Top 10 Most Evil Dragon Ball Villains

Here are the darkest and most evil of villains in the Dragon Ball franchise.

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  • He betrayed and killed his master and massacred all the gods in the multiverse in the alternate future and also teamed up with Black Goku to rid the multiverse of all mortals. Plus when Zamasu merged with Black Goku, he threatened to destroy all of time and space and other existing timelines.

  • He stole Goku's body and killed him and his family out of spite in an alternate timeline and teamed up with Zamasu kill all mortals and gods who oppose them. Plus he destroyed most of humanity and killed Bulma in cold blood. He even killed all of the supreme kais.

  • He is the most evil tyrant in the universe and committed so much carnage and genocides to conquer all. Plus he is also responsible for the deaths of Goku's parents and the near-extinction of the saiyans; leaving Goku and Vegeta as the only survivors.

  • He is a supernatural demon born evil and destructive, as he rampaged throughout the universe and killed billions of innocent people and destroyed hundreds of worlds.

  • Cell is an evil monstrosity bent on destroying all inferior life in the universe and sucking the life out people and completely draining their energy.

  • He unleashed Majin Buu on the universe to destroy everything in existence, plus he treats his minions like garbage and disowns them when they are no longer useful.

  • He ordered Tambourine to kill the world's martial artists, including Krillin. Plus he also killed Master Roshi and Chao-Zu and briefly destroyed Shenron and the dragon balls and threatened throw the world into chaos as it's ruler.

  • He killed Goku's best friend and almost all the martial artists around the world.