non-Einsteinian power up?

I've been looking at threads about Cyke getting a secondary mutation but no one mentioned a certin way that he could use his current ones. As some of you probably know Cyclops powers have been reconned instead of shooting absorbed ambiant energy he now shoots energy from a demension of pure concusive foarce that exist only in his eyes. Some may view this as over complicated or depowering but the book "The Science Of The  X-men" has a diffrent take on it  (here's a link to Scott's page: ) The book told me something cool apparently His powers dont follow the laws of physics (or something).  The book told me that when scott and alex fell out of the plane scott for the first time unleashed his beam but instead of damaging the ground it just cushined there fall (ive never seen that version) this made me think of scotts ability to blast his beam off of things how could something that could "punch a hole in a mountain" bounce of a shiny substance it makes no sense. then i rember all the battle forums where people asume cyclops beam burns things and while i know that it doesnt burn but it still feels like i can rember it burning things and at other times cutting things. So here's my theory Cycke can subconsciously change the physical effect of his optic blast if marvel went with this Scott could have 4 diffrent versions of his optic blast (that all looked exactly the same)  
Cutting (maybe even adamantium)
Harmless push 
and Classic 
imagine what he could do with this and the best part is he wouldnt have to get new powers just have his expanded it wouldnt be a secondary mutation and visually he would be the same old Cyclops plus it means he has some control of his powers what do you think