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Batman Rogues Gallery!

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  • The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime, is Batman's arch-nemesis. An agent of chaos known for his purple three-piece suit and insidious smile, he has caused Batman more suffering than any other villain he has ever faced. His origin and true motivations are shrouded in mystery.

  • Obsessed with luck and duality, good and evil, one and two, the criminal mastermind known as Two-Face is among both the greatest and most tragic of Batman’s foes. Formerly the D.A. of Gotham City, Harvey Dent uses a scarred coin to decide his actions.

  • Intelligent, rich and sophisticated; Oswald Cobblepot puts up a gentlemanly front, but behind closed doors he is the angered, power hungry criminal known as The Penguin. He shows flashes of compassion sometimes, but he is dominated by a desire to be respected and to control those around him.

  • Before birth, he was judged guilty, now he is a man whose path led not only to the origins of his being, but also as the man who did what many believed to be impossible. For he would be known as Bane, the Man Who Broke The Bat.

  • Often known as the Master of Fear, the Scarecrow is an enemy of Batman. Recently, the Scarecrow was chosen to be the Sinestro of Sector-2814, due to his ability to instill fear. But, Scarecrow is losing his sanity due to his lack of fear, knowing only Batman can scare him.

  • The original and first Clayface. He had fought with Batman several times before he usurped the power of the other Clayface's.

  • Matthew Hagen is a shapeshifter, and one of the many people to use the name Clayface.

  • Preston Payne is the 3rd Clayface to fight Batman. Preston Payne made his first appearance in Detective Comics #478.

  • Todd Russell was once a soldier until he suffered massive disfigurements caused by an explosion. Russell was sent to the DEO where he was treated with a compound similar to that of Clayface.

  • Cassius "Clay" Payne is the offspring of Sondra Fuller (Lady Clayface)and Preston Payne (Clayface III). The Mud Pack was made up of Lady Clayface, and three prvious men who called themselves Clayface.

  • The fourth and only female Clayface. She possesses the same abilities as Matt Hagen, but is more powerful.

  • A Gotham serial killer who creates "dolls" out of the skin and limbs of his victims.

  • A hulking member of the Dollmaker's family.

  • A contortionist member of the Dollmaker's family

  • Figure of myth in old Gotham lore, Talon is the Court of Owls' violent assassin.

  • Ra's believes humanity is lost to corruption and dreams of purging it of its sins. He has used several kinds of violence in his pursuit of "justice" including vigilantism, terrorism, and assassination.

  • The daughter and heir to Ra's Al Ghul's criminal empire. She is also the mother of Bruce's son, Damian Wayne.

  • Jason Todd was the second Robin who was beaten to death by the Joker. Brought back to life, news of his unavenged death turned him against Batman. Now, he uses the skills Batman taught him as Joker's former identity, the Red Hood.

  • Scarlet was the Red Hood's sidekick. She was the daughter of a common criminal in Gotham City who got on the wrong side of Professor Pyg. Now having been mutilated by Pyg, she vents her rage and confusion as part of the Red Hood's brutal fight against criminals.

  • Pyg is an insane scientist who turns people into "Dollotrons", things that resemble red-haired Kewpie dolls. They are his idea of "perfection". He creates them by attaching masks to their faces, masks that seal themselves onto the victim and start to transform their head.

  • Doctor Hurt is the leader of the Black Glove and a devil-worshipping ancestor of Bruce Wayne. He tried to lead Batman to ruin several times. Doctor Hurt claims to be Thomas Wayne, the long-dead father of Bruce Wayne. He is the "black sheep" of the Wayne family.

  • The Riddler, the crown prince of conundrums, is a DC Comics villain obsessed with riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers. After spending some time 'reformed,' and working as a private investigator in Gotham, he has returned to his old villainous ways.

  • Oberon Sexton was an English best-selling crime author and "amateur" detective. He was killed by the Joker who later usurped his identity.

  • A clandestine organization older than Gotham City, who decides to take Batman down, believing Gotham to be theirs.

  • Waylon Jones was born with a mutation giving him reptile skin, sharp claws and teeth. He was a champion wrestler who soon retired and then became one of Batman's most dangerous rogues.

  • After his wife became terminally ill, Dr. Victor Fries devoted his life to saving her, and used cryogenics to buy some time to find a cure. After an accident, Fries must stay in a cryo-suit to live, becoming Mr. Freeze.

  • Thomas Elliot is a renowned surgeon and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's. A meticulous planner, Elliot resents the fact that Bruce's father inadvertently thwarted his plot to kill his parents.

  • Otis Flannegan plagued Gotham with an army of trained rats. Despite his incarceration, the Ratcatcher utilizes a brood of loyal rodents to replay messages to other convicts via the maze of ventilation ducts within Blackgate's superstructures.

  • Harleen Quinzel, the Arkham psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker. A "mad love" would lead her to a life of crime as Harley Quinn, frequent accomplice, and former would-be-girlfriend of the Clown Prince of Crime. She now pals around with Poison Ivy and Catwoman in Gotham City.

  • The Ventriloquist was a villain who suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, his dual personality being his dummy, Scarface, until the Great White Shark ordered his enforcer, Tallyman II, to execute him. Post-Flashpoint however, Wesker is back among the living.

  • "You know the sort of people I've gone up against, so you know I don't say this lightly ... but the Joker? Riddler? Croc, Scarecrow and the others? He's in their league. Only without the crippling psychoses to cloud his judgment." - Batman

  • Black Mask has been the identity of 2 criminals. Roman Sionis was the first and most famous. He was leader of the False facers and Gotham's underworld King until he died at the hands of Catwoman. Dr. Jeremiah Arkham was recently revealed to be the Second Black Mask.

  • Mr. Zsasz is a serial killer with no regard for human life. He carves a mark into his skin for every life he takes, slowly covering his entire body in scars.

  • Firefly is a pyromaniac and arsonist who is a known enemy of Batman.

  • An assassin from the KGB in Russia who uses cybernetic armor and technology to get the job done.

  • Killer Moth, throughout his many incarnations, is most commonly known as a Batman enemy, with Drury Walker being the most well-known version.

  • The Mad Hatter is one of Batman's enemies. He is psychotic and has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. His main weapons are mind controlling devices. He is very short standing about 4'8 inches and weighing 149 pounds.

  • A renowned hunter turned bumbling villain, Tom Blake lived with a lion pride in the wild to rediscover himself. Now more deadly and resourceful, Catman has become one of the world's premier trackers and hunters.

  • Calendar Man is fascinated by dates and calendars; even his real name is a pun on the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

  • Cluemaster was once known as Arthur Brown, a failed game show host who turned to a life of crime, leaving trademark clues as to his actions. He had a daughter, Stephanie, who took up the name Spoiler. After Stephanies death revenge becomes his only goal.

  • A compulsive man driven by his need to reassemble malfunctioning machinery, Humpty Dumpty was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.

  • Lazy and overweight, Tweedledee has no fighting skill whatever. Along with his cousin, Tweedledum, his danger comes from his cunning and ruthless strategic thinking. Tweedledee and his cousin often work alongside the Mad Hatter, wreaking havoc in Gotham City

  • Lazy and overweight, Tweedledum has no fighting skill at all. Along with his cousin Tweedledee, he relies on his cunning and ruthless strategies in order to commit crime. Along with Tweedledee, Tweedledum often works alongside the Mad Hatter in Gotham City. The trio are usually beaten by Batman and Robin.

  • Follower of Henri Ducard who is not too pleased with what Bruce Wayne has done with his training.

  • Scarred face Gangster, deposed boss of a criminal organization in Gotham.

  • Sal Maroni (orginally named Vincent Moroni) is the mobster who scarred Harvey Dent's face, transforming him into Two-Face.