The Totally Awesome Chulk: A Respect Thread

Not many people like this new hulk (I personally love him), but that does not mean he cannot be respected. This is a Respect thread on Amadeus Cho, The Totally Awesome Hulk!

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banner saved millions of people, went all worldbreaker

Cho totally stole all the gamma from banner,

and he becomes the hulk whenever he wants by pumping gamma into his body.


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Amadeus Cho took part in the Excello soap company's "young genius" contest, winning easily. After his abilities were discovered, Pythagoras Dupree, the man behind the contest, had Amadeus' house blown up, killing his parents, Philip and Helen Cho, and leaving Amadeus on the run for his life, distrusting almost everyone he meets. Shortly after going on the run on his characteristic Vespa scooter, he adopted an orphaned coyote pup, whom he sometimes uses to gain sympathy. After once being saved from his pursuers by the Hulk, he considers the latter as a friend and strictly views him as heroic and reactive to the aggression of others.

Amadeus Cho has stated to Hercules, just before he first encountered Athena at her house, that he is Korean American, and mentions to Athena later at an Olympian dinner when questioned about his namesake that, due to his parents' love for Mozart's music and Methodist beliefs, they named him this.

The character is next seen during the events of the crossover event, World War Hulk, where he first comes across a de-powered Jen Walters.[3] He then gathers a team of the Hulk's former colleagues of the super-group Champions, Hercules and Archangel, both of whom considered themselves in debt to the Hulk for mistakenly attacking him on a previous occasion. With the assistance of Namora they attempt and fail to stop the Hulk.[4]

The Incredible Hercules[edit]

The Incredible Hulk series is then retitled Incredible Hercules from #112, and the character's adventures as the sidekick of Hercules are detailed. Due to them helping the Hulk they go on the run, but are chased by Hercules' half-brother Ares. The character then participates in a number of adventures, including helping Hercules and other Earthly gods defeat the pantheon of Skrull gods during the Secret Invasion storyline. During this, Nightmare finds out Cho's greatest fears at the time is finding out all the bad events in his life are his fault. It is revealed that Cho reminds Hercules of Hylas, a young companion who he lost during the Argonaut's voyage.[5]

Following this storyline the pair battle Amazons, led by Princess Artume, who need him to decipher an Atlantean tablet that will lead to the Omphalos. Amadeus is attracted to the Amazon warrior Delphyne Gorgon, but upon her becoming queen she is obliged to end any flirtation, to his sadness.[6]

Together with Athena, Amadeus and Hercules next confront the new head of the Olympians, Hera,[7] and travel to the underworld to rescue Zeus from Hades. There it is revealed that Cho's sister is still alive and missing. Upon learning this, and realizing that Athena had to have known this all along, he tearfully leaves Hercules, determined to find out what happened to his sister.[8]

Venturing to the town of Excello, Utah, he encounters former FBI Agent Sexton, who had contacted him shortly after the death of his parents, and does battle with Pythagoras Dupree, who claims to be the sixth-smartest man in the world. Cho realizes the incredible potential of his brain to serve as a 'hypercomputer', and figures out that Sexton is in fact Athena in disguise.[9]

Amadeus finally confronts Dupree in person, and learns that Dupree was not aware of Amadeus' sister being missing, meaning she is still missing. Amadeus also learns that his destiny is to be the new hero of the modern era of reason, and to stop the "Primordial darkness" (this is revealed to the reader to be the return of Amatsu-Mikaboshi). Dupree then challenges Amadeus to a specialized version of Russian Roulette, which Amadeus refuses to do, leaving Dupree to simply shoot himself. After grieving about the situation, he then discovers the truth about Hera's mysterious "Continuum" project, which makes Athena and Amadeus both say in unison, "We need to get Hercules."[10]

Parallel to those stories, in the aftermath of the "Secret Invasion" storyline, the character is used by writer Dan Slott in his run on the Mighty Avengers title.[11]

Athena reveals to Cho that he is her choice to be the next Prince of Power, the "Hero of the mind", as opposed to the hero of strength that Hercules represented. Furthermore, there cannot be more than one Prince of Power at any one time; this means that Hercules will soon meet his death. Cho vows to prevent this.[12] Delphyne then uses a weapon forged by Hephaestus to turn Athena to stone, seemingly killing her.[13] Hercules and Cho aim to retrieve her body and Delphyne changes sides in the process, though it is ultimately the arrival of the divine thunderbolt after Zeus and Hera are killed by Typhon that restores Athena to life. Hercules successfully defeats Typhon, but Athena reveals to Hercules that he must now die and seemingly allows him to perish by destroying the Continuum, causing the Universe Hercules is in to be destroyed. She claims he must die so Cho can take over the group, and that he rid the world of monsters so that intelligence could take over.[14]

A funeral service is held at the Parthenon in Athens, where a tearful Amadeus demands Athena show herself and pay her respects. In her place appear a collection of Earth's heroes including Thor and the Warriors Three, Bruce Banner, Skaar, Namor, Namora, the Black Widow, Wolverine, Angel, and Snowbird. They share memories of their adventures with Hercules until Athena finally arrives. She reveals to Amadeus that he is the new leader of the Olympus Group.[15] Some of the other gods object and each chooses a mortal proxy to do battle for them. Amadeus is chosen by Athena and he is joined by Namor and Bruce Banner, representing Poseidon and Hebe. They are pitted against Skaar and Phobos representing Artemis and Apollo. Nyx, goddess of night also arrives and chooses Nightmare as her mortal champion. Poseidon gives Namor his trident which greatly increases his power, and helps him in his fight against Skaar. Cho and Banner manage to get rid of Nightmare and convince Phobos not to fight them. The combatants turn against the gods and Phobos uses his power over fear to manipulate Hades into opening a portal to the underworld. Amadeus travels into the land of the dead to look for Hercules and meets Persephone, wife of Hades. She tells him that Hades would not have allowed him in if Hercules' soul had been there. The following Monday Athena arrives at Olympus Group headquarters to find that Amadeus has accepted her offer and is now acting as CEO. He tells her that he is not her champion, he's Hercules' champion, and that he will be using all the powers given to him to find Hercules.[16]

Prince of Power[edit]

Athena is shown meeting with the Council of Godheads to discuss the new Heroic Age, and who should be selected to confront the coming darkness of Mikaboshi. Other Skyfathers suggest Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, but Athena states that Cho will save the world. Cho, now in charge of the Olympus Group, with Hebe working as his assistant, spends half a trillion dollars in order to have Bruce Banner build a device capable of scanning the multiverse to find Hercules. However, it is determined that this will take over a billion years to work. After a battle with the Griffin, Cho is visited by Vali Halfling, the leader of the Pantheon, who proposes an alliance in order to gather the necessary ingredients to become as powerful as the Skyfathers: Hebe's ambrosia, the golden apples of Idunn, the spells of the Book of Thoth, and the amrita cup of Dhanavantari. Cho steals the list from Vali and goes to Asgard himself, only to find that Vali had already stolen the apples, framing him for the theft. Cho convinces Thor that he is innocent, and Thor then joins his quest to both stop Halfling and resurrect Hercules. With some additional assistance from Delphyne, who is now his girlfriend, Cho succeeds in thwarting Halfling and using the elixir to assume true godhood. However, he realizes that he is inadequate to wield this power permanently, and he instead transfers it to the returned Hercules, as Hercules warns that the Chaos King is coming.[17]

Chaos War[edit]

Amadeus Cho is among the characters present when Hercules warns the heroes of the coming of Amatsu-Mikaboshi.[18] After what happened to Nightmare, Amadeus Cho helps Hercules and Thor gather Sersi, Venus, Daimon Hellstrom, Silver Surfer, and Galactus together as the second incarnation of the God Squad.[19] Amadeus Cho calculates that Amatsu-Mikaboshi by now has consumed most of the Multiverse. Amadeus Cho urges humanity to escape to an unpopulated and sealed-off continuum of which he knows.[20]While Hulk and his allies, the God Squad, Alpha Flight, and the surviving Dead Avengers fight Amatsu-Mikaboshi's forces, Amadaeus Cho and Galactus work on a machine that will transfer Earth to the sealed-off continuum, but Amatsu-Mikaboshi is eventually defeated when he is thrown into the continuum in question himself.[21]

Fear Itself[edit]

During the Fear Itself storyline, Amadeus Cho ends up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with X-23, Spider-Girl, Power Man, and Thunderstrike. During the battle, they are attacked by samurai sharks.[22] It's revealed that Amadeus assembled them in the hopes that they would join him as a new super team. The others get angry because he was manipulating them and they turn down his offer.[23]

Marvel NOW![edit]

As part of the Marvel NOW! event in the pages of Savage Wolverine, Amadeus Cho appeared on an island in the Savage Land where he stops the fight between Wolverine and a tribe of Neanderthals after one of them had killed Shanna the She-Devil. He convinces them that he is their god and to help save Shanna's life.[24] Using the lifeblood of a Man-Thing that was native to the Savage Land, the Neanderthal tribe resurrected Shanna. Amadeus Cho told Shanna what the Neanderthal natives had explained to him. The machine powering the damping field was also powering a prison, one holding an ancient hostile alien presence. Realizing that Wolverine would be releasing this creature, Shanna raced to stop him. She arrived in time with Amadeus Cho right behind her and was able to stop Wolverine. Suddenly, Hulk appeared before them, however, and quickly entered a scuffle with Wolverine in which the machine was damaged anyway.[25]

Following an eight-month time skip as seen in the Time Runs Out storyline, Cho is seen as a member of the Illuminati. He is captured by a joint S.H.I.E.L.D./Avengers task force led by Susan Storm.[26]

The Totally Awesome Hulk[edit]

In 2015, Amadeus Cho was announced as the new Hulk in the series The Totally Awesome Hulk as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event. Eight months after the Secret Wars storyline, following an incident where the original Hulk absorbed a lethal amount of radiation, Cho used special nanites to remove the Hulk from Bruce Banner and place it into his body, allowing him to become his own version of Hulk. With the help of his sister Maddy, he starts hunting down dangerous monsters that are loose on Earth, but is criticized for his irresponsible approach. During this time, he encounters She-Hulk and the second Spider-Man who aid him in the battle against the various monsters and Lady Hellbender, a humanoid female alien whose strength almost matches that of the Hulk's. Cho is eventually captured by Lady Hellbender. With the help of Maddy, She-Hulk breaches Lady Hellbender's ship, releasing the horde of monsters. Cho and She-Hulk defeat the monsters. He also battled Fin Fang Foom in the course of the event. Later, Amadeus begins to experience strange dreams about his parents' death just at the same time when he starts to have some "blackouts" (don't have memories of what he did as Hulk). After an argument with Maddy, he wanders through the desert until he encounters the Enchantress, who manipulates him into helping her take over the Ten Realms. When he wakes up, he's found by Maddy when Thor arrives. After a brief battle, Maddy convinces Thor that Amadeus is innocent. They go to Iceland where Thor reveals that Hulk had stolen a supply of uru and gave it to the Enchantress and her partner Malekith the Accursed. Upon finding her, Thor and Hulk battle her army, who had the upper hand because of their uru-made weapons. At first, Amadeus tries to keep himself out of the fight, fearing he might lose control again, until Maddy gives him a pep talk that allows him to take control of himself. He transforms into Hulk and defeats Enchantress by using the giant axe she gave him to destroy the uru weapons. Thor then defeats her army and gives the uru back to the dwarves.[27]

While in Manhattan, Amadeus meets Old Man Logan who thought that Hulk was Bruce Banner. As Old Man Logan was too weak to fight him due to his age, he learned that the Hulk was Cho and not Bruce Banner. Old Man Logan then fled from the police.[28]

During the Civil War II storyline, Amadeus Cho rescues Bruce Banner from a bar fight and reveals to him that he is gamma free. Later, he found Bruce on a beach in California, sick with influenza, and takes him to his secret base in Arizona. He and Maddy also bring Rick Jones and She-Hulk to help heal him. Meanwhile, Amadeus begins to worry over the fact that the gamma radiation is affecting him emotionally, which causes him to black out. After a conversation with the others, he talks to Bruce about it who in turn tells him that he's not a monster but a hero. Amadeus then finds out about Bruce Banner's death through the news. He gets angry towards Carol Danvers, for following the prediction of Ulysses leading to Bruce Banner's death, while claiming that Bruce was cured. He then teases Carol by jumping through the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia and smashing the ground, leaving a writing saying "Made you look". Cho then heads towards the East Coast, where he plans to confront Banner's murderer, Hawkeye, despite the objections of Maddy and the other heroes. He finds a cabin where he supposedly comes across Clint but it was actually Black Panther, who fights Cho with his own version of the Hulkbuster as he believes Cho's emotional distraught makes him a threat. Just when he's defeating Black Panther, Amadeus receives a distress call from Maddy, who located a giant humanoid insect monster in Austin, Texas. During the battle, Hulk discovers that the monster feeds off people's emotions, which makes him bigger, stronger and faster. Though Hulk is able to knock him down, the monster rises and defeats him. The monster then kidnaps a baby, leaving the mother devastated and Hulk shocked, while Black Panther arrives to arrest Hulk. After Maddy convinces Black Panther to stand down, they work together to track the monster, finding him underground with the baby. Amadeus tries to reason with the monster, who transformed back into a human named Christian Sung. After refusing to talk, Sung throws the baby, who's saved by Black Panther. Amadeus transforms into Hulk and fights Sung, who's teleported to the Negative Zone by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jake Oh. Maddy then yells at Amadeus, saying she's done with helping him, and leaves. A week later, in Topeka, Kansas, Amadeus finds Hawkeye in a diner, where he expresses a desire to kill him out of revenge until he calms down, leading both of them to cry over Bruce Banner's death.[29]

Weeks later, Amadeus, while attempting to contact Maddy, meets NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin, who invites him to a charity game. The next day, during the game, the stadium is attacked by robot dragons. Amadeus manages to destroy one of them but the others escape, taking Jeremy Lin and Arch-E hostage. Amadeus is able to rescue Jeremy Lin, but the robot dragon escapes with Arch-E. When attempting to call for reinforcements, Amadeus is approached by Maddy, who injects him with a temporary gamma inhibitor and tells him to stand down. Amadeus and Jeremy then encounter a robot car, who reveals that it's controlled by QUASI/MO/DO, an A.I. created by the Mad Thinker who was planning to assimilate all technology. After rescuing Arch-E from a robot octopus, Amadeus reveals an auto-scan that exposes a weakness in the robot. The four of them manage to defeat the robot octopus by placing a small robot within the weak point that downloads a virus. He later appears alongside Ms. Marvel, Shang-Chi, Silk, Jake Oh and Jimmy Woo, performing in a charity event and then hanging out in New York, until an alien army arrives. During the battle, the heroes and a number of civilians are transported to a base near Seknarf Seven, the aliens' home planet, and learn that they'll be consumed. Amadeus then rallies the civilians to prepare for battle. After elaborating an escape plan, Prince Regent, ruler of Seknarf Seven, arrives with his soldiers and demands that three of the humans turn themselves in. When Amadeus, Jimmy and Jake offer themselves to the aliens, the civilians use their gadgets to disable the alien equipment enabling the heroes to fight them easily. But when the aliens kill Jeffrey, one of the civilians, the group charge towards them.[30]

The Champions[edit]

Following the "Civil War II" storyline, Cho, in his Hulk form, had finished some rescuing in Kentucky when he is approached by Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Spider-Man II into joining the Champions so that they can "put the world back together". Cho suggests that they also recruit Vision's daughter Viv, which they managed to do. Later, during a camping trip, the team is visited by the teenage version of Cyclops, who wants to join them. After the others agree to recruit him, Hulk is later seen kissing Viv in the forest. They later head to Lasibad, Sharzad to help a group of women and girls that are being gunned down by terrorists. After rescuing a small group, they form a plan to drive the oppressors away. After their victory, the team argues over who should be the leader when their ship gets hit by a bazooka. Upon surviving the crash, Hulk and Cyclops propel the vehicle forward because Viv saw land. Unfortunately, the 'land' they saw turned out to be an Atlantean ship and they were kidnapped. They manage to break free of their captors, escape the ship and fly away. But somewhere else, the Champions also inspired another well-known, but troublesome hero: Gwenpool. They later appear in a small town that is experiencing a wave of hate crimes. Gwenpool arrives to help them and they figure out that the town sheriff is responsible for the spread of the hate crimes.[31]

Marvel Database

Early Life

Amadeus Cho was a Korean-American born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Above average was insufficient to define this extraordinary teen. His parents Helen and Phil emigrated from South Korea before he was born. They had quite a passion for historical names, something they showed the moment they had to name their two children named after the composer Mozart, and a daughter, Madame Curie Cho, called Maddy for short. The Cho's lived a normal and happy life, but Amadeus showed from his very childhood that he was different: he was incredibly smart for such a young boy, and learned a lot of things by himself, becoming highly cultured and increasing his already remarkable intelligence. Helen supported his genius son and tried to go along with his talent.[4] The more Amadeus grew up, the more his parents realized he was a genius. When the boy was fifteen years old, the Excello, a soap corporation, announced an online game to reward young geniuses, a quiz show named Brain Fight. Amadeus participated, and he easily won the $5,000 reward, placing first. Helen and Philip, of course, were happy for their son’s results, but they didn't know this was just the beginning of the end for their family. The person who had organized Brain Fight, in fact, was another genius and former child prodigy, Pythagoras Dupree, whose real aim was to search the world for other people whose intellect might rival his own…and to eliminate them as unwanted rivals. By winning his game, Amadeus Cho had been awarded the title of Mastermind Excello and the position of “7th Smartest Man in the World” (Pythagoras, by his own claim, was the 6th), and that was more than enough a reason to be killed. Dupree had his men attack Amadeus’ house, and in the following explosion, Helen, and her husband got killed. Amadeus ran away with his only companion being a coyote pup Kirby.[5]

The Hulk

Agents tracked him down but not before Amadeus ran into to another misunderstood genius with awesome power: the Hulk. The Hulk protected Mastermind, who then considered him his friend.[6]

Some time later, a terrible accident involving super-heroes in Stamford, Connecticut killed 612 including the school children. The "Stamford Incident" gave rise to the Superhuman Registration Act.[7]S.H.I.E.L.D. went to apprehend the unregistered Mastermind Excello. After outsmarting some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Amadeus discovered a hide-out in New Mexico that once belonged to his friend the Hulk.There Amadeus hacked into the Baxter Building security network and discovered that a group of heroes called the Illuminati. including Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four and the AvengerIron Man, had sent the Hulk into exile in outer space.[8] Using a special phone line, he informed Reed Richards about his discovery. A satellite revealed that the Hulk wasn't where the Illuminati thought they had sent their former friend. Amadeus left Reed thinking about his betrayal of his former ally and friend while Amadeus set off to find the Hulk.[9]

The Hulk soon returned to earth with his Warbound looking for revenge. Cho restored She-Hulk's powers after finding her de-powered by Tony Stark's S.P.I.N. tech.[10] Cho tried to recruit her to his cause. She-Hulk declined, choosing instead to get revenge on Stark using the legal system, but put him in contact with Hercules and Angel who owed the Hulk due to an altercation from when they were part of the Champions.[11] Cho used Angel’s money to buy a submarine. The trio went off to recruit Namor. Wanting no part of the Illuminati’s plot to begin with, Namor dismissed Cho's idea. Namora decided to join the three in her cousin's place.[12]

Cho’s group offered their help to Hulk, but he dismissed them but was forced to accept help due to General Ross's attack. S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually recruited Cho’s team to protect the non-evacuated civilians. Cho eventually met Rick Jones but didn't see eye-to-eye with him. Cho’s group met up with Scorpion to find and free the heroes captured by the Warbound.[13][14][15]Seeing the way the heroes were being treated caused Cho to confront the Hulk alone. Cho attempted to show Hulk that he wished to create a safe haven for him but he was attacked, causing Hercules and his crew to come to Cho’s aid.The Hulk left after Cho’s argued that his anger was what killed his loved ones and that Banner was what kept them loving him. When Zom possessed Stark’s Hulkbuster armor, Cho and his crew captured the demon with Wong's help. When Hulk was defeated Cho and Hercules became prisoners of S.H.I.E.L.D.[16][17]


During his imprisonment, S.H.I.E.L.D. decided that Cho’s intelligence was going to be beneficial in moving the evacuated New Yorkers back to their homes. He declined, believing that if he did they would eventually make him a tool their militaristic plans. Hercules also didn't like S.H.I.E.L.D.'s plans for him rescued Cho and escaped. With Ares on their trail, his coyote dying, and Hercules hallucinating, Cho became fed up with all that S.H.I.E.L.D. had done. He used Hercules' crazed state to take over a S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel and upload a virus that would destroy all S.H.I.E.L.D. tech.[18] When Hercules regained his sound state of mind he convinced Cho that he was in danger of being labeled as a villain for the rest of his life. Cho restored all the S.H.I.E.L.D. tech and continued on with Hercules.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27]

Cho remained with Hercules, but he still wanted for crimes against S.H.I.E.L.D., collides with our bounty-hunting She-Hulk.[28]

Upon meeting up with Athena the trio set out to San Francisco to assemble a team of gods from Earth (Snowbird, Tecumotzin, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and Atum the God Eater) to battle and defeat the Skrull Gods Kly'Bn and Sl'gur't.[29] In route to Skrull space through the Dream Realm, they battled Nightmare and received his map of the dream realm.[30]


Cho and Hercules battle Amazons, led by Princess Artume, who need him to decipher an Atlantean tablet that will lead to the Omphalos.[31] Cho became attracted to the Amazon Delphyne Gorgon.[32] The attraction was mutual.[33] The to began a relationship.[34] But upon her becoming queen she ends the relationship.[35][36]


Cho, Hercules and Athena confront Hera the newly appointed leader of the Olympians and travel to the underworld to rescue Zeus from the Underworld.[37][38] while Hercules battled hordes of vengeful enemies in Tartarus,[39][40] Amadeus ended up in the Elysian Fields (the Greek version of Heaven), where he met his parents again. Before he could finish apologizing for having "caused" their death by winning Brain Fight, Helen and Philip interrupted him and hugged him, happy and proud of what their son had become. Before he could come back to Earth, however, Helen told Amadeus something he didn't now yet: Maddy didn't die in the explosion, and was still alive, taken by the Excello and kept somewhere, needing his help. She would have watched over her children from the Elysian Fields, but she couldn't have done much else: it was up to Amadeus to make things right and to reunite what remained of their family.[41]

The Mighty Avengers

In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, the activities of the Elder GodChthon created a series of freak events that Cho dubbed the "Chaos Cascade", and concluded the Avengers would be necessary to deal with the events.[42] Hercules and Cho located Edwin Jarvis, and then Henry Pym and Jocasta.[43]Loki in the guise of Wanda Maximoff, arrived in an astral form to greet them and supply the gathered forces with an "army" to form the new Mighty Avengers (later aided by Iron Man), which Hercules chose to remain with.[44] Loki covertly used them to form and widen cracks in Osborn's armor, and which Norman Osborn sought to crush.[45] Chthon was banished through their combined efforts with Pietro Maximoff, with Hercules explaining to the others that the death of the Demogorge with the Skrullian gods was the factor Chthon used to attack the universe.[46][47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54]

Mastermind Excello

In the town of Excello, Utah Cho met with FBI Agent Sexton, who had contacted him just after the death of his parents, and does battle with Pythagoras Dupree, who claimed to be the sixth-smartest man in the world.[4] He realized his brain could serve as a "Hypercomputer", and figured out that Agent Sexton was really Athena in disguise.[55][5][56][57][58][59][60]

Fall of the Hulks

Cho found himself in the crossfire when Red She-Hulk attacked the Mighty Avengers in an attempt to capture Hank Pym.[61] While considered a possible target for the Intelligencia's hunt for the eight greatest minds of in the world, Bruce Banner confirmed Cho's drop to tenth.[62] However, Banner would retract his statement, claiming Cho was always one of the eight.[63] Cho helped Banner disable War Machine's armor, saving Pym's life, only to have the super-scientist stolen from under their noses. Later Cho joined Banner and a select team of superheroes in an assault on the Intelligencia's secret headquarters in an attempt to save Betty Ross.[64]

All of Earth's smartest geniuses including Cho notice that another planet has entered the Solar System. It is the planet K'ai, Cho asks the Hulk's to meet the planet head on.[65][66][67][68][69][70][71]

Hercules fell in battle and Cho had to fight to prevent the takeover of the Olympian pantheon by the most terrifying god on the planet. With Banner, Skaar, Thor, and Namor swept into the conflict.[72][73][74]

Prince of Power

Cho discovered that the Olympus Group's Continuum plan is to overwrite all of reality with an artificial one the gods have created in a pocket universe. Cho and Athena reunited with Hercules to prevent it from happening, and he called upon the Avengers to help him storm the Olympus.[75] During the battle, Cho found himself battling against Delphyne, who worked for the Olympus Group. She sought revenge on Athena for the gorgon curse.[76] Hercules and Cho try to stop Continuum but when Cho found Hercules again he appeared to be dead.[77] Athena claimed that Hercules died to stop Continuum from spilling out into reality. However, it was revealed that she betrayed Hercules in order for Amadeus to become as the new "Prince of Power".[78]

Chaos War

After what happened to Nightmare, Cho helped Hercules and Thor gather Venus, Sersi, Daimon Hellstrom, Silver Surfer, and Galactus together as the second incarnation of the God Squad.[79] Cho calculates that Amatsu-Mikaboshi by now has consumed most of the Multiverse.[80][81] Cho urges humanity to escape to a non-populated and sealed off continuum of which he discovered.[82][83] While the God Squad, Alpha Flight, and the surviving Avengers fight Amatsu-Mikaboshi's forces, Cho and Galactus build a device that will transfer Earth to the continuum, but Amatsu-Mikaboshi is eventually defeated and sent to the continuum instead.[84][85]

Amadeus Cho met Bruce Banner in the middle of Lake Michigan. They then teleport to Milwaukee, where a trio of Centaurs have gone amok. After a battle, they send the Centaurs back to Cho then hits them with a stun beam, from an orbiting satellite. Cho then turned to the Hulk and asked him what he needs help with. The Hulk asked if he could help with the Hulk family.[86]


Cho teams up with the Hulk and Red She-Hulk.[87] Together they battled Tyrannus and his Tyrannoids.[88] Which lead to a fight with the Knights of Rome.[89][90] He then released Bi-Beast, UmarFin Fang Foom, Wendigo and Arm'Cheddon to battle the heroes.[91][92][93][94][95]

Fear Itself

Cho ended up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with Spider-Girl, X-23, Thunderstrike and Power Man.[96] The heroes battled a group of Samurai Shark-Men.[97] After the battle it was revealed that Cho brought together the young heroes in the hopes that they would join his new super team. The young heroes were not happy because he has manipulated them, and they turned his offer down.[98]

Savage Land

Amadeus made himself a suit, affording him abilities like enhanced durability and strength, limited flight and universal translation, with an A.I. named Calvin. He found himself stuck on a mysterious island in the Savage Land thanks to a damping field. Using his powers, Amadeus was able to convince the natives that he was a god.[99] Their chief explained to him that there was a machine on the island that imprisoned a hostile alien creature and that they were sworn to protect it. This machine generated the damping field that kept Amadeus on the island.

After learning from the natives that Shanna and Wolverine were on the island, Amadeus set out to stop them before they could destroy the machine. Unfortunately, Shanna was killed in a fight with the natives and Wolverine set off in a rage to destroy the machine.[100] Cho urged the natives to help Shanna, and they used a Man-Thing to resurrect her.

Amadeus explained to her the situation with the machine and they set off to stop Wolverine from destroying it. Shanna arrived first and was able to save the machine. Cho arrived after her, as Shanna's physical capabilities had been enhanced by the resurrection. To the surprise of them all, the Hulk suddenly appeared.[101]

When Hulk wondered where Amadeus Cho was and told him that he is in the Savage Land and told Hulk and Wolverine to stand down. Just as he did they are attacked by giant gorillas. During the fight with the giant gorillas, the dampening field is accidentally damaged during the fight which freed the alien Morrigon (who was the "Dark Walker") who fled from Earth. Morrigon returned to his master Visher-Rakk, an alien with the same planet-eating motive as Galactus. Morrigon told Visher-Rakk of a galaxy filled with planets for him to feed on.[102]

Time Runs Out

Amadeus joined the Illuminati and went into hiding with them due to the Avengers being on the hunt for them. He broke into the Avengers Tower, now the S.H.I.E.L.D. Station: Golgotha to retrieve Tony Stark's files. However he was found, and a disrupting field was projected so he couldn't teleport using a translocator. He was forced to break out of the tower, but he was soon chased by the Avengers, who managed to corner and let the Invisible Woman trap him. She then interrogated him about the current location of the Illuminati.[103]

Totally Awesome Hulk

Eight months later, once the problem the Illuminati were tackling, the incursions, had been neutralized, Amadeus became a gamma-powered monster and the new Hulk after absorbing the power to transform into Hulk from Bruce Banner using special nanites.[104] This was to prevent Banner from melting down and killing countless people[105] after absorbing excessive amounts of a new type of radiation. With the help of his sister Maddy Cho, he started hunting down different dangerous monsters that were on the loose across the planet.[1]

Comic Vine

Major Story Arcs

World War Hulk

Ally of the Incredible Hulk
Ally of the Incredible Hulk

When the Hulk and his Warbound attack Earth, everyone tries to stop him. Cho's plan is different, however. He decides to form a group of Renegades consisting of Cho, Hercules, Angel, and Namora to help the Hulk. The Hulk and the Renegades even fight together against Thunderbolt Ross and the army. He tries to offer help to the Hulk, going so far as to say that they should use Angel's money to pay for a safe place; but the Hulk, determined to get revenge, ignores Amadeus’ advice. Amadeus refuses to give up feeling Hulk was not a monster like most people believe him to be. However, despite his trust in the Hulk, Cho ends up working with Scorpion and S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to free Hulk's prisoners.

Cho also begins aiding in coordinating rescue and relief efforts as the Hulk's attack cause more and more damage to Manhattan. Soon, the conflict escalates to the point that the Hulk becomes so enraged, even Cho sees the monster people always accused the Hulk of being.

In the aftermath, Cho and Hercules partner together and evade S.H.I.E.L.D. authorities rather than submit to registration. The attempts to bring them in line anger Cho so much that he almost destroys S.H.I.E.L.D.'s technological infrastructure, but Hercules talks him down from doing anything so devastating out of anger.

Secret Invasion

Amadeus Cho and the God Squad
Amadeus Cho and the God Squad

Amadeus and Hercules seek out Athena, Hercules' sister, for help and guidance. She leads them to the west coast to a meeting with the Council of Godheads. Athena had discovered the Skrull invasion and now claims it threatens the gods as much as the mortals. Her intent was to assemble a team to strike directly at the Skrulls' gods, Kly'bn the Eternal Skrull and Sl'Gur't of Infinite Names. Without the support of their gods, it was Athena's belief that the Skrull invasion force would fail.

Amadeus finds himself included in the newly assembled God Squad, joining with Hercules, Snowbird, Ajak, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and Atum. Athena warns him that he will have do the hardest thing he has ever done in order for them to succeed, but would not specify what that thing is. Amadeus leaves the mortal realm with the God Squad, traveling through Nightmare's dimension to reach the Skrull gods. It is during this voyage that Kirby is revealed to be a Skrull infiltrator who had replaced the pup while Amadeus was in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.

In their confrontation with the Skrull gods, Amadeus sadly realizes the difficult thing he has to do. It is to do nothing when Hercules needs his aid, forcing Hercules to fight Kly'bn alone and allow himself be sacrificed. Fortunately, Snowbird saves him from death, and they return in time to see Kly'bn killed. By coincidence or by result, the moment that Kly'bn died was the same moment that Reed Richards' escapes from Skrull imprisonment, which turns the tide against the Skrull invasion.

Love and War

Amadeus the ladies man
Amadeus the ladies man

After the war with the Skrulls, Amadeus tags along with Hercules for some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately for him, this means being a third wheel as Hercules makes time on an island with Namora. The vacation is rudely interrupted by a band of Amazons who attack and abduct Amadeus. He is taken before their new queen, Artume, and seduced into deciphering an old Atlantean scripture that tells the location of the Omphalos, an item of power so great that it can alter reality.

Believing he would be intimately rewarded, Amadeus translates the writings without knowing the consequences and is then imprisoned. He attempts to thwart Artume's plans, and is aided by her servant, Delphyne Gorgon, who had developed an attraction to him during his captivity. However, Artume could not be prevented from taking the Omphalos' power and remaking the world to her wishes. She creates a new universe where she is president over a matriarchal civilization. In this reality, Amadeus is Artume's loyal assistant rather than Delphyne. Things are ultimately set right when Delphyne successfully challenges Artume for leadership, killing the former queen and returning reality to normal. As the new queen of the Amazons, Delphyne informed Amadeus that they cannot pursue their relationship any further, while at the same time Hercules is being told by Namora that she doesn't want to get seriously involved with him. The two jilted heroes leave to get pizza.

Dark Reign

For further details: Dark Reign and the Unspoken

Cho and Hercules: Best friends
Cho and Hercules: Best friends

Amadeus and Hercules learn that the Olympians who had been forced to Earth by Mount Olympus' destruction had gathered and formed the Olympus Group, a mortal corporation that organizes their godly holdings. With Zeus' death, it is now Hercules' old enemy Hera who holds the controlling interest. Also at this time, Norman Osborn has secured his position as the authority over world security. It doesn't take long for Amadeus, Hercules, and Athena to find themselves caught between the Olympus Group and the Dark Avengers.

Amadeus, along with Hercules, falls in with a new group of Avengers that come to be led by Hank Pym. These Mighty Avengers are seemingly guided by the phantom of the Scarlet Witch to intervene on crises around the world and outside of Osborn's reach. Amadeus begins using one of Pym's old Ant Man helmets to aid him in the field and also begins looking up to Pym as a fellow genius.

With the threat of Hera and the Olympus Group still looming, Amadeus and Hercules descend into Hades to rescue Zeus as part of Athena's latest plan. They are escorted on their quest by Aegis, Athena's recently deceased champion. While Hercules fights for his father's salvation, Amadeus journeys to the Elysian Fields to see his family once again. Upon seeing his parents once more, he learns a frightening truth. His sister, Maddy, was not there. This means she had been alive and lost this entire time, ani It also raises serious suspicions in Amadeus about Athena, who he believed had known his sister was alive and didn't tell him.

No longer trusting Athena, Amadeus splits from Hercules without explanation to investigate his own past. He learns the truth about the Excello Soap Company and Pythagoras Dupree, who wanted him dead because of his hypermind, but he also uncovers the truth of Athena's involvement in his life. Athena was grooming a champion, and Dupree was a past, failed attempt. Amadeus was the current success. This entire time she had been preparing him to replace Hercules as the Prince of Power for a new age, one that would need intelligence, rather than strength, to save it.

Prince of Power

For further details: Assault on New Olympus, Fall of the Hulks, World War Hulks and Siege

Hulked Out Cho vs. the Leader
Hulked Out Cho vs. the Leader

Amadeus discovers that the Olympus Group's Continuum plan is to overwrite all of reality with an artificial one the gods have created in a pocket universe. He and Athena reunite with Hercules to stop it from happening, and Hercules calls upon a team of Avengers allies to storm the earthly home of the gods. In the battle, Amadeus finds himself on the opposite side of his former girlfriend Delphyne, who worked for the Olympus Group as queen of the Amazons, seeking revenge on Athena for creating the gorgon curse that plagued her. Hercules and Cho are separated as they try to stop Continuum, and when Amadeus finds Hercules again he appears to be dead. Athena claims that Hercules died to stop Continuum from spilling out into the true reality and destroying everything. In truth, she betrayed Hercules in those final moments in order for Amadeus to rise as the new Prince of Power.

Prince of Power
Prince of Power

Bruce Banner appeals to Amadeus' grief over Hercules' loss so that he can get Amadeus' help against the Intelligencia and save Betty Ross. Amadeus signs up to help, along with Skaar, Namor, Korg, A-Bomb, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. In the chaos, Amadeus is exposed to the Cathexis Ray, along with many other heroes, and is mutated by it. He changes much like the Leader had under gamma radiation, and he stays in control of himself due to his enhanced intelligence. Before being returned to normal, he uses his newfound mental powers to revert the Leader and MODOK to their original, unintelligent states.

What remains of the Mighty Avengers disbands as its members, including Amadeus Cho, storm off due to Pym's increasingly erratic and questionable leadership. The faith Amadeus had built up for Pym quickly crumbles away, and it was later Amadeus who assembled what members of the team he could find in order to help with the siege of Asgard. He had picked up a signal leaked by Ghost detailing Osborn's plans for the Thunderbolts to steal Odin's spear in the chaos, so what's left of the Mighty Avengers intercepts Osborn's team of mercenaries.

Heroic Age

Thor and Cho getting off to a rocky start
Thor and Cho getting off to a rocky start

A new heroic age dawned with the fall of Osborn's reign after the attack on Asgard, and Athena claims that Amadeus will be its greatest hero. With both Hera and Zeus now dead, she installs Amadeus as the new C.E.O. of the Olympus Group to prepare him for what will be needed and give him the resources to see it through. However, Amadeus has other things on his mind. He had journeyed to Hades again, only to discover that Hercules was not there as he should have been.

With Hebe as his loyal personal assistant, Amadeus, the Prince of Power and C.E.O. of the Olympus Group, commits all of the resources at his disposal to finding Hercules to bring his friend back. He changes his usual look to befit his new status as a solo act and begins using Hercules' adamantine mace as a weapon along with a small assortment of gadgets, some borrowed from Bruce Banner. Unfortunately, his prospects for finding Hercules are not promising.

Overwhelmed by the Chaos King
Overwhelmed by the Chaos King

A possibility Amadeus had not considered arrives with Vali Halfling, an old enemy of the Hulk's and leader of the Pantheon. The immortal son of Loki knows of a recipe capable of making one into a true god, and he proposes an alliance with Amadeus to acquire the ingredients, which are Olympian ambrosia, golden apples of Idunn, the Book of Thoth, and the Moon-cup of Dhanvantari. Amadeus knows better than to trust Vali, so a race for the ingredients begins. Amadeus believes that if he can become a god then he can bring Hercules back.

After fending off an attack by Thor who mistakenly thinks Amadeus has stolen from Asgard, Cho enters into an awkward partnership with the God of Thunder in order to acquire the ingredients. However, Vali is able to stay one step ahead of them every time. The partnership with Thor soon falls apart as the Odinson confesses he finds Amadeus to be far too much like a young Loki, and Amadeus is forced to trick him so he can reach Vali first. At the last minute, he is able to get his hands on all the ingredients and complete the ritual himself, becoming a god on the level of a skyfather. In this enlightened state, he realizes Thor was right and this power cannot be trusted with him, so he brings Hercules back and bestows all of his godlike power on his friend.

Chaos War

Hercules, with the power of a skyfather, warns of the imminent return of Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the Chaos King, who will come with an unrelenting army of enslaved gods at his back. The opening attack on Earth is overwhelming and sees most of the population and a majority of the heroes rendered unconscious. Amadeus and Hercules join with a new God Squad that consists of Sersi, Daimon Hellstrom, Venus, Silver Surfer, and Galactus in an attempt to save the universe.

The Chaos King tears through Nightmare's realm, conquers Hell, and destroys the boundary between life and death. All of reality is being consumed into the chaotic void to which Mikaboshi wants it all to return. Soon, even Amadeus with his hypermind cannot see any way to win. He and Galactus begin working on the means to transport survivors to the Continuu, a pocket reality created by Hera and in which Hercules had been imprisoned for so long. But when the time comes, he realizes that they could not save everyone this way, and he is unwilling to coldly choose who gets to live and who has to die. A new plan comes together in Amadeus' mind, and Hercules forces the Chaos King into the pocket reality, letting him consume that instead. Hercules then expends all of his godly power to restore reality and Amadeus is finally reunited with Delphyne.

Time Runs Out

Following an eight month time skip, Amadeus is seen as one of the new members of the Illuminati after Namor's departure. During a raid on Avengers Tower, Cho attempts to steal information that Tony Stark had left behind on the computers. The operation turns out to be sting, and he is attacked by Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and a squad of War Machine drones. Amadeus almost manages to evade his pursuers after hacking into one of the War Machine armors, but his plan is thwarted after he is captured by the Invisible Woman.


Normal, "Playful" Chulk


easily lifts a cruise ship(about 90,000 tons, but had been flooded and been underwater, probably making it closer to 100,000 tons, plus about 205 tons of people, bump that to 250 with baggage and stuff) clear out the water [3]

when weakened, effortlessly breaks out of chains [4]

stops a hit from Jane Thor quite easily with one hand while trying to explain to her what is going on.[6]

Lifts and swings a tree incredibly fast with no effort[4]

lifts a 2.3+ ton container, jumps from the crushing depths at the bottom of the ocean, and lands easily[25]

tears that same steel able to survive at the bottom of the ocean apart like tissue paper, while being oxygen deprived.[25]

shoves a truck into devil dinosaur's mouth[46]

tosses around devil dinosaur by the tail (devil dinosaur weighs about 10 tons)[46]

Takes a team consisting of the bootleg spider man, nova, vision, and ms marvel to restrain him.[26]

lifts a truck[49]

throws a devil dinosaur-sized (10 tons) monster into a building[47]

overpowers a building level monster [12]

slams the beast hard enough to shake the complex[12]

with one hand annihilates an entire large area[27]

catches a car thrown at him by someone with his own strength (still has adamantium proof skin, but now we know its only because laura isn't strong enough, although she's peak human)[39]

holds together a multi-ton plane through a hard impact[28]

stalemates the thing in a grappling bout. (the thing has been able to support oil rigs and lift buildings)[48]

can pull a multi ton ship at high speeds while swimming using a harness[28]

can absolutely ragdoll atlanteans, each of them ten times stronge than normal humans and able to hold down viv vision.they also should each be building level 4+ tonners.[28]

throws kegger at high speeds and rips through a creature that was ignoring the might of the military, including tanks and gunfire, and rockets[16]

is able to, with the small help of ms marvel, oneshot gorgon, a superhuman who can tank and survive missiles and blows from powerhouses.[53]

with the help of she-hulk, is able to restrain an angry hercules.[50]

rips through a tentacle that was shrugging off viv vision's lasers and cyclops's eye beams[42]

holds up a tentacle that was crushing and throwing ships[42]

lifts about a ton of weight[15]

can hold a monster with the strength of himself and multiple other creatures[40]

can throw a phone booth? hard enough to injure a monster with adamantium proof skin[40]

lifts a boulder[40]

loki-smashes ghost rider hard enough to seriously injure him, same ghost rider that can go toe to toe with starbrand and tank attacks from him[40]

can hold back 1765 kw/1765197.12 joules/second/1,320,000 footpounds per second, then 2648 kw/2647795.68 joules/second/1,980,000 footpounds per second, then 4413 kw/4412992.8 joules/second/3,300,000 footpounds per second, and increasing.[40]

catches the hell charger, a car that can punch through buildings and injure starbrand[40]

captain america can't restrain him[48]

throws cursed cass hard enough that she doesnt come back for the rest of the comic[37]

throws might hard enough to completely punch a hole through a building sized monster that shrugged off being impaled by trees which were then blasted, as well as punches from nova and spider-man[37]

breaks the bones of a creature with the combined durability of multiple heroes, including himself, and adamantium proof skin, as well as able to resist and overcome the might of shields weapons[38]

catches the fist of a multi-building sized monster (yes, a dream sequence, but it is fully possible by his own strength)[24]

throws xemnu miles into sea[24]

throws white fox across a building[24]

lifts a building sized monster[44]

wrestles devil dinosaur[44]

lifts a car easily[56]

using a jetpack, catches a falling space shuttle (>150,000+ pounds), and throws it back on course. yes, he had help, but since we don't know how strong the jetpack was, and he still used only his strength to throw it, we can say that he did most of this feat, or at least half of it, and he did so effortlessly.[19]

uses an adamantium claw to lop an adamantium body in two[19]

easily rips out 2 feet of solid titanium from it's hinges.[58]

states that he is stronger than 10 warpaths, and is only held down because there are 20. normally, i am skeptical of statements, especially of him, as the hulk, but what happens afterward confirms this.[58]

when pushed to the limit of his anger without being an angry toddler throwing a temper tantrum, easily throws off twenty adamantium cyborgs infused with warpath's strength like they weren't even there. warpath is a 90 tonner who could hit and stun juggernaut as hard as colossus, rip apart building level sentinels effortlessly, and even in this series, punch holes in adamantium cyborgs even after being ridiculously tortured.mind you, amadeus does this after being sliced at and held down by those very same cyborgs for 3 pages.[58]

lifts a tank that's bigger than he is, filled with some unknown fluids, and containing like half an adamantium cyborg. effortlessly. should probably be about a ton or more.[58]

smacks down an adamantium cyborg so hard that it causes it immense pain and actually makes the gamma-irradiated skin melt off it's body.[20]

after doing battle with that same cyborg for several pages, is able to casually wrestle with it while trying to preach to a bad guy. mind you, this thing has the strength of warpath, and was meant to have his own strength. later on he manhandles it, dealing with it and holding it with one arm, while at the same time doing the same to lady deathstroke, who is slicing at him like an angry kitty kat.[20]

when not holding back, effortlessly crumples up some adamantium (probably secondary) cyborgs [61]

while not holding back, effortlessly restrains the arm of an incredibly enraged adamantium cyborg with some of his powers. This beast would at least be a good mid-tier.[61]

effortlessly lifts really large peices of rubble from destroyed buildings[33]

when not holding back, effortlessly rips a tank in half.[62]

throws a building sized sea monster[62]

oneshots Lady Deathstrike, Sabertooth, and Old Man Logan with a throwdown.[22]

strangles and overpowers a "Hulkverine" with the semi-perfected DNA of him, making it already near his level, plus the fact that it's incredibly angry, raising it even closer, plkuys the fact that it has adamantium bones.[22]

despite the fact that 6 adamantium claws go through his hands and stay there, he is still able to keep Hulkverine down for a page.[22]

stops weapon H-A(alpha) dead with one hand even though he (it?) was angrily charging at his creators and amadeus was hurt. mind you, weapon H-A is the same as the Hulkverine, only all of amaddeus' gifts are perfected, so at base it's as strong as him, only much angrier.[22]

rips apart and crumples secondary adamantium hands in a flash back[23]

in another retelling, foderrizes some more of prince phalkan's soldiers[63]

holds back a huge tentacle monster that was fodderizing his clan[63]

even though he got sucker attacked, he's able to instantly react and nigh-oneshot/overpower a beign that could go toe to toe with hercules. these same types of beings tanked hits from mjolnir.[35]

overpowers the claws of the biggest ani-man there, whereas other, smaller ones could go toe-to toe with hercules and tank hits from mjolnir and cyclops blasts. [66]

blocks multiple lightning-amped blows from Odinson while holding back, and does this until his weapon breaks. [69]

together with ironheart, catches a train, halting a third of the force of the saturn V rocket blasting off.

oneshots puck. You don't mess with a hulk.[78]

overpowers sasquatch and slams him on snowbird, taking them both temporarily out of the fight.[78]

dashes forward and stops Snowguard's battle form in it's tracks, taking a bite as well. Despite having incredibly limited feats, sasquatch was failing to accomplish this despite grabbing on to her by surprise and having various energy blasts, including by captain marvel and viv, helping him. Cho was also holding back.[78]


oneshot KO's monster[1]

breaks out of fing fang foom's mouth [3]

onehots fing fang foom (who has been able to shrug off punches from multi-building level beigns)[3]

smashes a building level beast[11]

Hulk smashes (more accurately: folds rock like origami smash) and a durability feat... tanks a punch from a she-hulk level monster in the previous page[4]

Enchanted rock monster made by the freaking enchantress smash.[5]

in 6 hits breaks a bunker (and shakes an entire underground area with an earthquake) which Grey Hulk pounded on ALL NIGHT (releasing at least several thousand punches) without moving it.[8]

to add on to this further. neither grey hulk, she-hulk in a more powerful form, and ares could scratch that bunker, red hulk can only put holes in it, skaar was implied to have no chance of escape, neither was rick jones hulk (nigh-stalemated grey hulk). it has also been said to be nuke-proof and an extremely sad (not mad) classic savage hulk could only punch a hole in it, it was impervious to hulk back in the days when he was only city level, and still even when he got the upgrade way back when to mountain level. even after he was solidly multi-island level, he exhausted himself breaking out from there.

his punches are registered on a seismic level and he carves 11 HUGE letters into MOUNTAINS... you might say that he is "wild" hulk, but this is debunked on the next page.[9]

again causes an earthquake with a punch(shakes a town)[25]

hitting devil dinosaur, (10 tons) so hard that he flies entire blocks away.[46]

Knocks Old Man Logan miles with every hit, and also heals from a slice on his leg given to him on the previous page.[51]

through structures like they were made out of tissue paper (side note: in the course of the fight, they went all the way to BROOKLYN, a distance of 10.4 miles in 3 hulk punches, so for every punch cho threw they travelled an average of about 3.5 miles)[51]

smashing and draws blood from creature that effortlessly shrugged off a building sized explosion, lasers, electricity, irradiated adamantium bullets and flame, before it got amped.[11]

tunnels through rock, and comments that he has thrown trucks over the horizon[27]

with a single foot tap, shakes a 4700 sq feet large area.[13]

hurts a being with the combined durability of nova (alexander) , iron man, ms marvel (khan), captain america (wilson), and himself. {iffy canonicity}[53]

swats a being that weighs over a third of a ton hard enough for it to fly into the sky at extreme speeds, injuring modok, who has multi-mountain level durability. {iffy canonicity}[53]

punches a creature with his durability through a building, and mentions that he has "everything-proof skin [39]

a creature with his strength is able to severely harm x-23, who has survived building sized explosions.[39]

fights the thing, destroying a street and trading trash talk[48]

injures the thing, a being who has taken falling from orbit and mountains collapsing on top of him[48]

in the final pages of a perfect stalemate with the freaking thing, hits thing hard enough to chip his skin, and gets hit, and then they both fall head together unconcsious[48]

hits the thing again, injuring him[48]

states (twice) that he can can "break out of an atlantean prison/airtube with ease",and the atlantean actually agrees, if not for killing his friends[28]

can oneshot beings that can dwell in the crushing pressures miles below the sea.building level easily and 4+ tonners.[28]

can easily punch a hole through an armored hull of a ship that can navigate crushing pressures[28]

can hit an enormous metal dragon hard enough to bloody it, dent it, and make one of it's eyes pop out completely, also turns around and catches jeremy lin before he could fall far[14]

completely oneshots and kills a huge metal dragon by going straight through its chest[14]

puts a heavily armored alien prince, where a weaker member of his species is bulletproof and can take blows from shang chi, and can also survive building sized weapon filled ships crashing.who can kick down radio towers and shatter metal,to the face,down with a punch[15]

one-shots an enormous monster[43]

this is its size (bigger than an oil platform)[37]

shatters a boulder and knocks the hell charger so far away it takes a page to come back[40]

creates a tremendous impact while holding back[40]

when actually hitting full force, he goes from ghost rider no selling it and creating a large impact, to knocking ghost rider "out of the park: and hurting him, and ghost rider is bulletproof and can shrug off extended beatings from very powerful superhumans before getting much more powerful, as well as tanking blasts from starbrand[40]

punches and injures a creature with the combined durability of multiple heroes, including himself, and adamantium proof skin, as well as able to resist and overcome the might of shields weapons[40]

injures sasquatch, a dude that could brawl with classic hulk[49]

oneshots a she-hulk level monster[1]

hits with the same force she-hulk, a brawler that can injure classic hulk[1]

oneshots fing fang foom[3]

breaks into a mountain with thor[6]

does this to a dwarven fortress[6]

puts the alien prince down, and draws blood from him with a punch, again[16]

renders the alien prince motionless, hits so hard that it can be heard from far away, and brings down a building sized alien mothership, which is armored and can tank asteroid collisions and the like, in 2 hits.[16]

injures a monster that can tank shields might unharmed[41]

oneshots a building sized monster[37]

hits a building level monster as hard as fing fang fooms fire[44]

knocks out an armored multi-building level monster in 3 punches (yes, a dream sequence, but fully possible under his own strength)[24]

knocks frigging Xemnu miles up into the air, drawing blood from him, and the narration says that he could have killed him with a punch[24]

punches the ground, making people fly[39]

smashes devil dinosaur, hurting him[50]

one-shots the alien prince, again, this time creating a shockwave which also oneshotted his previously mentioned soldiers[17]

hits someone with his durability dozens of feet, injuring him[42]

smashes ground, throwing Hydra soldiers around[54]

while weakened,drained, and injured, stomps and causes an earthquake that throws dozens of people and beigns in the air, shaking a large landmass.[18]

when done with his sh*t, basically liquifies prince blargon while holding back.[18]

calculates his options, and backhands droplets of his own blood hard enough to rip apart an adamantium (probably secondary) cyborg[19]

after a large fall, hits hard enough to annihilate an adamantium (probably secondary) cyborg.[58]

when pushed to the limit of his anger without losing control, he effortlessly rips 20 adamantium cyborgs like they were tissue paper, finishing with them before their peices hit the ground. this is after being held down and sliced for 3 pages, and shot in the eye.[58]

hits an adamantium cyborg down so hard that he knocks it out. this would be similar o knocking out an amped wolverine or sabertooth.[20]

punches a hole in a fortress wall designed to hold "every superpower under the sun" and was shielding an entire inhuman town from the outside world.[32]

backhands saberthooth. that looks painful.Also states that he (hits like a) is a bomb.[21]

bullies sabertooth some more after being clawed in the leg[21]

gets angry and 5-shots sabertooth. sabertooth has taken punches from captain marvel and sasquatch. it isn't technically a 5-shot because sabes didn't get K-O'd afterwards, but he was struggling to walk and talk, and at that point he was defenseless, and could have been BFR'd if amadeus so wanted.[21]

while not holding back, effortlessly backhands an incredibly enragedadamantium cyborg with some of his powers. the fact that it has some of his powers as well as adamantium bones make this possible mountain+ level.[61]

effortlessly rips through a bunker, shaking a compound[61]

tremor taps, shaking and destroying the surrounding area and throwing soldiers and their vehicles around.[62]

injures a skyscraper sized sea monster that no-sold the military's best and could survive the crushing pressures of the depths.[62]

when he got serious, he oneshotted that same monster[62]

sucker punches a fighting CLASSIC HULK, sending him flying and injuring him.[62]

punches an enraged CLASSIC HULK, sending him flying into a large rock, breaking it, and injuring him.[62]

stops holding back, and punches and injures an enraged CLASSIC HULK. [62]

the shockwave of a fight with classic hulk devastates and flattens the cliffside beach.[62]

Stalemates CLASSIC HULK.[62]

stuns a "Hulkverine" with the semi-perfected DNA of him, making it already near his level, plus the fact that it's incredibly angry, raising it even closer, plus the fact that it has adamantium bones. this would be a being quite a bit more durable than beings like classic hulk and thing.[22]

oneshot smashes the psycho-man's advanced box, which was capable of no-selling cyclops' beam[34]

together with hercules, beats down a minotaur-like hyper evolved monster. he seem like he does most of the work here. the thing no-sold blasts from nova and went to to toe with hercules.[35]

hits it hard enough that it's put down for the time it takes for the rest of the team to get here. this was after it sneak attacked him and tried to shove it's fingers down it's throat. It could go toe to toe with hercules.[35]

this is self explanatory (hits as hard as jane thor, destroying a large futuristsic spaceship/meteor)[35]

bullies the High Evolutionary [36]

Uses his "5th/8th smartest" intelligence and his ridiculous strength and genius mind to create a counter-vibration to the entire planet over a 60 square mile city called naucalpan, more specifically the Ciudad Satélite area where "thousands of people live" with 3 can even see the word boxes vibrating with the sheer vibratory force of his foot striking the earth at blur speeds. although, mark is really not being original here, considering 2 issues of this crossover ago, this was the exact same logic performed and acted out on a much smaller area with the same person criticizing it as rude and Nova, so Mark Waid using it as a completely novel idea and having Wasp criticize it despite kamala and wasp herself, kind of, having the idea just 2 crossover issues ago is utter WIS. Amadeus is a savage to her here though. [36]

does a humongous ultra-smash against the biggest of the ani-men, stunning and hurting it. These dudes could go toe-to toe with hercules and tank mjolnir.[66]

together with some of the avengers and champions, smashes a being made of the high evolutionary own genetic code.[66]

stomps and makes a badass threat [67]

injures and bloodies Thor without unleashing his rage mode. [68]

Hulk Splash [70]

with spidey pulling it towards him, he oneshotted one of the master's drones while still flying the plane. [77]

Application of strength

creates rock shield[1]

thunderclaps, overpowering high-energy vibranium weaponry soundwaves and overwhelming the hulkbuster's vibranium capacity to absorb impact and forcing it back.[10]

Thunderclaps away tons of falling rock.[25]

thunderclaps yet again, and ragdolls some human soldirs and tables and chairs[27]

rips off a basketball hoop-stand-thing and swings it at extremely high speeds hard enough to shatter all the glass and break/dent it.[13]

using a "baseball bat" swings it hard and fast enough to not only knock down and stun a giant metal dragon, but crumple up its nose[13]

devastates and kills a giant metal dragon that could survive a volcano[13]

thunderclaps paintball pellets out the air[29]

backhands droplets of his blood hard enough to rip apart adamantium[19]

his thunderclaps should be enough to put out ordinary fires of this size, but because it is liquid flame, for plot purposes, and because he's feeling sad and focusing on the number of dead, he couldn't do it. notice the shockwave, and he asked falcon to stand back and cover his ears tells us how powerful this is.[33]

while weakened,drained, and injured, stomps and causes an earthquake that throws dozens of people and beigns in the air, shaking a large landmass.[18]

tremor taps, shaking and destroying the surrounding area and throwing soldiers and their vehicles around.[62]

thunderclaps, sending a bunch of sand and two 6.5 ton army helicopters flying[62]

[tremor tap]

Uses his "5th/8th smartest" intelligence and his ridiculous strength and genius mind to create a counter-vibration to the entire planet over a 60 square mile city called naucalpan, more specifically the Ciudad Satélite area where "thousands of people live" with 3 can even see the word boxes vibrating with the sheer vibratory force of his foot striking the earth at blur speeds. so essentially, he's using his hypermind to precisely calculate the precise vibrational frequency of entire planet's worth of flash-style vibrationary phasing concentrated on on city-sized area and counter it, with his calculations factoring in thousands of people, as well as buildings, animals, etc. Oh, and immediately after, with a little of wasps assistance, although he completely overshadows her here though, lol, builds a teleporter/vibrational frequency thingy that allowed him to use the Elephant man's frequency to successfully enter another vibrational plane of reality and enter the precise location he wants over an earth-sized area. and he does this with stuff from the jet and a damn shopping mall, which he collects in like, 3 panels. although, mark is really not being original here, considering 2 issues of this crossover ago, this was the exact same logic performed and acted out on a much smaller area with the same person criticizing it as rude and Nova, so Mark Waid using it as a completely novel idea and having Wasp criticize it despite kamala and wasp herself, kind of, having the idea just 2 crossover issues ago is utter WIS. Amadeus is a savage to her here though. [36]

stomps, stopping all the talk in the room, and makes a badass threat [67]

thunderclaps sandman away, who's taken blows from thing. actually replicates what classic hulk has done. [72]


gets smashed by a huge beast[1]

shaken around[2]

tanks fing fang foom, a 6000 ton beast falling on him with no injury, in facts, smiles it off.[3]

tanks a punch from fing fang foom with only minor injury ( fin fang foom can destroy buildings effortlessly)[3]

Tanks an entire mine collapsing on him and literally laughs it off.[25]

is bulletproof[25]

Is not seriously affected by a punch from a she-hulk level monster, plus the fact that this was a sucker punch, so...[4]

gets blasted by cyclops which is willing to kill, which is pure concussive force enough to blast craters in mountains, and just annoys him.[26]

gets blasted again by an angry cyclops, and it also just annoys him.[26]

takes the attacks of a dozen she hulk level monsters at once with only a bloody lip that heals instantly, while shouting that he's fine.[4]

again is confirmed that he is completely bulletproof[38]

and is mildly irritated by a car slamming into him at high speeds[38]

takes a sucker punch from the thing, a being able to sink aircraft carriers and accidentally split buildings[48]

takes a punch from the thing and rebounds off of lunella's spring and face-first onto the floor. it is also mentioned that they are destroying an entire street with their fight and no one can stop a hulk vs thing fight.[48]

even when hit by a giant metal dragon in the spine, still doesnt let go of jeremy lin[14]

tanks falling frrom an extremely high height hard enough to make a crater[14]

tanks a huge teleportation blast that made him hit the ground hard enough to crack it[14]

can throw away metal robots. and is still completely bulletproof[14]

can take the crushing pressure of being grabbed and squeezed by a tentacle that could crumple and throw ships, as well as acid[43]

a hit from the hell charger, a car that can hurt superhuman, and rip through buildings and cars, and injure starbrand, only mildly hurts him[40]

takes a hit from the hell charger powerful enough to make a crater[40]

completely no-sells a hit from robbie reyes, a dude that shatters normal people's bones, bunches them through cars and injures superhumans with his punches, before getting much more powerful,and it takes the hell charger to momentarily stun him. mind you robbie has gone to to toe with starbrand and johnny blaze and the hell charger has injured starbrand[40]

tanks a punch from a creature with his strength and multiple other beings[40]

does it again, and breaks some scrap[40]

tanks another punch from the hell-charger[40]

is unaffected by a tremendous running hit that sent him flying and shook the ground from lady hellbender, who can cause earthquakes with her hits and injure she-hulk[1]

when weakened, shrugs off hit from aforementioned lady hellbender[2]

tanks an attack from lady thor, a city buster[6]

tanks a blow from an enchanted uru mace wielded by a multi-tonner[6]

tanks a hit from devil dinosaur[46]

tanks the pressure of being deep underwater twice [10] [3]

tanks an explosion of a building sized, armoured alien mothership that had to have 3 acres of space cleared.[16]

tanks a huge power blast from an alien staff that could oneshot other heroes[16]

tanks an explosion from a large bomb and was unaffected and breaks out of a rock prison[37]

Takes a HUGE blast from cyclops, again, who can punch holes through mountains. and it doesn't even stop him finishing his sentence, only knocks him back a bit[29]

devil dinosaur taking a full-page runup and hitting him isn't enough to stop him even momentarily[47]

again devil dino hitting him doesnt stop him more than momentarily[47]

a monster with his strength only stuns him for a little bit[38]

fing fang foom only knocks him out because he lost focus, temporarily, and for plot reasons [3]

survives multiple blows from a multi city block/skyscraper size beign that knocked out the other heroes and monsters, and wrecked the city, and colonizes planets[45]

is unhurt by blasts that can easily kill humans[17]

no-sells a building level blast rebounded, together with two other similarly indestructible people.[30]

survives a kick from someone who can injure luke cage {iffy canonicity}[57]

No-sells a large Blast from cyclops, who can punch holes in mountains, that not only blasts him away, but through some robots which explode on his body, while at the same timeshooting at him with energy bullets, which dissapate on his skin. his durability is so great that instead of being hurt in the least by it, they're gonna turn it into a team-up move. [31]

tanks being in the epicenter of a blast, from the hydra elite, where some of their other ships have the capability to destroy buildings, and being close to a blast from some advanced hydra tech.[55]

he says himself that a few paltry missiles won't hurt him, however they fly past him and hit him in the back, when he was unprepared for that hit in an high-tech explosion large enough to vaporize his metal jetpack, and this only annoys him.[19]

tanks being on the edge of an explosion that can blow up adamantium robots[19]

tanks being face first at the center of an explosion that blew up an adamantium robot. pretends to be knocked out after, but is fine.[19]

tanks orbital re-entry into water which would be as hard as concrete. no-sells the extreme heat (1,900 degrees celsius), creates a huge splash. is fine after.[19]

no-sells, and in fact, makes him angrier, being shot in the eye by sabertooth, while he is being sliced at by 20 enemies, and by a gun which can rip these same enemies apart.[58]

tanks an explosion that vaporizes some humans and devastates an oild platform. he only seems hurt because he is trying to comprehend what happened.[58]

withstands multiple shots from guns designed to put down a hulk, and powerful enough to have miles' spider-sense "eating his head", so basically guns very very much more powerful than miles's durability can take[32]

No-sells a punch from Ms.Marvel (Khan)[60]

tanks his eyes being gouged out, a suitcase nuke (10 kilotons, i think that because it's super advanced and some military versions are just under 2 kilotons, and was said to be able to wipe out the entire facility/community/town) and an 8.5 mile (trying to be stealthy and maximum cloud height) fall, and it just makes him angrier.Also states that he can stomp sabertooth, sabertooth knows it, and he proves it a few seconds later.[22]

no-sells an explosion that destroyed a shaft [61]

a surprise stray bullet crumples on the back of his head[62]

tanks multiple... well, tanks, unloading on him and banner[62]

no-sells a tank shell[62]

no-sells heavy fire[62]

no-sells army fire.[62]

tanks a punch from CLASSIC HULK.[62]

the shockwave of a fight with classic hulk devastates and flattens the cliffside beach.[62]

Stalemates CLASSIC HULK.[62]

Tanks a beatdown from CLASSIC HULK, and tries to talk him down, but gives up.[62]

tanks a sucker kick from classic hulk, and then another punch.[62]

Tanks a beatdown from the hulkverine as he's trying to talk it down. as I said, it should already be around his level, not to mention a bare adamantium skeleton that he's being hit with. the shockwave of this beatdown caused a chasm to form at surface level, despite the fact that they were 100 feet down. the crack devastated building and stretched from the outskirts of the town to a very large distance.[22]

tanks 2 hits from the Batch H-A creature that take him to his knees and break his nose. although he was hurt before, these blows are obviously more powerful than the Hulkverine's (mostly because the hulkverine was like 75-80% finished and Weapon H-A is 100%), but he gets back up within the same page and is helping people. again, this is like getting hit with an adamantium skeleton propelled with strength probably higher than his own (the Weapon H-A had enough strength to move his claws hard enough to behead the hulkverine; neither warpath. the shockwave of this blow devastates and destroys an entire town, including a large facility 100 feet down.[22]

tanks a crash landing and explosion from a portal while moving at incredbile speeds. the things that makes this significant are that the crash was from a distance of 1000 stonesteps up, and the portal into sakaar, which has increased gravity meaning he was moving even faster, weakened him to the point that he was cut by ordinary blades [63]

no sells a 50 megaton Tsar Bomb[23]

no sells another surprise large explosion with hercules. [66]

together with hercules, uses cyclops eye blasts as propulsion, and slams against a meteor that oneshotted vision, slowing it down tremendously and punching huge chunks off of it. cyclops must've been using close to full power, because...well, look at how big the blast was. [66]

bucktooth stereotyped cho art no-sells an advanced blaster [36]

takes a sucker punch from Unworthy Thor while weakened [67]

tanks a lightning amped blow from Unworthy Thor that cracks the earth so hard that magma gushes out, and still recovers in time to save Maeera. [68]

takes a beating from frigging Odinson with jarnbjorn and holds out enough to rope-a-dope him [68]

No-sells heat-seeking missiles while still weakened [69]

Then is only momentarily stunned from those same missiles blasted point blank in his face [69]

Then no-sells a nuke that would have killed all the sakaarians, then absorbs it... [69]

he's probably back to full strength or stronger now.

tanks and blocks lasers that were able to rip through nova [71]

while being held back by sasquatch, tanks a pucnh from snowbird's bear form, which was able to goe toe to toe with ameratsu mikaboshi[78]

tanks being punched by snowguard's battle form. Snowgaurd contains teh soul and power of teh north inside of her and was overpowering sasquatch before needing to be calmed down. Cho appeared to be overpowered because of the size difference and her abusing it to get leverage[78]


cutting resistance, resists enchanted uru weaponry wielded by multi-tonners[6]

fire resistance[1]

resists and shrugs off cannon fire, even to the genitals...[5]

freezing resistance[8]

sonic resistance by high-energy vibranium weaponry[10]

resists enough spores to knock out a 300,000 pound (136 tons) animal.[10]

resists his own energy amplified and redirected against him by vibranium, which gets stronger over time. resists it for 6 pages, with at least 4 being visible.[10] [11]

slicing resistance, well not real resistance, but it carried multi building level force behind it. and a striking feat.[11]

actually resists and heals from, a slice[12]

an alien monster cant get through his skin until he sticks his tongue out, and even with his stregth, still cant cut through,also mentions that his skin is invulnerable[38]

(ok, to get the context of this, we have to go back to last issue. if you remember amadeus fights a monster that if it manages to gain some blood or genetic material from a being, it can completely copy that beings powers and abilities, which is proven when cho hulk exactly stalemates the beast, and later on in this issue, laura not only likens the creature to the hulk, but amadeus explains that the creature is "power processing" not only that but the power copying is so accurate that when the creature got some of lauras blood, it was able to combine its already extreme hulk stolen strength, which hulk outlines exactly with laura's BONE claws. BONE, not only that but the creature also seems to have a representation of laura's different "personalities" remember the creature beat them only because it was intelligent in battle and they weren't able to work together successfully and combine their powers, and the creature had no such problem. side note: don't go thinking that amadeus is completely invulnerable to adamantium, its just that laura just doesn't have the strength to do it, which is still WIS, but a feats a feat.)

amadeus, or at least a creauture who stole his exact powers, has wolverine proof skin[39]

even when carried by a creature with his strength, bone claws still cant penetrate through his skin to the point where they shatter and he mentions that they are not sharp enough[39]

tanks ghost rider's hellfire[39]

resists and overwhelms a planetary telepath [24]

gets sliced by robots with adamantium claws plus the speed of lady deathstrike, sabertooth, and old man logan, and the strength of a 90 tonner (warpath), and flight capabilities, for over a page, and is fine after, even though it is quite a bit of damage, but the slices dont go deep. (is around 45??? times weaker than bannerhulk, which isn't a real detriment).[19]

gets sliced by twenty cyborgs with adamantium claws, warpath's strength driving them, flight capabilities,plus the speed of lady deathstrike, sabertooth, and old man logan, for 4 pages straight, and, even during those 4 pages+, can still discuss with sabertooth and domino, and immediately afterwards is in a fighting state and is fine. his wounds also don't seem to be that deep. more confirmation that he's weaker than bannerhulk, because he can't get mad enough to channel the power like bruce does.[58]

a slice from lady deathstroke to the face is only surface level, and really only looks as if he was sliced by a kitty kat[20]

a slice from an adamantium cyborg who was easily perforating him and had adamantium claws, warpath's strength driving it, flight capabilities, plus the speed of lady deathstrike, sabertooth, and old man logan. and it doesnt even draw blood[20]

tank's Stevil's Mijolnir Lightning[56]

tanks the blue flame of the building sized sea monster, which was able to devastate a city block.[62]

slices from adamantium blades only go skin deep [62]

shrugs off a slice from a huge robot that doesn't penetrate his skin, while extremely weakened. [67]

Survives multiple blows from Jarnbjorn propelled by the Odinson, it bloodies him up, but he heals [68]

no-sells and blocks a blast from electro [72] [74]



jumps far[1]

high jumps[2]

jumps from alabama to the mojave desert (1895.6 miles) in the time it takes the 4th smartest man in the world to snap to his senses, and ask what's happening. that's right. he travelled almost two thousand miles in the time it would take most to put on a shirt. assuming it took 30 seconds for the man who's mind operates faster than a supercomputer to analyze that he wasn't the hulk anymore, realize that someone else who was a close friend was the hulk, and ask why (tremendous highball), chulk would be travelling at mach 296, faster than lightning. giving him 25 seconds to do it, mach 355, 20 seconds mach 444, 15, mach 593 almost 2x lightning speed and still a highball, 10 seconds, mach 889, 5 seconds would actually be a reasonable time, and we would come out with mach 1778.81778. which would be the realistic number, but let's tremendously highball it and place it at 30 seconds.




he's still jumping at mach 296.

faster than lightning


travels a distance of 188 miles in about... 5 seconds, although that is by road, cutting straight through would probably shorten it by a distance of about... 50 miles, so he travelled 138 miles in.. 5 seconds, so mach 129.4...[10]

jumps straight up definitely going many miles up, in fact probably going into low earth orbit, in a couple seconds.[26]

within a few minutes finishes his high jump, and goes hundreds of miles away to civilization, and gets water, and jumps back, and is greeted by a cyclops blast to the face.[26]

multi-jumps far[12]

is able to near instantaneously jump to catch up with a metal dragon flying at high speeds.[14]

moves at speeds high enough to create afterimages[14]

jumps a very long distance in 2 seconds[15]

jumps 200 miles in a short time period[5]

jumps as fast a she-hulk[8]

jumps across a city instantly[24]

jumps 8.5 miles in like 2 seconds. that's mach 20.[21]

jumps as fast as a classic hulk that was chasing him, from death valley to el matador state beach, a distance of 286.6 miles. if he jumps it in 3 seconds, mach 95, 1 minute, mach 22, 20 seconds sounds like a good estimate and seems acccurate, and that's mach 66, and seeing as to how classic hulk can already jump at dozens of mach, even more accurate.[62]

outraces heat-seeking missiles while weakened[69]


dodges the blows of lady hellbender for an entire fight[2]

dodges lava spit... ugh... acid mucus. jeez.[3]

effortlessy catches old man logan's hand and breaks it.[51]

Snags old man logan without him reacting , who is definitely far above human speed.[51]

Yadda yadda fight, scene, Amadeus and creature fighting, crushing trucks, until:

The creature has Amadeus pinned down.

The creature, while Amadeus is pinned, looks over and see's someone.

The creature then tries to whip the person with its tail

Amadeus moves around so fast we don't even see a blur (definitely FTE), seeming like he's teleporting, and stops the creature's tail before it travels a meter. he also does it while talking and looking at the person[38]

(side note, that creatures tail tagged x-23, who has been able to operate in fractions of a second, making the feat even better)

now, to extrapolate on this. normal whips move at the speed of sound. this one is wall level at least, with the strength of aamdeus powering it, so it should easily be 25 times the speed of sound (this is a large lowball, considering that it made him "oof". in the same series, ghost rider, someone who is several times wallbusting, couldn't do even close to the same, meaning that this hitting 4 times harder is a good estimate, meaning mach 142, so the other feats adjusted would mean it took 9 microseconds to do all of this) amadeus moved 10 feet to block it while it had moved 1.5. it would have taken 53 microseconds for it to move that far. amadeus was wrestling with someone of his own strength. he had to break a grip from someone with his own strength, something that would take several seconds at least, run past someone who can move and fight at blur speeds without them touching him, and then get into position to block it. he did this so fast that a blur speed being was left frozen in movement. he was also fast enough to immediately afterwards blitz that same beign, even though his back was turned to it. he also did this and operated at such speeds extremely casually, seeing as to, if not for an "oof", it didn't stop him from finishing his sentence, and the fight went on normally after, with him even blitzing the being after.

tags a creature that can read his blows, while mentioning that the fight was "only a workout"[39]

is stunned and has no idea where he is, and is facing the other direction, yet is still able to turn and shatter a boulder fired at high speeds by the hell charger, and speedblitz it at FTE speeds. after some calculations (hellcharger blatantly said to be 6000 horsepower, boulder I estimated to be 350 kg), the boulder was fired at 524.59 feet per second, he was about 15 feet away, but turned around. he had 28 milliseconds to react.logically, he heard the sound, and turned around in time to stop the boulder from hitting him. the sound would have reached him in 13 milliseconds, giving him 15 milliseconds, to comprehend that he had been teleported to a different location, analyze and become aware of his surroundings, and then turn around to smash the boulder. he only did this when the boulder was about 2 feet away, giving him 3 millisecondsto turn around and smash it.[40]

after no-sellling ghost riders kick, grabs and smashes him at blur speed before his foot can touch the ground [40]

runs across the beach and throws a propane canister at high speeds in 1.3 seconds[1]

is fast enough, to complain and thunderclap paintball pellets out the air after they were fired, with some calculations (paintball pellet 280 fps, distance 7 feet), it took him about 0.025 seconds, or 25 milliseconds/25 thousandths of a second to do it.[29]

blur speed combat[34]

blitzes xemnu[24]

blocks multiple lasers[17]

this is extremely impressive because these lasers should easily be able to travel 5 times faster than lightning (mach 1325), considering that they easily tagged silk, who can move blatantly faster than lightning and faster than peter as well as having spider-sense seconds faster than spider-man. the distance is about 15 feet, giving amadeus 10.06 microseconds to react and block these.

easily dodges multiple attacks from someone who has the combined speed of a lightning timer++, a bullet timer+++, and himself.[42]

sabertooth is about to slice a robot with a killing blow, yet amadeus grabs his hand effortlessly without sabertooth even reacting. sabertooth is a bullet timer+++[19]

when a bloodlusted lady deathstrike, who is bullet level+++++, is about to slash the people who had tortured her for days, amadeus comes out of nowhere (seriously, we last saw him fighting some adamantium cyborgs and previously to that, had just finished defeating 20 more who had been slicing him for 4+ pages) and easily catches her hand without her even reacting.appearing and catching the hands of people who look like they're about to kill someone is like his power, jesus. i mean, i could get sabertooth's, but this is just ridiculous.[58]

i dunno what kind of speed he got, but lady deathstrike is on a roof of a speeding car with no signs of getting off, and amadeus is busy dealing with an adamantium cyborg with warpath, lady deathstrike, Old man logan, and sabertooth's powers and a deformed version of his, and yet he somehow he teleports over to where he is, while still dealing with the robot, and teleports back before lady d or the cyborg, hell, even the camera, could keep up. or lady dee fell, and magically flew back a couple hundred feet and he caught her.[20]

even though he gets stabbed in the leg, mostly dodges a surprise attack from a robot with the speed of lady deathstrike, sabertooth,warpath, and old man logan,.[20]

sabertooth jumps at him and is only inches away, and he transforms, looks, and backhands him before a bullet timer+++ could reach him or reeact.[21]

dodges an attack from the sea monster[62]

dodges a point blank fire blast from the sea monster[5]

effortlessly grabs lady deathstrike, OML, and Sabertooth before they could react. [22]

completely jukes and gets behind a robot, as well as completely outsmarts it and within seconds figures out a plan and learned how to use his gun, and managed to save a group of 3 people that it was using as meat shields.[67]

blocks a massive scorpion's stinger while weakened [67]

blocks blows from unworthy thor like nothing until his sword breaks. [68]

casually psyches and dodges heatseeking missiles and redirects them right back to the warlord using supermath [69]

reacts and blocks lasers that only miles was able to react to because he has precog.[71]

blocks lightning [72]

tags and oneshots puck [78]

Healing factor

went from this...

to this...

in the space of a page.[11]

(okay, here we have the creature realizing that the bone claws cant hurt him, so it upgrades , note the the point of wolverine being unable to cut him still stands, as she specifically mentions she isnt strong enough, and unless you're going to tell me that x-23 is stronger than the hulk, the creature definitely is.)

the creature uses laura as a knife to cut hulk to the point where he is screaming in pain, wolverines hand is covered in his blood, and she is, dont take this the wrong way, inside of him up to her knuckles.

yet within moments hulk is not only able to speak, but able to eject her from him and actually joke with her, and then says that he will race her to see who can heal faster, confirming that he can actually heal as fast faster, or around as fast of her, and she has been able to regenerate from having all her skin blown off.[38]

is stabbed by 6 spears through various parts of the chest and 1 in the back, then is drained of most of his strength and then exhausts himself overpwering and vaporizing the spears, and is bloodied and beaten. (mind you, these spears were able to easily rip through building level++ foes

within two pages he is capable of slurred speech

by the end of the third page he is capable of not only proper speech, but action (very beginning/basically all of the 4th page) that causes a large earthquake.

and by the fifth page, he is fine and mid-page,all the blood is gone.[18]

for reference on how powerful the spears are[18]

intrestingly tends to heal more "minor injuries" first as the neck injury the cyborg gave him[20]

is healed by the next page

the cyborg sent 3 claws through his hand.[20]

fine by next page

sliced across face by lady Deathstrike[20]

fine by the end of the same page

when Old man logan takes out his Achilles heel and his hand

is fine by the next page and blatantly mentions that his healing factor is why, and also heals the damage done to him throughout the fight[51]

heals gouged out eyes and scratched legs by the next page and in a page, respectively[21]

6 claws through his hands are healed in 2 pages[22]

when 3 wolverine claws are sent through his back[22]

he heals within a couple pages[22]

when 6 wolverine claws are embedded in his chest, although he's supremely pissed[22]

he's fine by the next page[22]

when he's shanked from behind and 6 claws go through his chest[22]

he falls to his knees, but is back up within a page[22]

heals slices quickly [61]

heals the bite given to him by snowguard by the next page [78]

Pain Tolerance

when old man logan stabs him through the hand, his response isn't even to cry out in pain, it's "stop stabbing me!"[51]

when logan rips through his Achilles' tendon and cuts through his hand, his literal responsee is "ow" and he ignores it and blitzes logan[51]

black panther redirecting and magnifying his own strength against him, while draining him and putting him in an immense amount of pain doesn't put him down, even though it's done for 4 pages until he breaks free. hell, towards the end there, he even looked like he was on the verge of transforming back, but still panther was telling him to give up and that resistance was futile, but he still fought and overcame it.[10][11]

the cockroach monster cutting through his face is worth a "gah" before amadeus instantly resumes fighting[11]

the monster crunching his hand and slicing his face again just makes him angrier[11]

it takes him being shish-kabobbed to finally put him down, and only for a page before he's back up[11]

acid burning through his skin only annoys him[43]

aliens sticking their spears in his chest and back and draining him of his power isn't enough to take him down and he fights through it, even at one point gammabursting, for 5 pages.[18]

he came out looking like this

gets sliced by twenty cyborgs with adamantium claws, warpath's strength driving them, flight capabilities,plus the speed of lady deathstrike, sabertooth, and old man logan, for 4 pages straight, and, even during those 4 pages+, can still discuss with sabertooth and domino, and immediately afterwards is in a fighting state and is fine.[58]

the adamantium super-cyborg had 3 of its claws through his hand, and all that it got from him was a "gah" before he continued his sentence, even as it was slashing away at him[20]

ignores lady dee scratching him on the face, and the adamantium super-cyborg putting its claws through his arm and leg, and holds a conversation with lady deathstrike. you also see the difference between how hard lady D scratches and how hard the cyborg cuts[20]

completely ignores the adamantium super-cyborg embedding its hand in his stomach, for favour or reprimanding lady D[20]

gouged out eyes? a "gah"[21]

he, but for an aargh, is still able to hold down and try to talk to the hulkverine, even though it put 6 of it's claws through his hands and left them there. for a page.[22]

a slice through his back brings out a "gah" and the beast mode.[22]

when he's sucker shanked by 6 wolverine claws in the back, he's only falls to his knees, and is up again by the next page[22]

after all this damage (and a bit more), a shank through the shoulder still doesn't put him down, only keeps him on his knees until the next page[22]

endures odinson beating up on him enough to do a rope-a-dope [68]


here's a look at the gear he gets on Sakaar. He also has Spiked Gloves and a Chain I would say as far as his own character development, that's probably standard gear for now. Incredible Hulk #709-

Shreds through some metal tentacles [63]

shield throw KO [63]

Dem Chainz [63]

Cool New Armor and a Gun + Sword [64]

Slices completely through the arm holding sharn and her group.[67]

blast murderkills huge advanced cyborg with his gun. [67]

rips apart a massive scorpion with his sword while weakened[67]

armour is tough enough to no-sell a massive scorpion sting.[67]

his sword is enough to block several blows from friggin Jarnbjorn before breaking. [68]

the same with a new sword Maeera gives him [68]

Serious, "Wild" Chulk


effortlessly breaks through a titanium level substance, and throws lady hellbender into the ground at a high speed.[2]

shakes off a dozen she hulk level beings effortlessly.[4]

easily rips apart vibranium[11]

rips off the other wakanadan vibranium hulkbuster arm...a and sets off a mini gamma-emp? woah[11]

although offscreen, easily takes down 2 adamantium cyborgs, even after he had been sneak attacked[58]

Holds back an incredibly enraged adamantium cyborg with some of his power. as I've said already, these should be mountain level or higher. [61]

swats some of Phalkan's guard. With Phalkan. And runs the numbers. [73]

slams down an orbital satellite that was draining him [75]

ODINSON couldn't overpower his grip. [75]


shakes an island, and threatens to sink a large hawaiian island[4]

rock smash... again. but better[6]

shreds vibranium[10]

takes care of several incredibly enraged adamantium cyborgs with some of his power. as I've said already, these should be mountain level or higher.[61]

Again [61]

after he gets in touch with his inner monster and stops holding back, his eyes start leaking gamma and he unleashes on the hulkverine one of the most beautiful glancing blows I've seen in comics[22]

then he get's shanked with 6 several foot lokng steak knives, completely ignores them, and uppercuts the Hulkverine straight up 100 feet[22]

at the end of the day, once he stops holding back, he beats the hulkverine the hell down. mind you, this thing already ias almost as durable ass him, ridiculously angry, and has adamantium bonesif not for the fact that he was distracted and this thing has most of both the hulk's and wolverines healing factor, amadeus put him down. the beatdown caused tremors that was shaking the facility 100 feet down.[22]

hits down with enough force to almost break THE MOON

The number given was a 123.2 on the ritcher scale and climbing, which is so far above the big bang it's not funny, but that's a ridiculous outlier and comic book writers can't be bothered to do the math, so we'll go with what was shown, which is nigh moon busting. [23]

obliterates a tentacle-y monster [63]

the action of him moving his hand down oneshots a building level++ alien. mind you, he's in a lot of pain here and is being drained. [18]

smashes while ridiculously weakened [64]

smashes the ground, causing a tremor that stops and flips a multi-ton mad max style car while ridiculously weakened [64]

punches Thor so damn hard that he could barely move afterwards, although he said that it wouldn't work again [68]

punches the warlord in his suit, taking him out. warlord in this same suit took a nuke and heatseeking missiles, but one amadeus punch takes him down. [69]

punches Phalkan [70]

Puts Phalkan in the hospital for years, shattering bones, puncturing organs, and nearly killing him. talk about escalation of damage. [70]

takes out Phalkan's guard [73]

Beats down FREAKING ODINSON in a fight. [75]

a backhand from him hurts odinson. He was weakened, but also extremely pissed off [76]

Application of strength

thunderclaps, blowing back and stunning Sasquatch and other heroes. [75]

thunderclaps again, destroying weapons used to attack him [76]


tanks being punched from Phalkan way up in the sky [70]

while being drained, tanks hits from captain marvel and sasquatch, and laser blasters [75]

Tanks a bulllrush that knocks him miles away, and other lightning amped hits from friggin ODINSON.[75]

tanks an assault from Sasquatch, Captain Marvel, and Odinson, while weakened [76]


easily resists and overpowers his own redirected strength in seconds that had been putting him down for six pages and was getting stronger.[11]

completely shrugs off a slice from a beign who was getting stronger and that was carving through him when calm[12]

survives and stays standing after being attacked and drained by 6 different spears of the type that can teleport large landmasses 18 or 67 million lightyears, and one drew blood from him before. It is also mentioned that he got knocked out with half of this previously, but he's still standing.[18]

with even more power (quite a bit more) he survives and is slowly put on his hands and knees by five of these spears until he gets angry. remember all that I said above and now with quite a bit more power, and these spears are stuck inside of him, and since they haven't stopped draining him, he's even weaker than previously.[18]

side note: the aliens are still able to fodderize house level foes, and this leads into the next feat.[18]

after getting angered by the defeat of his friends and while still being drained and blasted, with all the above in mind, the stands up and does a gamma burst that not only vaporizes the spears, but as explained later, blows out and defeats building level armor and beigns. mind you, he's was quite weakened, drained, and stabbed here,a nd yet he was able to completely overload and vaporize spears and armors that can channel enough energy to teleport a large landmass 18 or 67 million lightyears.[18]

no sells a large mad-max style car crashing and exploding on him while ridiculously weakened [64]

absorbs a nuke, growing back to full strength and probably more, and takes control of the hulk form... [69]

a large blast from an energy spear only distracts him

doesn't notice 5 continuous blasts from the spears while he's having mental conversations.

even after 2 blasts from a gamma inhibitor that depowered regular amadeus, he's able to still stay up and then power up. [73]

takes a barrage of adamantium shells which also weaken him, and heals quickly. [76]

tanks an assault from Sasquatch, Captain Marvel, and Odinson, while weakened [76]



jumps 100 miles per jump, which is mach 469. jeez.[11]

jumps into orbit, grabs a satelite, and slams it down within a page, while being drained and blasted [75]


quite effortlessly tags SPIDERMAN, who can react in microseconds and dodge lasers and lightning,without his spidey senses even tingling.[2]

dodges Phalkan's weaponry, which was fast enough to reach him instantly from high in the sky. [70]

Healing Factor

Pain Tolerance

completely ignores the hulkverine sending six claws through his chest. like the hulkverine gets some eyes leaking gamma andd a roar for his trouble.[22]

Gamma Burst

Creates a gamma-EMP with the energy he releases that shorts out the tech of one of the smartest people on the planet.[11]

Does a gamma burst that not only vaporizes the spears, but as explained later, blows out and defeats building level armor and beigns. mind you, he's was quite weakened, drained, and stabbed here,a nd yet he was able to completely overload and vaporize spears and armors that can channel enough energy to teleport a large landmass 18 or 67 million lightyears.[18]




Temporarily restrains man-thing [73]

Does it again until he gets fear-touched. Man thing in this issue was written as a damn beast, he took on the whole champion squad, could feel emotions, and could create portals [73]


Application of strength


tanks a punch from man thing [73]





Healing Factor

Pain Tolerance

Gamma Burst



each of the bracketed numbers at the end of the explanatory sentences refers to a number here, which, next to it, has the name of the issue the feat was performed in, for people who want to check it and the context out for themselves. I've put the volume number if necessary, but it should be easy, since none of them come pre-December 2015, so basically 2016.

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