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2 erroneous opinions of fans of S/WW about Clois.

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  1. Superman can not have sex with Lois, because he can kill her. This is a myth. In all the comics, TV series and films have were shown, that they can have an intimate relationship without self-mutilation.

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2. Lois can’t able to bear and give birth to a child, because he (or she) kill her. Only one time the unborn child accidentally killed her. All the other times, when Lois was pregnant with a Superman’s child, she gave birth to a healthy baby. Last time, she gave birth to a child in Convergence: Superman 2.


Superman and Lois Lane Real Ultimate Power Couple!

Clark Kent and Lois Lane were a couple and will be again in the new 52! Convergence 5 confirmed the Lois’ words about romance between her and Clark.

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Besides, Superman and Lois Lane’s intertwined fingers also proves about love the between them. Intertwined fingers between man and a woman are talking about love, but not about friendship.

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Superman\WW biggest flop comic about Superman!

The first issue Superman\Wonder Woman were on the 7th place, and was sold 94,859. The second comic were on 20th place, and was sold 60,185.The third issue were on 32th place, and was sold 51,357.This comic has like two more issues to be in the danger zone of cancellation.

This comic has not got in the Top 10 and Top 100 best comics 2013.


Clois vs s/ww

Earlier this month became known that Lois with Earth 2 became Red Tornado.She can transition from gynoid to human.This suggests that in the near future will return Clois. Doppelganger Superman with Earth 1, who dreams about what has Kal-L - to be in relationship with Lois. But his Lois has a boyfriend and he meets with wonder woman for fear of loneliness. On many websites relations Superman and Wonder Woman is often criticized. Many call them boring.

An excellent possibility to check up, with whom attitudes of the Superman are more popular - with Lois or with Wonder Woman.

Superman and Lois Lane\Red Tornado from Earth 2.Superman and WW from Earth 1.


Lois Lane as a driving force.

Recently I was often notice that one of the main reasons why Smallville Season 11 and Superman Unchained more popular than all other comics with Superman because in the comic Lois plays a considerable role.Released at the end of July, "Superman. Annual 2" in which the main role was given to the Lois Lane is sold better than "Superman" and "Action Comics." DC should pay attention to this result and increase the her role of the two comics about Superman.And to release her solo series.

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5 reasons why Superman should be with Lois Lane.


1. Love.

Pointless denying that Clark in love with her. In past issues of the comic, he began to be jealous of Lois to her boyfriend.Jealous it means love.And uttered the phrase Lois, that clear gives to understand that feelings of Clark is not unreciprocated.

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2. They are soul mates.

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3. They have the same worldview.

Both are fighting for justice.

4. She rescues and protects him.

Lois Lane is typically portrayed as one of Superman’s biggest allies. When Metropolis is curious about him and when that curiosity sometimes turns into distrust, Lois is often the one whose gut instinct and passion gets Superman’s attention, and together they help create a more hospitable environment for Superman. In the DCnU, the same holds true—Lois believes in Superman, defends him, and ultimately names and introduces him to the public.

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5. Lois makes Superman better.

She humanizes him.


Unsuccessful comic books about Superman in "New 52."

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As soon as I began reading the comic books about Superman in the restarted universe, I thought, that comics will be interesting. But I was mistaken.Action Comics was interesting because Morrison wrote. Another comic book, "at the helm" which worth Scott Lobdell, I believe unsuccessful. Apparently not only I think so.Poll ComiXology confirms this.

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