has an ever-bleeding bullet hole in the center of her chest. The guns don't need ammunition, therefore never run out of ammunition and have no triggers - they are fired pyschically by The Crimson Avenger. Until her time as the avenger is up, she will be immortal, at which time she will immediately die from her wound.

Doctor Mid-Nite

The role of Doctor Mid-Nite has also been assumed by three different people in the Marvel Universe - all of whom are medical doctors and have near blindness in daylight but can see very well in the dark. Doctor Mid-Nite can also throw 'dark bombs' to blind her opponents. The only female Doctor Mid-Nite's real name is Beth Chapel.


Birthname: Celia Windward... Jet is Jamaican and has the ability to fly, create blasts of heat and force, and generate electromagnetic pulse, move and manipulate metal with magnetic fields, fire blasts of electricity, and see in other frequencies of the spectrum besides visible light such as ultraviolet and infared. She first appeared in DC Millenium #2 in 1988.

Look out for Black Female Superheroes Vol. 4 in about a week or so. There are many more to come.
More Black Female Superheroines on the way!!!