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Top 12 comics

My favorite comic books (including volumes)

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  • Great art, made by my favorite writer, and great villains. It also has an amazing twist. I also hope they use the dealer and tiger shark more because they are great. I also like the how they use Jim Gordon.

  • This book is so great. I love the tone of this book. There is always mystery and it’s so creepy. Just like jokers origin, I love how the court of owls mystery is never reveled. Who the leader is, if there is a leader. I love how Batman doesn’t just beat them. Batman literally just escapes them. And I love how Nightwing ties into this story. This was one of my first Batman story's and it is probably my second favorite .

  • What I love about Scott Snyder’s story’s are how he uses villains, and the storyline itself. The villains in this book are amazing and so is the story. The art is probably the best I have ever seen in a comic book. The art is so good that when it changed to a different art style (because in the volume they added random tie ins)I got disappointed.

  • Like the art in the 52 Batman series, this is different art, but is such a good style. And it is made by Scott Snyder my favorite writer. This is what the rebirth Batman series should have been. It made me like two face so much more.

  • Good story and introduces Damian Wayne. Damian Wayne is my favorite Robin and I love him in this book. I also love the second story of this book with the evil Batman.

  • This book is amazing. Characters like mr biscuit are great, everyone is likable. Martian manhunter is one of my favorite characters.

  • This story follows the red hood gang and Batman’s origin, witch is such a good idea. I love red hood in this book. Great story and great start for Batman.

  • This story is so great. Has great villains, a great story, and a amazing twist. Great art style as well.

  • This might be the wrong comic, but I love this book because how dark it is. It makes dr destiny so dark and I love it.

  • I didn't read the volume for this comic so I can’t put the volume on, but this issue was amazing. I can’t talk about without spoiling to much, but the twist is amazing.

  • The best origin of the justice league. The aliens are creative and fun. I wished they used the aliens more. How they got together was so great. This team was great. I like Martian manhunter way more than cyborg.

  • (This isn’t the whole series it’s just the first volume) I love this book. The eradicator is a great villain, Superman’s son is great and this Superman is so much better than the new 52 one.