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my mystics

it comes as no surprise to those viners who've debated me, but I'm a huge fan of magic based heroes.

These are my favorites

List items

  • DC's master mage. With the physical power of Superman. Energy matter manip on the level of Captain Atom and magic not far of Classic Strange

  • Loved Hellstrom in The Defenders. the idea of a combatant on the side of good who's powers come from evil really gives me a kick.

  • the oldest mystic in comics and still pretty damn cool.

  • The first published character of Seigal and Shuster, a man of mystery with many talents.

  • by far my favorite Alpha flight member.

  • what sort of list of mystics would it be without the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • the man who is an enigma, the ultimate man of mystery.

    I like him best when he plays the avatar of hope (as described in Hellblazer) who appears to men in their darkest hour to help them choose the right path.

  • It's a shame Darkling didn't get to see more action in comics, she had enormous potential.

  • Loved Druid in the Avengers.