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Ravagers #3 or... Naked Meta Volleyball! minor spoilers... 7

Well, issue number three came alone and it takes quite a shift from the first two(both of which I rather enjoyed). The pacing is quite different. Many criticized the first two for being low on action, but I thought they had just enough for what the story was, which was setting up the cast of characters and their personal conditions, whilst also distancing them from their pursuers. A book doesn't have to be punch, punch all the time, especially since a lengthy build up to fewer battles can height...

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Freshly Brood X-men 0

First off, let me start how thrilled I was when I heard of the concept for this story.  While all the X-men that I personally get far too much of: Scott, Emma and  Wolverine (yes, I love Wolvie but he is everywhere and it annoys me now) are off In Japan all the characters I really like get to have an adventure together in a small team (seriuosly if they could have only worked rouge in here somewhere it would be perfect for me)  So basically I was sold from the get go.  How well Marvel's promise ...

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Shed some light on the situation 0

Here is the start of Krul's second arc on the title and the introduction of Solsitce to the rest of the team.  Here's a rundown folks... warning, spoilers ensue (but I'm trying to be lite on the details) Summary: The book opens with Tim (Red Robin) re-establishing himself back at Titans' Tower.  However he doesn't have much time to reflect as the entire team are quickly off to Pakistan on a distress call.  Cassies mother has told the team of the mysterious dissapearance of two of her friends/col...

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Titans Together!.. Finally! 2

 IntroI haven't done any comic reviews on here (or any other site) but I felt that with thiss issue being the start for a new creative team, a new direction for the titlte and a new (or rather slightly modified) team roster that this would be a good place for me to start giving my two cents.Now, I have been a Teen Titans fan for a while.  I started reading when Johns was writing, and have read as much of the Wolfram/Pereze era as I have been able to find and while there are other characters I li...

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