Sorry about the screw up guys!

I had some dumb stuff on my page that made my opinion more important than the rest of yours(all my posts were centered in grey boxes). Haha. Just kidding.

But, with the help of Methos, all is well in comicvine again.

So, thank him for not letting me crash or destroy pages or something!

YAAAAY Methos!


I am in another band.....again.

Well, so much for me not playing anymore. My friend John coaxed me into coming out of retirement and starting another band with him. As usual, me on guitar and vocals and him on drums and vocals and we are just going to have to find the other pieces...except...this is going to be considerably heavier, more aggressive and intentionally offensive.

Its a power violence/hate band called Zordon. Yes, in the Power Rangers.

This should be fun.I'll put up pics after we get some shows....maybe a video????



Black Cat (1994) 1-4

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 1-12

Claws 1-3

Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular

Gambit (1993 1st Series Marvel) 1-4

Heroes for Hire (1997 1st Series) 10-11

Iron Man (1996 2nd Series) 1-13

Iron Man Captain America 1998 Annual

Nightcrawler (1985 1st Series)

Secret Defenders (1993) 15-17

Superman Batman Annual (2006)

Wolverine Gambit: Victims (1995) 1-4

X-Calibre (1995) 1-4

X-Force 1 (2 copies. come on, it comes with a DP card)

X-force 11

X-force 21



What X-Men would you be? (Male Version)
You scored as Wolverine

Wolverine possesses heightened senses, making him capable of seeing things at a maximum distance greater than that of a normal human. His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, and he is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if that person or object is hidden.

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