I'm in a Superman mood...

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Hey, Viners! Great news! I bought my first DC comic today!

So I started really getting into comics after the Marvel NOW! reboot (or whatever you want to call it), and I had thought of spreading my wings a little and start getting Batman. At first I was discouraged because every title was already on issue 16, and I felt like I'd have no idea what was going on, and I'd just be lost and eventually drop it. So I decided to just stick to what i was comfortable with sense I had always been more of a Marvel guy anyway... But as i started getting more, and more Marvel comics i started to become more, and more bold. First I started getting different Marvel NOW! titles, and that satisfied me for a few months. But soon that wasn't enough. I wanted to start branching out even more! I really wanted to dive head first into this whole comicbook thing. So.... Today I decided to do something radical, something I'd never done sense i started buying comics. Get a New 52 title! A friend of mine recommended Aquaman, and sense I've always liked the more obscure characters I decided to pick up Aquaman #18.

It was great! There where a few things I didn't understand, and a few characters that I had now idea who they where, but all-in-all I really liked it. The art was great, the writing even more so. And I'm proud to say: I am defiantly adding this to my pull-list! It got me really exited start buying more DC stuff! which brings me to the real point of this blog post. I was wondering if anyone else that reads DC comics would be able to give me some suggestions on some more great New 52 titles who's story arcs might be coming to a close soon that I could jump right into and start getting on my next comic shop raid!

Thanks for reading.